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Prom Dresses - 2019 collection

Prom dresses are unique styles designed by the most well-known Jovani Designers, Browse the collection of prom dresses 2019 by style, color, and body type. Choose your favorite dress and have it shipped today. Enter to win your dream favorite dress. Ten giveaways a week.

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Do not know what to wear for your graduation night? Are you thinking about wearing a long party dress, or do you just love how a short one looks? You can choose between black, white or even pink prom dresses, the ones that best suit your style. Jovani has a wide variety of long-sleeved dresses, mermaid or a two-piece prom dress, the most beautiful lace dresses, V-neck dresses, dance dresses and more.
Prom dresses are the most exclusive styles designed by the best-known Jovani designers, be sure to look at the 2019 graduation dresses collection where you can choose the most beautiful dresses by style, color, and even body type. Choose your favorite dress and have it shipped to you today, or visit our favorite retailers around the world.In addition, you can participate in our monthly contest and have the opportunity to win the favorite dress of your dreams. As always, we give away 10 dresses per month.

Graduation is an important event to share with  family and friends. Therefore, the ideal is to wear a dress that make you look amazing but most importantly make you feel comfortable without leaving out your style and personality.

The date is coming; after sharing many years with teachers and friends, the school stage has come to an end. The night you have waited, anxious. For sure, many emotions and anxiety overwhelm you. And the truth is, that happens to everybody. That’s why the Prom Party is an exceptional night that remains in the memory of everyone, yours the most. You must have already dreamed of the prom dress you will wear, and it looks spectacular.

How to pick the perfect prom dress?

Before looking for your dress, you have to keep your budget in mind. For this, talk in advance with the person who will pay you the prom dress. The cost of a dress depends a lot on the quality and design. If you want something from last seasons or a bit old, it will not cost you much. But, if you are looking for comfort, quality, and a unique design, you have to go in search of a recognized brand. Some people often think that designer dresses are costly. But, they do not analyze the contributions that it gives you to use it.

JOVANI has what you need. It is a line for teenagers looking for a dress that makes them feel like fairy tales princesses.  A variety of body types: Rectangular, triangular, hourglass-shaped, inverted triangle shaped, and pear-shaped, each needs a particular cut. The best attributes highlight your curves and the less favorable, hide.

Reasons to choose JOVANI

  • You have access to all the styles, colors and shapes to show your personality.


  • Don’t worry about large or small, thin or curvy, remember, it’s customized especially for you.


  • If you find yourself in a hurry, you can always buy it online.

JOVANI knows the explosion of feelings behind the election of the ideal prom dress. Among them the emotion reigns, joy, and confidence of looking fantastic in your prom party.


3 Tips To remember before Choosing your favorite gown

Research: On catwalks and red-carpet, it will make your decision easier.
Contrast: For example, Fair complexions go well with red or navy blue. Also, Dark skin looks beautiful on pastels like yellow, pink or white.

Accessories should align: Collars, earrings, tiara, heels, they improve your waist and postures.  Remember that it is always better to dress a little bigger so you can fix it later on, to one that no longer has a solution. Choose a prom dress that fits your figure the right way. Do not try to adopt a dress that is too small for your size. The narrow dress and the unattractive folds only make you look wider. All this advice are part of getting to know your body and project your beauty.

They will fall in love with the shape of you

 An infinite list of the best of Prom Haute Couture

Mermaid Prom Dress: Beautiful silhouette, loose at the top and down. Featuring the tail, it opens when reaching the height of the feet. Giving a flared shape in that area. Several models, and each of them with a different addition.

It is a versatile dress, because not only is the detail from the tail, but there are several models.

Also, the fabric is the one that varies, depending much on its thickness, as there are in velvet, tulle, gauze, etc.

Red Carpet Prom Dresses

Capturing the essence and context turning into sexy, elegant and unique dresses. The dresses, long or short, make you look and feel like a superstar of the big screen, where glamor and beauty reign.

They have a sole goal to immortalize your perfect image.

Traditional Ballgowns: Exact combining between fashion, trends and "in" with vintage or retro. It depends on you to create a balanced appearance that is consistent with your prom party. The distinction between the traditional and the boring will depend on how you combine it.

Two Piece Prom Dresses: If you are a risky and innovative personality, this may be your best choice. Endless alternatives such as the combination of colors, amalgam of textures and volumes. Besides, the top can be a blouse with straps or long sleeves. And the skirt, piped, and that reaches the floor, are many styles. It's up to you to stay with one. You must take into account the originality and distinction that the dress can give you. Do not run away from taking specific risks. Without a doubt, using a style of this caliber would be one of the most commented in your promotion party.  But choose the one that makes you look beautiful and feel comfortable. Remember that to excel with your look is not necessary to attract attention. Take the risks that go with your way of being. Do not leave the choice of the dress at the end, do it with time, because the perfect prom dress is waiting for you in JOVANI. Choose the best one.

Everything is in the details

Blush Prom Dresses especially with a fitted look or featuring embellishment/bead-work. This can include other light neutral tones such as champagne, taupe and pastel hues too.

Lace Prom Dresses: This fabric choice adds texture and is very elegant. You can find it in many colors and dress styles including designs with cutouts and high leg slits.