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Top 5 Short Prom Dresses for 2018

Posted: 17th April 2018


Prom season 2018 is here, and if you haven’t yet found your perfect dress, don’t overlook the growing trend for short prom dresses. A short mini or knee-length look can still offer you all the glamour and style of a full length design. All while showing off your legs and chosen footwear.

Short dresses have many positive aspects – they’re easier to wear on prom night, and if you’re a petite girl, you don’t have to worry about the front length being too long. The short prom styles on offer are just as formal as long dresses with many rich details. This means you don’t have to sacrifice style, or look less formal just because you choose a shorter length.

Details can include opulent bead-work, set stones, embellishment and embroidery. Short prom dresses can have a high fashion and couture look. You’ll also find a large variety of necklines including beautiful off-the-shoulder looks, strapless and halter.

Short dresses for prom are also available in many on-trend colors for 2018. This includes delicate blush colored pieces with tulle and chiffon. You can find deep shades of emerald,



Jovani Fashion Blog

The Most Unique Celebrity Alternative Wedding Dresses

Posted: 27th March 2018

When it comes to weddings, we all have an immediate image in our head of that classic, traditional white dress with a long train and veil. However, not everyone dreams about celebrating their big day in the conventional fashion. More and more frequently, women are choosing to set their day apart by option for unconventional fashion choices.

This could mean selecting a tailored jumpsuit in place of a dress, a two piece or a unique color instead of white or ivory. Blush dresses are particularly a rising trend, as this soft color has a delicate feel that is still very feminine and soft for a wedding day.

Celebrities are leading the way with new bridal trends that are actually so chic and unique. This includes everything from minimal, understated bridal choices to fantastical bold colors and wedding themes. To inspire all the brides-to-be out there, we’re looking at some of the best celebrity alternative wedding dresses to date. Get inspired to do something different and make your special day a sartorial moment to remember.


Solange Knowles – Bridal Jumpsuit


Solange Knowles is nothing short of iconic when it comes to style.



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Prom Dresses 101: A Guide for Choosing the Perfect Fitting Dress

Posted: 19th March 2018

Dressing for your body type is certainly one of the most flattering things you can do for yourself. Loving your body, even if it may not be perfect is the healthiest mindsets that will also boost your appeal and confidence. But how does one learn how to dress their bodies without dreading the process? Well, there are some smart tips and tricks that will certainly help you regardless of your figure. Small, petite, plus size girls, they can all find a dress that compliments their shapes incredibly, especially when it comes to formal dresses, such as those for the biggest event in a teenager’s life: the prom. Below we will teach you how to approach the best this process.


Establish what body type you have

There are six body types and finding which one are you will greatly help you in the process of choosing the perfect prom dress. Busty, the apple-shaped girl, the slender body type, the hourglass body shape, the pear-shaped girl and the petite body type. Depending on which one are you, you will have to choose a prom dress that suits you best.

  1. The busty body type – girls that fall into this category can call themselves incredibly lucky as this body type is characterized by a generous bust and a narrow hip width,


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Meghan Markle’s Best Outfits & Wedding Dress Prediction

Posted: 13th March 2018


Meghan Markle has become world famous following her engagement to British royal, Prince Harry. The Californian born actress was previously best known for her role in the hit Netflix show ‘Suits’. She played Rachel Zane on-screen, slipping into the role of a powerful and strong female character with ease.

Her engagement to Prince Harry immediately catapulted Meghan into a bigger spotlight when the exciting news was announced in November 2017. The couple are now set to marry in May this year.

The actress has always had very graceful and classic style, which has been amplified by her new role as a soon-to-be member of the royal family.

She often opts for clean lines and very smart attire when making public appearances. Her refined sense of style has been grabbing plenty of attention and she is quickly becoming a budding style icon.

For some of her most recent events, Meghan has created flawless and timeless outfits. She often selects muted shades such as white, black, grey and brown. She wore a simple cream coat paired with a matching beret and black dress for to a recent church service with her fiance.



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Celebrating Princess Diana’s Iconic Evening Dress Style: Women’s History Month 2018

Posted: 12th March 2018

It’s currently Women’s History Month and we’ve just celebrated International Women’s Day 2018. In honor of these two important events, we’re exploring one of the most iconic women of all time, Princess Diana. The British royal family member was famous for how she used her wardrobe as a way to empower and express herself.

Despite making many bold fashion choices, her sense of style never overpowered her amazing character, which always took center stage. The epitome of grace, she always came across as the most down-to-earth member of royalty. She changed the impression that royals were aloof and snooty. She redefined how people saw ‘classy’ by coupling it with genuine care for people from all walks of life.


Diana: A Style Icon

Diana is an icon for many reasons, and women all over the world look up to her. No matter what she faced, she instinctively knew how to put her best foot forward. Be that it the face of scandal, while crowded by ruthless paparazzi, or behind closed doors.

Diana often used her style to denote her emotion, mood and taste. While meeting with sick children or strolling through fields of potential landmines,



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The Best Simple Prom Dresses for 2018

Posted: 1st March 2018

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Complex is not always best when it comes to prom fashion. There’s a growing trend to wear simple, streamline dresses. These elegant and classic styles can still have amazing features. All the while, remaining minimal and beautiful.

Free from many embellishments or fussy features, these dresses place a focus on clean lines and blissful simplicity. They create a timeless look which means no ‘dress regret’ when looking back on those prom photos in years to come!

Prom dresses for 2018 have a clean yet sophisticated look. They can still have many silhouettes and flatter an array of body shapes. This includes the trendy mermaid style with its flared end, and many bodycon jersey or lace designs.

The still have many attention-grabbing features that focus on innovative design. This means sexy cut-outs, red carpet inspired leg slits and backless dresses are all popular simple dress styles.

Keeping your dress simple allows you to express your style freely through accessories,



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Your Ultimate Guide to Prom Dress Shopping

Posted: 21st February 2018


It’s time to celebrate, as prom season is now almost here. For any prom-goer, half of the fun is finding that perfect prom dress! Shopping for that dream look is one of the most memorable parts of the whole event, especially that moment when you say ‘yes’ to that dress.

With that in mind, we have put together a simple guide to help you make that all-important decision. There are so many dresses to choose from, and it can seem a little overwhelming at times. Grab your gal pals, enjoy trying on as many dresses as you can and go with your heart!

The dress that makes you feel like a star will always win out, and may not even obey any trend or conventional shopping tips. However, there are a few key ways to approach your prom dress shopping experience. This is to simply help you on your way to finding your own style.

It’s important to consider how color and fit impacts your look. This means finding the right dress that works in harmony with your body shape and skin tone. Luckily,



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The Best Halter Dresses for Prom 2018

Posted: 8th February 2018


Along with all things that reference the ’90s, halter necks have returned back into fashion. Thankfully, this gorgeous neckline is flattering and still quite timeless. Although it became popular back in that era, its return has seen it become a wardrobe staple as it graces everything from simple casual tops to formal gowns.

For prom 2018, the halter neck has been given an ultra glam spin to create a red carpet inspired look. This hot favorite for the approaching season is very wearable. It can include a plunging or high front and is especially gorgeous as it often allows for an open back, wrapping gracefully around your neck.

The best part is that there are still many different style options waiting for you with halter necklines. If you love fitted designs, you could opt for the hourglass highlighting mermaid dress. This style offers a curve boosting silhouette that is still so sophisticated.

For the wanna-be modern princess, look no further than a classic ball gown shape with a halter neckline. This will place a focus on your waist while adding plenty of drama to your look with a full skirt –