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What to Wear to Your Graduation – Best Ceremony Dresses

Posted: 20th August 2019

Graduation is a huge milestone that you’ve worked hard to achieve. This big day is much more than what’s written on a piece of paper. It’s about celebrating a personal achievement that you’ve spent years moving towards. The big event usually includes a cap and gown ceremony. You may also be attending a party held by your family or your friends afterward. Whatever the plan is, you want to look the part in a gorgeous graduation dress.

Be it a high school or college graduation event, the dress code remains the same – a semi-formal dress is usually the most appropriate option. That means anything from short to a midi length – a floor-length gown being too formal. A very short mini-dress is also probably not appropriate.

It can be hard to know what to wear to your graduation ceremony. You want a dress that looks great in photos, that works for any party and is comfortable with the cap and gown you need to wear.

With those points in mind, we’ve put together our favorite grad dresses for the occasion. These stylish designs are fashionable, unique and perfect for graduation.



Jovani Fashion Blog

Top 5 Unique Jumpsuits to Wear This Fall 2019

Posted: 16th August 2019

Fall is just around the corner, and there’s one item you need to try out for the new season – a jumpsuit! These pretty one-piece designs are becoming increasingly popular and look so powerful. Make a bold and original fashion statement by trying out one of our top 5.

Many women feel that jumpsuits might not suit them, but just like dresses, they can actually vary in silhouette very widely. The style of the leg and bodice can change the fit, making it possible to find the right style for any body type.

As well as being flattering and on-trend, jumpsuits are a comfortable option! They’re the perfect length, easy to dance, sit and move in. Another big pro is that they are super diverse to style.

A jumpsuit can be appropriate for a date night, red carpet event, birthday party or night-club. It’s all down to your finishing touches. Without further ado, here are 5 must-have designs you need to try out this Fall.

Red Sweetheart neckline Sleeveless Jovani Jumpsuit 68997

Making a bright color statement, this red jumpsuit instantly pops against the crowd at any event.



Jovani Fashion Blog

Elegant Mother of the Bride Dresses to Suit Every Wedding Style

Posted: 13th August 2019

Mother of the bride or groom plays an important role in the bridal party, and must look her best! It’s your son or daughter’s big day, and you’re one of the focal points of the celebration. The type of outfit you pick is very important. Not only must the dress suit you beautifully, but it must also work well with the colors of the wedding and the style or theme of the whole event.

The best place to start is to simply ask the bride if there is a particular color palette you should pick from. The length of your dress will also reflect how formal the wedding is. For informal occasions, a knee or tea-length is ideal and comfortable. For black-tie weddings, you’ll want a full-length formal gown.

To help you make these key decisions, we’ve picked out some of the best mother of the bride dresses that work in many different scenarios. Elegant and flattering, our picks are age-appropriate yet fashionable and will make you feel stunning on this big day.


Light Pink Fitted Knee Length Lace Cocktail Dress 1401

Knee-length and midi options are a great choice for most mature women.



Jovani Fashion Blog

Wedding Dresses With Long Sleeves to Suit Every Bride’s Style

Posted: 7th August 2019

Long sleeve wedding dresses are a great choice for many reasons. Some brides may feel more comfortable with their arms covered, or simply like the extra stylish detail a sleeve can provide. Wedding dresses with long sleeves are also a must-have option for weddings taking place in colder months such as Fall or Winter.

No matter what reason you want to find a dress with long sleeves for your big day, rest assured that there is the perfect one for you. From sheer sleeves to beaded and flared or batwing options, sleeves simply add extra personality and design to your final bridal look.

To help you choose, we’ve selected 5 diverse long sleeve wedding dresses with something to match every bride’s style and her personal taste. Get browsing and importantly, go try on your favorite to see how it fits!

Off White Embellished Bodice Long Sleeve Wedding Dress 60325

Elegant yet fashion-forward, this off-white gown mixes a classic bridal look with a few daring twists. The entire bodice and sleeves are sheer, with nude bra cups to make it easy to wear. The bodice also features beautiful beaded and embroidered detailing that sparkles and adds depth to the dress.



