Model wearing Jovani style 07193 prom dress

Light Blue Beaded V Neckline Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 23839 prom dress

Slate Sequin Embellished Backless Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 23010 prom dress

Royal Embellished Fitted Party Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 05103 prom dress

Blue Embellished Plunging Neckline Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 25687 prom dress

Blue Multi Sleeveless V Neck Prom Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 38144 prom dress

Royal Layered Skirt High Slit Gown

Model wearing Jovani style 32596 prom dress

Royal One Shoulder Feather Embellished Gown

Model wearing Jovani style 38847 prom dress

White and Gold V Neckline Fringe Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 05839 prom dress

Blush Mermaid Floral Embellished Gown

Model wearing Jovani style 63405 prom dress

High Slit Beaded Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 22314 prom dress

Nude and Silver Sequin Mermaid Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 38431 prom dress

Rose Gold Corset Bodice Embellished Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 07031 prom dress

Nude Plunging Neck Beaded Gown

Model wearing Jovani style 5908 prom dress

Nude Embellished Corset Bodice Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 23876 prom dress

Hot Pink Embellished One Shoulder Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 06017 prom dress

Red One Shoulder Beaded Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 05664 prom dress

One Shoulder Sequin Embellished Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 09693 prom dress

Hot Pink Plunging neck Embellished Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 38290 prom dress

Lilac High Waist A Line Skirt Gown

Model wearing Jovani style 37249 prom dress

Lilac Sweetheart Neckline Mermaid Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 38148 prom dress

Lilac Sequin Backless Long Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 36580 prom dress

Lilac Beaded V Neckline Jovani 36580

Model wearing Jovani style 08099 prom dress

Iridescent Blue V Neck Open Back Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 08481 prom dress

Iridescent Purple Spaghetti Strap Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 38165 prom dress

Lilac Corset Sheer Bodice Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 07640 prom dress

One Shoulder Fitted Simple Prom Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 38607 prom dress

Mauve Fit and Flare Sweetheart Neckline Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 1831 prom dress

Light Pink Strapless Embroidered Ballgown

Model wearing Jovani style JVN06474 prom dress

Lilac Spaghetti Sweetheart Neckline Prom Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 22343 prom dress

Blush Embroidered Sheath Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 37058 prom dress

Floral Print Satin Strapless Gown JVN

Model wearing Jovani style 26248 prom dress

Light Pink V Neckline Empire Waist Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 08417 prom dress

Ivory Strapless Corset Bodice Prom Ballgown

Model wearing Jovani style 38598 prom dress

Green Corset Bodice Beaded Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 39292 prom dress

Olive Embellished Backless Dress

Model wearing Jovani style 00915 prom dress

Emerald Embroidered Sweetheart Neckline Dress


Prom is a night to remember, a time to celebrate, make memories, and commemorate your high school career coming to a close. Most of us look forward to our prom for years leading up to it and fondly look back on the night for years to come. As your prom approaches and you begin planning for the perfect night, finding the right dress will make everything fall into place. Your prom experience should be all about celebrating your accomplishments, having fun after your years of hard work in school, and bidding this chapter of your life a proper farewell, which includes being dressed for the occasion! The right prom dress will give you the confidence to embrace this special moment and make a statement. With Jovani’s 2025 collection of prom dresses, discover a dress that feels authentically you.

History of Prom Dresses

The roots of prom can be traced to the traditions of debutante balls and promenades that go as far back as the 18th century. During these ceremonies, young women were dressed in their finest evening wear and danced as they were reintroduced to society as adults at a coed banquet. Today, prom celebrates everyone marking the exciting milestone of graduating high school. Though much has changed since the days when those traditions were common practice, both commemorate the entrance into adulthood. In our society today, once you graduate high school, you’re seen as an adult. The prom dress you choose is a statement of personal style and can speak to who you’ll be as you embark on the next chapter of your life. With Jovani’s wide selection of bold, vibrant, and fashion-forward prom styles, there’s truly something for everyone, as unique as you are!

