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Pageant Dresses

Shopping for pageant dresses is its own thing, and it can be a high pressure task if you don't know where to look. Let Jovani pageant dresses help you twice, by taking away the stress as you shop and giving you a winning look!

Whether you're shopping for your daughter or yourself, Jovani has a comprehensive range of beauty pageant dresses for every contestant. As you already know, pageants are all about putting your best foot forward and shining as an individual. Beauty pageants are the perfect place for both girl next door looks and over the top, fantasy glamour.

In the competitive atmosphere of the pageant, each contestant will have a different perfect gown or dress. This is because beauty pageant dresses must dovetail with the personal qualities and style of the young woman wearing it. This is the way to feature your best qualities and winning personal style for the judges. You are your own masterwork on the stage, so know whether you're a Mozart or a Beethoven.

And remember, when you choose Jovani for your pageant dresses you're in great company. We've clothed Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss America contestants and winners, so why not extend the tradition of being crowned in Jovani for your pageant?

Pageant Dresses Collection by Jovani

Jovani pageant dresses are the result of a deep understanding of fashion and a careful study of the way beauty pageants work. Shopping for pageant dresses for teens and adults is entirely different than any other sort of dress shopping.

As you walk onstage, you are making your case without saying a word. You are presenting yourself at your best. The judges aren't looking for pageant gowns, they're looking for girls and women who wear pageant gowns just right. The right dress for you will look just right and complement your personality and style, so if it misses the mark in terms of your demeanor, it doesn't matter how pretty it is or how well it fits.

Pageant dresses are designed to convince judges that you are a winner—the winner. The one person onstage who is most definitively the stand out, but not in just any way. You are communicating with your pageant dress, showing all of the reasons why you are a suitable representative for the entire pageant industry. The focus and attitude of beauty pageant dresses can and do make the difference between winners and runners up.

For all of these reasons, as you shop for pageant dresses, think carefully about sending the perfect message. If you're a bit shy, don't try to pull off a flamboyant dress. On the other hand, if you're bold and bubbly, highlight those qualities instead of trying to drown them in a demure dress. Your pageant gowns should express something very personal.

And remember, winning a pageant isn't a sprint; it's a marathon. This means you need to create and nourish a fashion theme for yourself. Think of all of the ways that you might describe yourself, and make sure each of your pageant dresses fits those qualities. If you're a serious budding scientist or doctor, show your intelligence and sophistication with clean, straight lines and darker, richer colors. If you're a sporty, spirited young woman who loves children, opt for softer fabrics, girlish embellishments like bows and ruffles, and lighter colors. Carry whatever your theme is throughout your pageant wardrobe.

When it comes to pageant dresses, the bottom line is this: you want and need to look and feel like the winner in your dress. Your gown should be so right on target for you that you would feel like the winner wearing it no matter what. You're looking for the dress that is such a knockout on you that no one else could touch you in it. Jovani carries the perfect line of stunning pageant gowns to suit your pageant needs, so browse our pageant collection right now.