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Get excited – your Homecoming Dance is coming up! The chances are that as a kid, you probably put a lot of thought into what you would be wearing to your high school dance. A sparkly ball gown similar to those worn by your favorite Disney princess probably came to mind.

But modern 2019 Homecoming dress styles may not necessarily include the Disney princess dress of your dreams. Instead, our selection of Homecoming dresses here at Jovani will give you the opportunity to shine and steal the crown in your dream gown.

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The Perfect Dress for a Memorable Homecoming

Homecoming dresses can vary by size, length, style, and color. Jovani’s short Homecoming dresses offer the perfect cocktail party-style look. This selection includes all of the latest fashion trends of 2019 along with a versatile range of dress types and silhouettes. We are proud to offer dresses that are flattering for every size and body shape. Every girl deserves to feel confident at their school dance. No matter if you're full busted, slender, petite, or plus size, we have the perfect fit for you.

This is the opportunity to stand out at your HoCo and win that crown in a glamorous dress with a flawless fit. Steal the spotlight with an embellished and beaded cocktail style piece for a more casual atmosphere. For a more formal event, we have the best floor length tulle and chiffon gowns.

Choose from many styles for your HoCo including one-shoulder bodices, long sleeves, spaghetti straps, or even strapless. You can elect to go for a sophisticated and modest look in a flattering LBD with a sweetheart or crew neck. Or, you can flaunt what you got in a form fitting strapless number.

Jovani has a huge range of homecoming dresses for you to choose from. Our dresses are designer quality without those name-brand price tags. We give you the opportunity to enjoy those luxury details including embroidery, ruffles, and ruching without having to drop all of your savings on it.


Tips for Finding Your Dream Jovani Gown

When it comes to finding the perfect HoCo look for your school’s event, it can be difficult to choose. After all, there are so many glamorous formal and semi-formal designs. Are you trying to make a statement, or are you looking for an on-trend form fitting outfit with a high-low skirt? The first step is to know what look you want to go for.

1.     Know Your Look

It is helpful to begin the dress picking process with an idea of what look you want to achieve. With our extensive collection, you can present the best side of yourself:

  • Glam and Girly: Do you like a more glam and girly look? If so, consider our Blush Plunging Neck Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress or our Blush Floral Appliques Plunging Neck Short Dress. These offer a pretty pastel tone to make you feel floaty and beautiful.
  • Sophisticated and Classy: If you would like a more sophisticated look, our Navy Print Fit and Flare Sleeveless Short Dress is a good option to consider.
  • Sexy and Elegant: You can opt for a sexy bodycon metallic design for a red carpet glam look. However, Jovani also has all kinds of options to show off your elegant side. These include an off-the-shoulder bodice or halter neck with a pleated dress.

Whether you are looking for designs that feature velvet, lace, floral print, or sequins, you will find your dream dress within our collection.


2.     Consider Your Hair Color

Work what you’ve got! At Jovani, we have all kinds of dresses perfect for any hair color and style.


If you like the look of Marilyn Monroe or Reese Witherspoon, it is always fun to try a bold color, like red, coral, orange, peacock, and emerald. Neutral tones such as taupe, tan, and nude are also great for showing off your fair hair and skin. It doesn’t get much more Marilyn Monroe than our Silver Halter Plunging Neckline Pleated Short Dress.


While your hair may be fiery and vibrant, it is not uncommon for women with red hair to have very light, fair skin. If this is the case for you, you may have noticed that your skin tends to become washed out when paired with light colors. However, don’t be dissuaded by this! You can rock all kinds of looks such as ivory, sapphire, emerald, and mocha.


Although the saying goes that “blondes have more fun,” brunettes have more variety in their choice of color pairing. Are your locks the color of a sultry raven or a warm chestnut? Either way, the world of saturated colors is your oyster. Dark hair is great for pairing with a variety of shades of orange, brown, green, blue, and pink. Try our Emerald Plunging Neckline Fitted Cocktail Dress.


Like stated for brunettes, dark hair tends to be great with almost any color. All of the various jewel tones will be flattering on you, including bottle green, turquoise, cobalt blue, and rich gold. Saturated, clean tones that offer a bold stance are perfect. Some candidates include as lemony yellow, berries and bright pinks, plum, and pear green.

Of course, not every hair color will pair specifically with a certain color. There is a huge variety of intensity within both dress and hair colors. Go with what makes you feel confident and beautiful. This simple guide is just a starting point.


3.     Play to Your Body Shape

Remember, any girl or woman will always look beautiful in any dress that makes her feel confident. However, if you are looking for some inspiration, specific styles flatter certain body types more than others. Some of the biggest factors to consider with your body type are your bust, waist, and hips. Here is how body types divide up and what dress styles complement each one:


Also known as the inverted triangle shape, apple type bodies boast well-proportioned shoulders that are wider than your hips. Your waistline is not as defined as, for example, an hourglass figure. Also, you are not necessarily curvy in your hips.