Types of Prom Dresses

A-Line Dresses

If your style is classic and timeless, explore Jovani’s A-Line prom dresses. This silhouette is characterized by a fitted bodice, defined waistline, and flared skirt. Jovani offers A-Line dresses in an assortment of bodice styles, from trendy corsets to plunging halters to elegant off-the-shoulders. The skirt of an A-Line dress is full but not voluminous, which creates a very feminine silhouette. The break point at the natural waist adds definition, which will emphasize your waistline, no matter your body type. Because this style flares from the waist, it disguises the hips and elongates the legs. A-Lines are universally flattering because of how the defined waist contrasts with the full skirt. If your waist is an area that you typically don't feature in your outfits, an A-Line can be flattering by drawing the eye to the narrowest part of your figure. Contrastingly, if you are more hourglass-shaped, the A-Line will naturally look harmonious with your figure.

Ball Gowns

Ball Gowns, like A-Line dresses, have a fitted bodice and defined waist. However, this show-stopping style has a very full, voluminous skirt. Typically fabricated in lightweight materials, such as mesh, tulle, and organza, ball gowns are a sure way to steal the spotlight at prom and take up space! Crinoline is used inside the skirt to give ball gowns their signature look. Jovani’s beautiful ball gowns often have lace-up corset style bodices with layered embroidery and lace appliques, and hand-beaded adornments. These eye-catching features can draw attention upward, making these styles ideal for emphasizing your shoulders, arms, or chest. The high contrast between the defined waistline and voluminous skirt of a ball gown dress will be universally flattering on many different body types.

Mermaid Dresses

Jovani’s dramatic and figure-flattering mermaid style prom dresses are always a favorite! Mermaid style dresses are characterized by a fitted bodice and skirt that remains snug through the hip and flares at the knee. Some mermaid dresses flare subtly, while others are more dramatic. The volume at the bottom of the skirt can balance your proportions if your dress highlights your bust, has an interesting neckline, off-the-shoulder, or sleeve details. Jovani’s prom collection offers mermaid styles in an assortment of fabrications, such as stretch satins, taffeta, and embellished mesh. Some mermaids have godets in the skirt, which are triangular inserts that gradually begin at the knee level and fan out towards the hem. Look for this design element throughout our collection if you like a more subtle mermaid shape. Mermaid styles are known for showing off your curves, making them ideal for the girl that wants to highlight her hips. Like our A-Line and ball gowns, mermaids can have many different bodice styles. From plunging V-necks, to sexy sweethearts, to elegant off-the-shoulders, find your perfect silhouette with Jovani.

Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses and bodycon styles are trending, and Jovani is putting a contemporary flare on this classic silhouette for prom. Sheaths and bodycons are fitted styles that don’t have a dramatic flare or volume in the skirt. These styles are so loved because they are form-fitting through the bodice and fall into a straight skirt, creating a sleek line. The slim simplicity of sheath gowns can elongate the body, making them a perfect choice for petite women or a striking classic on a taller frame. Since the silhouette of the bodycon style is rather simple, Jovani prom styles have intricate detailing, draping, and fun fabrics to make these gowns one of a kind! Throughout the collection you’ll find variations of our classic corset styles. For a more contemporary take, try the popular basque waist, which comes to a flattering point, elongating the torso. Incorporate some bling into your prom look by opting for a style with some crystal embellishments. Many corseted styles are trimmed with beading to enhance the curves that a corset bodice will create. Our bodycon styles also feature beautiful draped details, like a classic cowl neckline, or pleated draping sweeping across the torso to create elegant lines. Since our sheath and bodycon gowns are fitted through the skirt, you’ll discover different styles of slits among these dresses. These stylish slits allow you to move with ease so you’ll be able to dance the night away in comfort while looking fabulous! Some slits are curved, designed to show off your legs, while other slit styles are narrow which just allows your leg to peek through as you walk. Choosing a gown with a slit is also the perfect way to show off your prom shoes!

Two-Piece Dresses

Two-piece prom dresses offer a modern twist to traditional styles. These dresses consist of a separate top and skirt, allowing for mix-and-match possibilities. Jovani’s two-piece dresses come in a variety of designs, including crop tops with flowing skirts and fitted tops with mermaid skirts. This style is perfect for those who want to make a bold and unique statement at prom.

