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Prom dresses are unique styles designed by the most well known Jovani Designers, Browse the collection of prom dresses 2018 by style, color, and body type, Choose your favorite prom dress and have it shipped today. Enter to win your dream prom dress.Ten giveaways a week.

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Prom Dresses 2018 

Prom dresses for 2018 with Ten giveaways a week. Unique prom styles designed by European Designer.  Browse the largest collection of prom dresses by style, color, and body type, Choose your favorite prom dress and have it shipped to you now. include a variety of fashion-forward trends. Enter to win your dream prom dress. For 2018, designs are inspired by the red carpet and the runway, as well as vintage eras. Our couture beaded gowns have that trending 1920s vibe. This calls to mind flapper style with fringe and bead-work. This puts a twist on your look to create a vintage style. You'll also find many sparkling designs that feature gorgeous sequins, embellishment, and beads. In the new collection, there are even dresses made from glitter fabric. This adds a subtle sparkle that catches the light and photographs beautifully. 

If you count yourself as a fashionista or want to steal some red carpet style, take note of these popular trends. This will help you find the perfect dress that matches your own style. To make the most of your look for any formal occasion, make sure you shop by body type. You should also select a dress that matches your skin tone harmoniously. Here are some of the biggest 2018 trends to watch for:

  • Blush Prom Dresses - especially with a fitted look or featuring embellishment/bead-work. This can include other light neutral tones such as champagne, taupe and pastel hues too. 

  • Velvet Dresses - in many colors are trending. This fabric has a gorgeous fluid look that flatters many shapes. Look out for striking hot pink, emerald or red velvet gowns. 
  • Red Carpet Inspired - such as mermaid gowns. These create a curve-enhancing hourglass look that is very trendy. This style usually features a flared end with a fishtail.
  • Lace Prom Dresses - in any color. This fabric choice adds texture and is very elegant. This can be found in many colors and dress styles including designs with cut-outs and high leg slits.
  • Off the Shoulder - is a beautiful neckline choice that has a very romantic look. This is often teamed with a plunging neckline or open back for an extra glam look.


Prom Gowns

Prom gowns offer the perfect formal look for your big night. To choose a great high school prom dress, look for a range of flattering styles that suit your shape. You can find beautiful styles to choose from including the popular mermaid dress. This suits many body types. 

For a more modest look, you might also consider a long sleeve dress. This can have a high neckline and still look very elegant and glam, while also covering you. If you want to show off some skin in a unique way, look for on-trend backless gowns or designs with an open back or cut-out. 


Cute Prom Dresses

Cute dresses are for the girl waiting for her princess moment! Junior or high school prom dresses should be age appropriate and beautiful. A cute look is a great choice! This can be a classic ball gown style with a simple sweetheart neckline that is easy to wear. This choice will easily glide across the dance floor! 

Another classic option is a black lace dress. This is a timeless look that can be found in a style to suit your shapes such as A-line or one-shoulder. A lace dress can include many other striking features such as cut-outs. You can also choose from a variety of necklines such as plunging spaghetti strap looks. 


Simple Prom Dresses

Simple dresses are an increasingly popular choice. Minimalist style looks can still have a designer dress feel if they have a gorgeous shape. Many simple designs for prom night have flared fishtail ends. They are often crafted from beautifully fitted fabrics like jersey. This shows off your body in an elegant way. 

A simple dress may not include sparkly elements but can have a plunging neckline. You may also want to choose an open back to show off some skin. You'll find long sleeve and off-the-shoulder options to choose from. This includes a range of on-trend colors. Color is important when choosing a simple dress as it will stand out the most. 

You may be wondering, where to find Jovani dresses near me? You can find your nearest Jovani retailer. You can order or browse your favorite Jovani designs through your closest store. 

sexy and more red carpet inspired than ever before! The new Jovani collection includes a whole world of choice. This ranges from embellished ball gowns with lots of sparkles, to very simple options. These are more classic and minimal in style. This variety of beautiful looks gives you the chance to express yourself. All while wearing the latest trends. Any prom-goer knows how hard it is to find that perfect dream dress for this big night. Be it for any junior or high school prom, this is a milestone occasion. It requires the ultimate formal gown! Jovani's collection gives you the freedom to choose. This includes plus size prom dresses for 2018, as all our styles are available from size 00 - 24.

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