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Jovani Prom 2020 Giveaway

Jovani is celebrating the start of the Prom 2020 season with amazing weekly giveaways. Our new prom dress collection is now available in stores near you.

To get the prom party started early, we are giving 6 lucky winners the chance to have their own Jovani dress for free every single week!

How to Enter Our Prom 2020 Giveaway

To qualify for entry, you will need to either:


  • Order a dress from


  • Refer a friend


Then, simply email your order number or your referral (info of the person you’ve referred) to

A total of 6 winners will be selected at random each week and will be notified by email. Dress prize is subject to availability. One prize per winner. The giveaway is open to US residents only. 


Week 1 Winners: Sylvia Davis, Jordan Elizabeth, Chanttelle Stonge, Becky Donnelly, Karla Cyr, Patty Watson, Nicole Hunchar, Alisa Hood, Stephanie Taylor.

Week 2 Winners: Mia Cox, Christina Hammock, Ravyn Everett, Marie LoPinto, Tiffany Banks, Emily Davis, Gabrielle DeAnda, Heidi Landa, Jo Fleming.

Week 3 Winners: Montana Sullivan, Courtney Hodacs, Marquesa Calderon, Stephanie Myhre, Raven Verges, Jessica Koch, Jasmine Montana, Camryn Miller, Sandie Pope.

Week 4 Winners: Avin Rasouli, Emily Monroy, Ayleen Figueroa, Stephanie Schroeder, Abigail Whitfield, Amihan Avendano, Lucy Dykhous, Jillian Bailey, Carissa Utley.

Week 5 Winners: Rosie Bohorquez, Kellie Carusi, Susan Taube, Rebecca Wright, Madelyn Myers, Alena Mauhs 

Week 6 Winners: Tonia McFadden, Riley Walske, Jane Maier, Vanessa Norkus, Virginia Hyman, Joanne Curnow.

Week 7 Winners: Shamiya Lewis, Diane Townsend, Becca Stockton, Juanita Venegas Carvajal, Makayla Ball, Vivia Aguiar.

Week 8 Winners: Lesly Sallan, Debra Taylor, Shantelle Alweiss, Karyn Vidal, Shelby Bedard, Yajahira Balanzar.

Week 9 Winners: Inna Byrnes, Desiree Litchford, Lisa Gallucci, Deidre Wyman, Valeria Camberos, Litzy Armendariz.

Week 10 Winners: Holly Hass, Rainn Winters, Kayla Dunn, Dayna Vandewalker, Laura Lee, Laura Fedale.