Swing, empire, and flowy dresses are perfect for this body type. Any of our dresses that have fabric flowing over your midsection are great. Short dresses also will give you the opportunity to showcase your legs.


If you describe yourself as curvy, you are most likely the hourglass body type. Your waist is well defined. Your bust and hip measurements are similar. You may have fuller hips, thighs, and bust.

With this body type, you can highlight your neckline and celebrate your waist with form-fitting dresses. You have a lot of flexibility as far as styles go. For this body type, V necks look amazing as well as varying sleeve lengths. If you would like to draw the eyes to your defined waist, you can try a dress with elbow-length sleeves. While any Jovani dress is sure to look stunning, flowy styles will not do your body type any favors.


The pear body type is where the waist is broader than the bust. Women with fuller hips and narrower shoulders have a pear body shape. This means that you can work all kinds of dress options. Your dainty neckline makes dresses look even more elegant.

Dramatic sleeves, open backs, belted styles, and embellished necklines are all marvelous options to consider. A-line skirt styled dresses are fantastic as well. Also consider any kind of hemline that hits right below your knees. This will make your body appear more slender and elongated.


Also known as a straight or rectangular shape, this body type is not especially curvy. Women with athletic builds have hip and shoulder measurements that are relatively similar. Another way of describing this body type is that your weight is evenly distributed around your entire body.

This body type looks great in nearly anything. An athletic build means you have the freedom to flaunt or dress as modestly as you feel comfortable with. Since most dress styles work on you, the key is all in deciding which feature it is that you would like to emphasize. If you love your legs, consider a midi dress. If you’d like to play up the bust region, try a dress with a plunging neckline. To minimize a certain area, stick with vertical stripes, A-line styles, or darker colors.


Homecoming Outfit Essentials

Now that you’ve got an idea of the perfect Jovani Homecoming Dresses, it is time to find some chic accessories to spice up your outfit as a whole. Accessories and other details are great ways to pull your whole outfit and glam look together. As such, you should make your decisions wisely.

Here are a few essential details to remember to include to get the most out of your HoCo look:


You’re going to need a place to stash your phone, wallet, and keys! A cute clutch that matches your dress is the perfect addition to your outfit. A clutch will bring attention to your hands, which is where your nails come into play.


Your nails may seem like the least of your concerns. However, they could play a big role in your confidence with your Hoco look. As for color, a good rule to go by is to match your nail polish with your accessories. When all else fails, you can never go wrong with an elegant French tip. Here are some nail color ideas that can go well with specific Jovani dress colors:

  • Red dress – Black or white nails.
  • Blue dress – Other shades of blue, white, silver, or gold nails.
  • Coral dress – Pops of color such as mint, turquoise, navy blue, baby pink, or orange nails.
  • Yellow dress – Black, beige, or gold nails.
  • Black dress – Any color, black matte, red, white, gold, or silver nails.
  • White dress – Any color, pastels, black, gold, red, or silver nails.


Your makeup will most likely be based off of the dress style and color that you choose from our Jovani selection. So, let’s take a second to highlight one of the most popular makeup trends of 2019: the metallic eye shadow look. Incorporating these hues that are ultra-shimmery and monochromatic is the key to making your eyes pop at your dance.


Once you find your perfect Jovani dress, you’ll want a hairstyle that suits the dress best. Follow these guidelines to find the perfect hairstyle match for your Homecoming look!

  • Strapless dress – try a ponytail. This will emphasize the details of your dress and add a visual balance to your shoulders. A ponytail would look beautiful with our Blush Fit and Flare Embellished Bodice Short Dress.
  • Backless gown – try a low bun. A messy yet dainty low bun will focus on your flawless back and Jovani gown.
  • Halter neckline – try a side swept braid. Wearing your hair down will distract from your pretty neckline. This is why a side-swept braid is a great option.
  • Square or V-Neck – try loose side waves. This is a classic feminine hairstyle. It is still flirty and fun while not detracting any attention from the details in your gown.
  • One shoulder or asymmetrical dress – try a high ballerina bun. This will allow the attention to be focused on your dress by keeping your hair gorgeously sleeked back with a chic ballerina bun.


Again, all of your detail choices will revolve around your dress – including your jewelry. If you buy a strapless Jovani dress, try complementing your neckline with a cute choker necklace. If your hair is in an up-do, consider dazzling dangling earrings to draw attention to your shoulders.


Browse the Jovani Homecoming Collection

Jovani offers a vast collection of homecoming dresses. We're confident you'll find a dress that will make you look and feel good while you dance the night away. With the above tips in mind, browse the Jovani homecoming dress collection and get ready to make a stunning entrance on your special night.