Homecoming Dresses

All over the world, high school juniors and seniors are preparing for the exciting tradition:

Preparing for the home coming season. Particular homecoming events depend on where you live and your friend group preferences. Usually, all the school cheers up at the football field throughout the day to raise the spirit.  Later in the evening, a school dance is held. Before the party,  you and your friends might want to gather around and catch dinner before arriving at the event together looking flawless in your fantastic homecoming dresses.

The basic outline of the celebration have stayed the same making it a beautiful gathering: games, fires, enthusiasm.

Social media trends have changed the way girls want to look during the celebration, dressing more elegant and with more fashion sense than ever before. In this date, you are looking to look radiant and chic with your homecoming dress. Also, being able to use it on other occasions; homecoming dresses have the benefit of giving you a great image and comfort for the different evening developed situations. Jovani provides you an extensive catalog of designs that leaves no space for excuses. It is effortless to guide yourself using among the exquisite garments. High-quality fabrics and the most beautiful cuts every girl has dreamed of.

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A dress will necessarily meet certain following conditions to be ideal for homecoming:

  • Has to be an elegant dress.
  • We place it as a midpoint between the gorgeous evening dress and the comfortable short dress. It can be adapted for both contexts.
  • The height of the homecoming dresses is usually below the knee.
  • They are regularly compelled with jewelry or design details that are giving it prominence.
  • The fabric of its construction is appropriately sophisticated
  • It should be an excellent complement to go next to a Marroquin suit or an elegant suit.

Maybe, you have observed Jovani designs in magazines and catalogs or just decided to check out our website and fell in love with the atelier artistry.  If you haven’t selected the type of homecoming dress to wear yet, you are in the right place to do it. Here we present you a list to clear your vision and choose the right dress for you:


  1. Create A Balance

If you already have an agreement with your parents about the dress cut to rock this evening. You decided to go for a stylish but also sexy piece. With the perfect balance between both, you will be following the dress-code rules and live the fantasy of the themed event and feel happier than ever this year. It's the first celebration of the season, and it’s your moment to make a statement. The new glamorous you and who you want to become throughout this journey. As well as making some new friends along the way.

     2) Set your Goal

Determine which one of the current trends in our homecoming dresses is more appealing to you. Picture yourself wearing those jaw-dropping pieces. This way you can get a bright idea and define the style or theme for this event. Then, when visiting the nearest shop or boutique where Jovani models are available, it would be a one-step process: the fitting.


    3) Your Taylormade Vision

  • Figure with 'few forms': use draped suits made in taffeta and with internal rods.
  • Figure with curves: use lycra dresses adjusted to the body.
  • Prominent hips: It is better to wear 'empire' cut dresses (under the bust). Never use the 'siren' cut because they accentuate the hips. The ideal option is to pick for fabrics that have movement.
  • Thin Figure: look for designs that give volume. Do not wear tight suits because they can make the body look straight, without curves.
  • Undefined Waist: Go for the dresses in line A, because they accentuate this area and hide the hips.

It is recommended to try on the dresses before picking one, because many that are adjusted are very well structured, so they save the figure and look good.

There are many beautiful dresses for many different girls, but the one that reflects besides your beauty, your soul, will be the one to wear in this Homecoming dance. The one that best suits your figure and makes you look great alongside with feeling confident will be the right pick for you.


    4) Long Or Short


  • The long homecoming dresses.


Exclusive for the evening. It is the type of dress that we love but, unfortunately, we have fewer opportunities to wear -  or so we thought. It enhances the natural elegance that all women have.

The designs are very influenced by royalty fashion. And you must choose them according to your own personal taste and character. Fabulous necklines, rhinestones, vaporous, skin ilussions. Intense colors, prints, and whatever you can imagine! But beware of trying to put too many accessories on an already fantastic homecoming dress.


  • Short Homecoming Dresses 'Cocktail' Style


A Look Back To Fashion

In the 50s, the concept of the evening dress or short was born. Based on the simple fact that wearing a daily garment was not enough to show off during theater nights. Or in gatherings with friends. With the passage of time, this trend has prevailed. And has continued its growth and expansion in from the fashion world to homecoming parties.

The cocktail-style dress is characterized by its cut at the height of the knee. Or, a few inches above or below it. This cut serves on this particular occasion to dress with elegance, dancing and become a beloved memory for its wearer. There are all kinds of models and patterns for these type of homecoming dresses.

Benefits of using a 'Cocktail' dress

It will make you express your elegance in keeping it subtle with special care for the smallest details. It's always time to deliver beauty beyond beliefs.

Jovani fashion house designs for every girl. Regardless of the body type, the primary focus is on your right to look divine and sophisticated. These designs can also be combined with marvelous high-heeled lounge stilettos. A delicate handbag and a game of matching earrings and necklaces, irradiating glamour.

There's no need to hesitate about your outfit. A spectacular homecoming dress is just what you need. Between the distinction of a striking evening dress and the comfort of a short skirt. Its design will make you stylize your silhouette very well. They are chic and stylish garments perfect for enhancing the figure of all the young women wearing it. With this dresses the success is assured!


The differences between these two dresses are very noticeable. The long dress is much more flamboyant than a simple short dress. Its fabrics are excellent in quality. As we saw it is the best garment that combines with every accessory. It is fresh to wear in the day during the gather and to sophisticate your look during the evening. The cut is characterized by being more classic.

The good news is that you can be as subtle or extravagant with the color set as you wish. The designs suit the occasion perfectly.

It’s a Must

With Jovani you can go directly and according to your personal style. The perfect dress comes in different sizes and color to match the exact you have in your mind with as many details as you’ve always wanted to. And there's no need to worry about a high-fashion dress being too expensive.

For this reason, it is essential for you to enjoy and have fun with the selecting process. Although, it is advisable to Perform the search with time; this way you can form the idea with patience.

We must take into account not only what is on trend. But also what are the cuts and models that most favor us to look splendid.

You are clear about the type of event and the place where it will be held, half of the work is done! Now that we have launched ourselves into the search let's pay attention to your attributes. To know what our body is like and what silhouettes highlight our best feature.  As the color of our complexion and our hair to find the tones that most favor us. Of course, we all have areas and characteristics that we want to enhance. And others that we prefer to disguise. In order to feel comfortable with a polished design leaving everyone breathless. (to much we)

Five short pieces

We present you five outstanding models to dazzle during the homecoming party day:


  • Silver Floral Appliques V Neck Cocktail Dress. Tulle fabric, fully lined, floral appliques, fit and flare silhouette. Over the knee length, sleeveless bodice, plunging neckline. V back, thin embellished belt at waist.


  • Pink Lace Short Sleeve High Neck Dress. Lace fabric, floral appliques, over the knee length, layered skirt, sheer bodice, lined at bust, short sleeves with ruffle hem, high neckline, close back.


  • Blush Short Sleeve Paillette Cocktail Dress. Form short fitting dress, over the knee length, fully lined paillette fabric, short sleeves, boat neckline, close back.