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Looking for Prom Gown Collection at the best price?

Elegant yet affordable, we've got the dress for you. With dresses from jovani, it's easy to find your dream prom gown and have all eyes on you at prom night. This page is dedicated to helping you find the perfect design that meets your needs - whether budget-friendly or high-end chic!;

Wear the dress of your dreams on prom night. If you're looking for that perfect gown in size 6 or plus size, look no further than Jovani. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to find the ultimate prom dress.

We are a leading prom dresses supplier and one of the top occasion brands famous for delivering the finest prom attire to our customers. Whether you want to search for an elegant, flowing pink or a short-length attractive dress, we have a number of prom gowns to suit your every need. You can even contact our stylists by email for extra help and see every dress online. 

Save Big and Shop Using Our Buyer’s Guide

Our website has a wide variety of long sleeves formal dresses, off-the-shoulder, trumpet or two-piece nude, the most beautiful dresses, V-neck dresses, black tie dance dresses, and more for sale. The list of formal gowns available is endless. Sort through the complete 2021 ball gowns collection where you can decide if you want to have it shipped today through our online retailers.


You can also visit our favorite retailer boutiques around the world and purchase from a selection of the most beautiful dresses in person. Search for strapless pink gowns, royal blue halter, gold sweetheart, and illusion designs for any type of party and at the right price. Imagine your once-in-a-lifetime moment: the step and repeat, group photos, celebrating with friends - all wearing stunning Jovani prom dresses. Experience the breathtaking designer prom collection at our jovani prom collection, where we have something for you in every color of the rainbow! Show off your confident personality on social media while posting a pic of your incredible dress to show off how gorgeous it is ;-) Shop now - limited time offer!

How to Pick Your Perfect Prom Dress 2021

If you are looking for comfort, quality, and a stunning style, you've made the right choice to go for a brand that specializes in dresses for significant occasions. This includes junior prom and senior prom. Some people tend to think that these dresses have a high price, but with our range that is no longer a rule. If you are a fashionista who likes to acquire the latest trends, you should look for our most recent collection which is very affordable. Previously released gowns are also part of our offering, that way you can reduce the cost even more and take advantage of sales or sort by discounts.

5 Tips To Remember Before Choosing Your Favorite Prom Dress or Gown


We recommend looking at runways and the red carpet to get an idea of trends, it will help you filter your choices. Look at people who are your height and size as this will help you find the sort of dress that fits your figure the right way. Don't try to fall for prom gowns that are too small for you. Search for the right gown that makes you feel at your best, be it a plus size or petite sequin dress. 


Create a balance, fair complexions go well with royal or navy blue prom gowns. Also, Dark skin looks beautiful teamed with pastels like yellow, pink or white. 

Accessories should align

Necklaces, earrings, tiara, heels improve your figure and posture. Remember that it is always better to pick accessories in a size a little bigger so you can adjust it later on. Classic tones like black, silver, and gold are great options.

Find matching shoes

The shoes that you like must match the color of any ball gown you pick. Usually, you will want to sort out the dress before deciding what shoes you will team with it. When you search for shoes, keep in mind that they should be comfortable enough to walk and dance in. The way your shoes look is even more important if you pick a short dress since your shoes will be on display.  Can't find a perfect dress? We've got your prom dress needs covered. We have the perfect one for you with our extensive selection, so don't worry about scouring through racks of dresses that won't work because we are here to help. Jovani has impeccable taste in fashion and understands what every woman is looking for when they need to look their absolute best on their big day! 

An Infinite List of the Best Prom Gown Silhouettes

Mermaid Dresses

This beautiful couture silhouette is fitted at the top and loosens at the bottom. Featuring a tail, it flares dramatically at the floor, giving a fuller shape in that area. We have a vast selection of fishtails and off-the-shoulder dresses. You can get them in any sort - metallic, silk, tulle, jersey, etc. and each of them has something different to make you stand out.

