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Shine bright in a red prom dress. The ultimate statement piece for your special night.

Red prom dresses are romantic and vibrant, making them perfect for formal events such as weddings and prom. You'll love our selection of long and short red prom dresses; each is unique and sure to turn heads. Jovani red prom dresses are stunning and will make you feel confident and beautiful on your prom night.


 Our dresses are made with high-quality materials and attention to detail so that you can feel confident and beautiful in your gown. Our formal red dresses are designed with elegance and sophistication and with the latest fashion trends in mind ensuring that you look your best for any formal occasion.

Find the perfect red dress for your Valentine's Day party at Jovani! Our collection of red dresses is sure to impress.

Jovani Red velvet dresses are perfect for Valentine's Day or prom night celebrations. These stunning red prom dresses come in shades of ruby red, from deep wine and berry tones to light cherry and blush pinks. Short Valentine dresses include fitted, and body-hugging dresses designed with stunning fabric options range from classic satin to shimmering taffeta and intricate beading, lace, silk satin, velvet, and Jersey.


You can choose from timeless A-line silhouettes or go for dramatic high-low and fit-and-flare styles. When it comes to Jovani red prom dresses, you're guaranteed to find something that will perfectly show off your unique style. Whether you want something bold, daring, romantic, or alluring, We have a dress that is exactly what you're looking for!


The long formal gowns feature figure-hugging bodices with strapless sweetheart necklines, while shorter cocktail styles offer playful skirt details like ruffles or asymmetrical hemlines. For an ultra-glamorous look, select one of Jovani's signature sequined designs with intricate beading – these are sure to make you feel amazing as you walk into the room. With so many choices in fabric, silhouette, and embellishment, it's no wonder why Jovani red prom dresses are a top choice for Valentine's Day or holiday parties. They're designed to ensure that you look sensational on your special day!


  • Red sequin prom dress 

A red sequin prom dress would be a stunning choice for your prom. The red color adds a bold and vibrant touch, while the sequins add a touch of glamour and sparkle. A sparkly long red prom dress would be a bold and glamorous choice for a prom or formal event. The sparkly material adds a touch of glamour and shimmer. A red sequin one-shoulder dress would be a stunning and elegant choice. The sequins on this dress add a touch of glamour and sparkle, while the one-shoulder style adds a unique and modern flair. Be the envy of the party in this stunning red dress.


  • short red prom dress

Short red prom dresses are a fun and flirty option for your prom party. The red color adds a bold and vibrant touch, while the short length of the dress allows you to show off your legs. Red is a popular and versatile color that can be worn for various occasions, and red cocktail dresses are also trendy and versatile. So, a short red dress could be considered trendy depending on the context and how you accessorize and style it.


  • Red lace prom dress:

A red lace prom dress would be a romantic and elegant choice for a prom or your next event. The red color adds a bold and vibrant touch, while the lace material adds a touch of femininity and sophistication.


Our red dresses come in a range of vibrant shades, from classic crimson to bold wine, so you can choose the perfect color to match your style. Be a show-stopper in fiery scarlet, or make a statement and turn heads with deep burgundy; whatever your style is, we have a perfect look. Our long lace dresses are designed with attention to detail and made with high-quality French lace. Choose styles with one shoulder, long sleeves, or strapless designs, all with a soft underlay fabric for a comfortable and elegant fit.


A fitted red gown in a mermaid style will look both fashion-forward and stylish for a prom. This can take inspiration from the red carpet with a plunging neckline and high leg slit. It could also be a traditional ball gown style in a deep shade of burgundy or wine. Jovani red prom dresses come in various shades, from classic crimson to bold wine, so you can find the perfect color to match your style and skin tone.


Here are some examples of shades of red that are commonly used in designing Jovani dresses:

  1. Crimson
  2. Burgundy
  3. Maroon
  4. Scarlet
  5. Lipstick
  6. Ruby
  7. Brick
  8. Coral
  9. Rose
  10. Tomato
  11. Salmon
  12. Cherry
  13. Wine