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Contemporary and Trendy Club Dresses Collection by Jovani. Trendy and affordable Junior Dresses, See the most current trends. Discover the Latest Styles. Jovani's Contemporary Dresses collection is a great choice for any special occasion.
Choose ready-to-wear fashion from this special collection. Look great with Jovani’s wide selection of casual dresses for every day. Celebrate your birthday with Jovani ready to wear dresses. Shop for tops, jackets, skirts, tailored pants, shorts, and jumpsuits. Our wide range of collection has many casual wear options and cute dresses for nights out. 

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The contemporary collection takes its name from the creator of Jovani. It boasts an amazing range of designer dresses. Jacob Maslavi envisioned a fashion line consisting of dresses for all women. The collection enhances solid staples and upbeat tones.

The Contemporary collection takes inspiration from the history of Jovani Fashions. Taking classic styles and giving them a modern twist. Maslavi dresses are a unique collection of our signature styles and glamorous demure. Dont forget to look through the amazing girl's dresses collection that has been launched recently.

We understand that fashion is always evolving. We incorporate classic styling with our craftsmanship. This creates key styles and trendy designs to make you shine in your pick of designer dresses. Jovani stocks evening wear and fashion to suit all women and all occasions. 

You may be a busy careers woman looking for an interview outfit. If you're a mom with kids planning a big birthday celebration. Our casual and stylish collection suits all women. This includes the latest trends. Printed designs, halter rompers, and metallic pieces. Our contemporary line is all about looking stylish always. There are dresses for every season, cold and hot weather.

Make your wardrobe versatile

The Contemporary collection fills a void in the fashion industry. This gap is for ready to wear dresses that are very versatile. Our goal is to take women from that casual outing to an elegant dinner party without a change of wardrobe. 

Contemporary dresses by Jovani give women the look of confidence and beauty. That's without feeling overdressed. They are evening dresses with a high-quality design. They have a relaxed style are the perfect choice for any event. Feeling happy in a dress as well as looking good is a must.

The last thing you want at a function is to not dress appropriately for the event. You do not want to be stuck with a frown line on your face throughout the day. Make sure you choose versatility and style. Let your personality and identity sparkle.

From work lunch to champagne socials

The Contemporary collection is full of versatile pieces to suit both day and night. Taking the signature style of Jovani and adding a modern designer twist. An image of elegance and class, Jovani dresses are perfect for women looking for evening wear. This makes shopping easy! All you need to find are matching accessories, bag, and shoes for the right price. 

Jovani strives to make sure you feel and look breathtaking. You'll also be able to wear your dress again and again. Whether you are planning on walking down a red carpet or hanging out with friends. The perfect mix of contemporary and time-honored design. This includes a range of bold trendy colors such as emerald green, blush pink and navy. The collection offers a range of dress lengths such as short, midi and low high. Low high pieces have a short front and long back. You can find plus size dresses and XL.

We design dresses for all manner of special occasions. From prom dresses to lavish evening wear. Jovani fashion provides you with styles and designs to make you look and feel glamorous. Browse our Contemporary collection to find your perfect dress. 

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