Red Carpet Dresses

Many people love couture or pageant dresses for prom! It gives you the chance to glam up. and hit the dance floor. Opt for sexy and unique dresses in a fit that hugs your curves and in trendy shades such as nude or gold. The dresses whether long or short, make you look and feel like a star of the big screen.

Traditional Ball Gowns

These are the exact combination of fashion and trends with a vintage or retro-inspired look. Ball gowns have a tight bodice that flares below the waist into a full skirt. This classic silhouette is known for making girls look like princesses. It can even include a long train and layers of tulle or chiffon for a dramatic look. 

Two-Piece Dresses

For the fashion-forward girl, this may be your best choice because of the endless alternatives such as color combination, sort of fabric, and length. The top can be a crop top with straps or long sleeves; the skirt can be short or reaching the floor, the sky's the limit. 

Blush Dresses

This looks especially great as a bodycon style or featuring embellishment/bead-work. It can include other light neutral tones such as nude, champagne, taupe and pastel hues too.

Lace Dresses

If you are looking at shopping for a perfect sequin dress to wear to prom, this choice adds texture and is very sophisticated. You can find it in many colors such as blue and pink, and many dress styles, it's a classic on our list. You can filter through designs with cutouts and high leg slits.


For prom 2021 or any formal school party, it is not ideal to wear a very low one, because you will be surrounded by not only your friends but your teachers and parents will also be there. Rule number one for the necklines: know your body well.

Try-On Different Gowns

When shopping for the perfect prom look or browsing any online sale, you do not have to settle with the first option that seems "ok", you should instead try on a selection of different gown silhouettes, so that you can be clear about the fits and go for your favorite from that list. This allows you to sort through the best ones which go with your personal style. For example, if you want to highlight your bust, choose a plunging black A-line silhouette.

If you choose an embellished blue sequin dress, you probably won’t want to wear much jewelry, preferably just earrings, a ring, and a bracelet. The size of the earrings will depend a lot on the hairstyle and any ball gowns you are looking at. Also, you can pick a clutch in a simple tone such as black. Try to bring the essentials with you - a little makeup, documents, and keys. We know that amazing feeling when you find the ideal gown and helps you filter designs by neckline and shape. Celebrating finding a dress that brings you joy and confidence.

The Perfect Prom Dress 2021 For You

A prom dress should be all about you. It's your night, so make it one to remember as you glide across the dance floor. This special occasion is a glamorous dance that needs the right prom outfits. We design the right prom look for your shape and size, to fit you beautifully. The high-quality style and features make them worth their price. You will feel elegant and flattered as you glide across the dance floor with your date. Let your personality take over and lead the way. Be it a simple style, a bold print, or color.

We have items to suit all tastes. Our retailers work hard to make every customer feel special for their formal occasion. Your gown should fit like a glove, whether you shop online or in person. Your prom day is important to us and our customer support team, and we're here to support you and share fashion advice. Find a featured one from our huge range of designs.

Buy through our authentic retailers for quick shipping and delivery on all products. Get a designer gown online or in-store, in any cut or neck style, top shades such as emerald or burgundy. Now you can buy your ideal dress from your favs list directly from Jovani Website through our authenticated retailers who deal with order placements. simply click on the buy now button and add it to the shopping cart. Your order will be shipped directly from Jovani Warehouse the same day.



Prom Dresses - FAQ

What prom dress should I wear?

Choosing the right one for you can be a hard task. To make the right choice, consider how each option suits you, your personality, your body's shape, and skin tone. You should wear a dress that makes you feel flattered and comfortable. The design should also suit your school's event and dress code.

When are prom dresses 2021 in stores? 

You can find the collection of 2021 in stores all year around. If you want to shop the new collection for the upcoming prom season, it's best to check in stores in Fall or early Winter. This will give you the widest range of choice and access to all the newest designs. You can find Jovani brand in thousands of stores in the US, Worldwide, and online. The best place to buy yours is at an official retailer boutique or store. These legitimate locations offer you the ability to browse and try on many new styles. You can also place an order to be delivered for any size or style that's not in stock. 