Jovani Fashion Blog

The Best Girls’ Dresses for Weddings & Special Occasions

Posted: 5th August 2019

It can be hard to know what girls should wear to events such as weddings and special occasions. Finding the appropriate attire to match the dress code can be a little difficult. You want to make sure your daughter looks the part – be it as a close family member in a wedding, her own birthday celebration or another big milestone.

Thankfully, Jovani has just launched a new collection of girls’ dresses for these exact life moments. From communion to flower girl attire, look no further. Ideal for ages 7 – 16, these cute styles are appropriate for girls and pre-teens. Featuring a range of soft pastel tones and even vibrant pink, these girly and cute dresses will make your little one feel like a princess.

To celebrate the new range, we’ve selected our top 5 party dresses for girls that vary greatly in color, style, and length. This provides you with the diversity you need to find your ideal match.

Purple Sleeveless Fit and Flare Short Girls Dress K2029 

This soft purple short dress is the perfect choice for attending a wedding or party celebration.



Jovani Fashion Blog

What to Wear to A Wedding: Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Posted: 1st August 2019


If you’re preparing to attend a wedding and have no idea what to wear – don’t worry! Finding the perfect wedding guest outfit doesn’t have to be complicated.

There are a few simple fashion rules you should observe when attending any kind of wedding, but many make logical sense.

To make sure you’re perfectly prepared with the right wedding guest dress, we’re outlining some of the biggest fashion dos and don’ts for those attending weddings. This includes answering some of the top questions about wedding attire.

The first step when deciding what to wear is to just look at the wedding invitation. This should provide the clues you need to figure out what kind of dress is most appropriate.

Some wedding invitations outline a dress code. If it isn’t written, instead take a look at the venue or any theme.

For example, a wedding set on a beach might have a low-key feel and only require a summery dress and sandals. A wedding taking place in a luxury hotel could call for a formal gown.



Here are a few fashion ‘Dos’



Jovani Fashion Blog

2019 Trend: The Best Metallic Homecoming Dresses

Posted: 30th July 2019

With Homecoming only around the corner, if you haven’t started dress shopping, now is a perfect time. The stores near you should have the latest 2019 hoco dresses in stock and ready for you to try on. This includes a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Every fashionista hopes to find an on-trend dress that will make her the center of attention at these type of school events. If you want to show off your fashion knowledge, there’s one big trend to take note of before you shop this year: metallic. Metallic tones are set to be everywhere this Fall/Winter 2019. From classic silver and gold to different variants like rose, ruby red, and royal blue, that metallic tint is what is sure to make you stand apart.

There is still a vast range of silhouettes and dress types to select from, meaning you can perfectly flatter your own taste and body type while flaunting this must-have look. To get you inspired for the upcoming Homecoming season, we’ve picked out the best metallic hoco dresses you’ll want to wear to your dance or school event.


Rose Off the Shoulder Metallic Cocktail Dress 1569

This glittering rose metallic cocktail dress is the ideal look for your homecoming.



Jovani Fashion Blog

Top 5 Little Black Dresses That Are Timelessly Chic

Posted: 25th July 2019

Every fashionista is familiar with the concept of the ‘Little Black Dress’. A LBD is simply a chic short cocktail dress that can be worn to many parties, events, and occasions. Choosing a black dress makes it neutral and easy to match up with fresh accessories to give it a different twist every time you wear it. The whole idea is to have a classic party dress on hand, that always flatters you and makes you look stylish.

The key to choosing the right little black dress is to make sure it suits your body shape perfectly. It doesn’t have to be a very trendy style, in fact, classic is better. However, it can have design features that make it more interesting such as a touch of embellishment, beadwork or just a unique silhouette.

With that in mind, we’re running through our top 5 picks that make for amazing wardrobe staples. These LBDs are all guaranteed to look stylish at many parties for years to come. They also vary in style, so you can pick according to your own taste and shape.


Black Backless Embellished Waist Cocktail Dress 2114

This fit and flare cocktail dress has a silhouette to flatter almost anyone’s shape.