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Shop prom dresses in unique styles designed by our most well-known Jovani Designers. Browse the collection of prom dresses set for 2019 by style, color, and body type. From simple long dresses, to silky long dresses for prom. From plain red, black and white prom dresses to the most formal of gowns. Prom dresses at Jovani come in a variety of styles, as we know everyone wants something different - something special.


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Save Big and Shop Using Our Buyers Guide

Do not know what prom dress to wear for your graduation night? Are you thinking about wearing a long party dress, or do you just love how a short one looks? You can choose between black, white or even pink dresses, the ones that best suit your style. Our website has a wide variety of long-sleeved dresses, mermaid or a two-piece prom dress, the most beautiful lace dresses, V-neck dresses, dance dresses and more for sale. Dive into the complete 2019 collection where you can choose between having it shipped today or visit our favorite retailers around the world and purchase the most beautiful pieces. From long-sleeved, mermaid, two-piece, gorgeous lace prom dresses, halter or V-neck and many more. You can also participate in our monthly giveaway to save big and have the opportunity to win the garment of your dreams of the 10 Prom Dresses in contest per month. When the school stage has come to an end Prom Night is the opportunity for every girl to bring their best fashion and create a moment for a lifetime. However, what if you haven't decided on the dress to wear? Graduation is an important event to share with family and friends. Therefore, the ideal is to wear a dress that make you look amazing but most importantly make you feel comfortable without leaving out your style and personality.

How to pick the perfect prom dress?

Before starting the dress selection, keep in mind the budget and talk in advance with those who are going to pay for it, your parents. If you are looking for comfort, quality, and a stunning design, you've made the right choice to go for brand specialized in the most significant occasion in women's lives like Jovani is; Some people tend to think that designer prom dresses are pricey, but with our range that is no longer a rule. Jovani has all the values the teenagers are looking for: a dress that makes them feel like fairy tales princesses in anybody shape: Rectangular, triangular, hourglass-shaped, inverted triangle shaped, and pear-shaped, each needs a particular cut. The best attributes get accentuated and the less favorable, hide. If you are a fashionista who likes to acquire the latest trends you should aim for our most recent collection which is very affordable but, previous models are also part of our online catalog, this way you can reduce the cost even more.

5 Tips To remember before choosing your favorite prom dress or gown


On catwalks and red-carpet, it will make your decision easier. Choose a dress that fits your figure the right way. Don't try to fit in a dress that is too small for your size; a narrow garment and unattractive folds will only make you look wider. All this plays a part in getting to know your body and learn how to project your unique beauty.


Create a balance, fair complexions go well with red or navy blue. Also, Dark skin looks beautiful on pastels like yellow, pink or white.

Accessories should align:

Collars, earrings, tiara, heels improve your figure and posture. Remember that it is always better to dress a little bigger so you can fix it later on, to one that no longer has a solution.

Choose matching shoes:

The shoes that you choose must match the color and style of your dress. Usually, you will want to select the dress before deciding what shoes you will wear with it. When choosing shoes, keep in mind that they should be comfortable enough to walk and dance throughout the night. The way your shoes look is even more important if you wear a short dress since your shoes will be exposed. Don't worry about wearing flat shoes, but be sure to choose ones that are elegant enough to combine with a semi-formal dress. As wise advice, if you decide to go for the heels, choose ones that are low. Most girls can wear low heels for an entire night, even if they have had little experience with heels. On the other hand, extremely high heels can make you sloppy.

Choose a prom dress that fits your figure the right way:

Do not try to adopt a dress that is too small for your size. The narrow dress and the unattractive folds only make you look wider. All this advice are part of getting to know your body and project your beauty.

An infinite list of the best of Prom Haute Couture

Mermaid Prom Dresses:

This beautiful silhouette is fit at the top and loose at the bottom. Featuring the tail, it opens when reaching the height of the feet, giving a flared shape in that area. In Jovani we have a vast amount of mermaid-cut dresses, varying on fabrics - metallic, silk, tulle, gauze, etc-and each of them has something different to make you stand out.

Red Carpet Dresses:

Many people love red carpet dresses for prom! It captures the essence of the carrier and the event turning into sexy, elegant and unique dresses. The dresses, long or short, make you look and feel like a star of the big screen, where glamor and beauty reign, immortalizing your perfect image.

Traditional Ball Gowns:

The exact combination of fashion, trends with the best of vintage or retro. It depends on you to create a harmonious appearance with the right accessories being consistent with your prom party. The distinction between the traditional and the boring relies on your ability to combine.

Two Piece Dresses:

If you have a risky and innovative personality, this may be your best choice because of the endless alternatives such as color combination, the amalgam of textures and volumes. Besides, the top can be a blouse with straps or long sleeves; the skirt, piped, reaching the floor, the sky's the limit. You must take into account the originality and distinction that the dress can give you, don't run away from taking fashion risks -mostly if you want to renovate your style. Without a doubt, using a design of this caliber would make your look one of the most commented of the party. Choose the one that makes you look gorgeous and feel empowered; to excel with your look is not necessary to be excessively revealing.

Blush Prom Dresses:

especially with a fitted look or featuring embellishment/bead-work. This can include other light neutral tones such as champagne, taupe and pastel hues too.

Lace Dresses:

If you are looking at shopping for a lace dress to take to prom, this fabric choice adds texture and is very elegant. You can find it in many colors and dress styles including pieces with cutouts and high leg slits.

The Necklines:

For events like prom, the ideal is not to use a very striking neckline, because more than sharing with your friends, will be the teachers or parents as chaperones. Rule number one for the necklines: know your body well.

Try On Different Models

In order to shop for the perfect dress you do not have to stay with the first model that seems "ok", the concept is that you try different models, so that you can be clear about the dress that fits you best and goes with your personal style. For example, if you want to highlight your breasts, choose a model in cut A. If you use rhinestones in the dress, you can not use many gems, preferably earrings, ring, and bracelet. The size of the earrings will depend a lot on the hairstyle and the neckline of the dress. Also, you can choose a clutch. Try to bring the essential, a little makeup, documents, and keys. Jovani knows the burst of feelings behind the selection of the ideal prom dress. Among those emotion reign joy and confidence of looking fantastic in your prom party.

2019 Trends

This year the girls have been quite radical, and the trend went very fluid. 2019 fashion is bust framed with halter neck, wide stripes, and sashes that encompass the waist and part of the thorax, skirts with much flight from the waist down, roundabouts style. There are also overlapping layers, and a novelty is that roundabout skirts bring an opening.