Choosing the Right Prom Dress

Understanding Your Body Type

Everyone’s body type is different, and being informed on the styles that may best suit you will make a world of difference when trying on prom dresses. Seek out a silhouette that will perfectly play off your best features to find the style for you.

Color Choices

Once you find your dream dress, you’ll have the chance to make your look feel even more personalized by choosing your favorite of the available colors. You’ll want to wear a color that is harmonious with your skin tone, undertones, hair color, and eyes. In the past year, the concept of color analysis by season has been trending and encouraging many people to find out what their color palette is. Wearing a color that falls within your seasonal palette can truly enhance your beauty.

Fabric Choices

In Jovani’s prom collection, you’ll find countless fabrics, treatments, details, and techniques used to create the most unique, high-quality gowns on the market. From simplistic satins to sparkling sequins, Jovani has it all! Jersey fabrics are lightweight and stretchy, making them a comfortable option. Satin is a woven solid fabric with a beautiful sheen, perfect for evening wear. Chiffon, organza, and mesh are lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool during prom season.

Accessories and Styling


Once you’ve chosen the Jovani dress of your dreams, it’s time to accessorize. A nude shoe is a classic choice that you’ll wear well beyond prom night. When shoe shopping, remember that you’ll be on your feet from the picture party through the afterparty. Comfort is important so choose a shoe that’ll have you on the dance floor all night!


The perfect accessories can tie together your whole look, so take some time to think through your styling choices. If your gown has metallic embellishments and hardware, like gold or silver, look for accessories in that same metallic tone.


A handbag that complements your dress is essential. For a bold, monochrome look, match your accessories to your dress. This can be especially striking in bright colors!

Hair and Makeup

Next is hair and makeup! Do your research and find stylists you love ahead of time. For makeup, you can pull color palette inspiration from your dress or go for an enhanced version of your everyday look. Go as natural or glam as you're comfortable with to feel like the best version of yourself. When it comes to hair, you can get creative or stay classic depending on your dress and personal style.

Current Trends in Prom Dresses

Prom styles throughout the years encapsulate the trends and overall culture of the time. Looking back through the decades, we see velvet prom styles swept through the 1930s, while slim, puff sleeve styles reflected the values of the 1940s, and tea-length fit and flares were the new look of the 1950s. Jovani, being on the cutting edge of fashion, meticulously researches trends and emerging styles from all over the globe to develop our prom line. These days, fashion moves fast. Explore Jovani for the hottest, contemporary styles and be a trendsetter at your prom!

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Buying Guide for Prom Dresses


When approaching prom shopping, being informed about what styles and silhouettes you can expect to find can help everything go smoothly and ensure you have a positive shopping experience.

Shopping Tips

The best way to discover your favorite styles and silhouettes is to go to your local prom boutique and try on dresses that catch your eye. This takes the guesswork out of browsing online. When you put on the right dress, you’ll know it's a perfect fit!


If your dream dress doesn't fit like a glove just yet, don't worry! It's very rare to be able to buy evening wear right off the rack. Most people will need some slight alterations to their gown. Finding a trusted seamstress will make all the difference. Often, the boutique where you purchased your gown offers a tailoring service in-house. If not, they can likely recommend a tailor that is experienced with evening wear sewing techniques and alterations. When you go for your fitting appointment, be prepared with any undergarments you plan to wear to ensure the perfect fit. You’ll also need to bring your exact prom shoes to measure the hem length to the correct heel height.


Jovani is proud to be a part of your prom experience and congratulates you on your incredible achievements! Prom is your time to shine, so wear a dress that inspires you to be your most authentic self. Begin your prom shopping early to make sure you have the best pick of Jovani’s prom line. Browse Jovani online to see what’s in store for you when you begin your search. Use Jovani’s store locator to find an authorized retailer near you. Have fun, enjoy your prom, and shop Jovani’s prom collection and find the perfect dress that celebrates you!