Are prom dresses long or short?

your outfit doesn't have to be a certain length unless your school has outlined a specific requirement or it's a very formal event. Usually, you are free to choose between a short, midi or long. You can also try out different options such as prom jumpsuits and two-pieces.

What prom dresses suit my shape?

To best flatter your shape, the best choice is to try it on in person if possible. Visit your local Jovani retailer boutique and try on a variety of silhouettes. Be open-minded and pick out a few styles you might otherwise overlook. It's a good option to try on at least one mermaid dress, one A-line gown, and one bodycon style. From there, you'll see what design features flatter you.

What is the prom dress code?

The dress code for prom is usually formal. This means that girls wear a formal style gown, and boys dress up in a suit or tuxedo for their prom night. Some proms may have certain themes or particular styles for you to take into account when picking your dress. Make sure you check with your prom committee. 

What prom dress color should I wear?

The color that you pick is just as important as the style of dress. The right tone for you should flatter your skin tone and give you a gorgeous glow. To test out the color, simply try on the dress or hold some of the fabric across your shoulders. Look in the mirror to see how the shade impacts your skin.

What prom dress sites are legit?

If you're unsure what prom dress sites are safe or legit, always shop through the brand's official store and website.  Buy your favorite dress of 2021 directly from the Jovani website.

People Also Ask

What are good prom dress websites?

Good clothing websites such as Jovani.com sell only authentic designs by the brand they represent. Avoid fake outfits by shopping online through the brand's website or official retailer stores listed on their site. The best prom dress websites are ones that offer you guaranteed designer pieces at the best price.

What is a reasonable price for a prom dress?

The average price for a prom dress can range from $500 - $1,000 USD. The amount you decide to spend is completely up to you. The most reasonable price for a prom dress is one you can afford and that fits in your budget. The average cost that many teen girls spend is around $900.

What is the most expensive prom dress in the world?

The most expensive prom dress in the world was designed by Dress Goddess, a store located in Dress Goddess. The couture one-off piece was a strapless gown covered in sparkling diamonds, crafted intricately by hand, and was valued at just slightly under $14,000.

Can I wear a white prom dress?

Yes! White is a great color to wear as a prom dress. If you are worried you will look like you're wearing a wedding dress, simply pick colorful accessories such as a red pair of heels or a printed clutch to complete your look. The white color suits everyone and combines beautifully with any other color.

What color should I wear for prom?

Pick a prom dress color based on your own skin tone and hair color. Warm colors like burgundy, gold, reds, purples, and pinks are great options for many as they add a glow to many skin tone types. The best way to choose a prom dress color is to try your favorite options and see how the color impacts you.

Does prom stand for anything?

Prom is short for promenade and originates from the events that took place in the 19th century when universities would hold special banquets or dances to celebrate the graduating class at the end of the year. 

When should I start looking for prom dresses?

The best time to begin prom dress shopping is in the Fall or Winter months. Most new prom dress collections land in your local store or boutique in the Fall of that school year. December of January is a great time to go shopping as you will find the widest range available to you in the store. You will also have plenty of time to make your final choice.

Can I wear a short dress to prom?

Unless your school has outlined a specific dress code for your prom, it's perfectly fine to wear a short dress to prom. You can opt for any length of dress you feel comfortable in. Many girls are even choosing alternatives such as jumpsuits and two-pieces.  This year's designer prom dresses have it all: 
two-toned styles, spaghetti straps, beaded bodices, and more. Whether you're looking for something traditional in long or short lengths or alternative cuts with ruffles on the hemline or sleeves – Jovani has it all! Order before February 27th and get your dream dress ready for your special night. Shop over 150 different varieties of designer prom dresses for girls.