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Wedding Dresses

A wedding is the biggest event of your life. When you find the love of your life, and you say “yes”, your engagement is official, and the fun of wedding planning can begin. You choose a theme or color scheme, you make your guest list and send out Save the Date cards, and you celebrate your love with your partner. Then, though, it is time to search for the thing that will bring the wedding together – your perfect wedding dress.

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With a gorgeous catalogue of wedding dresses, Jovani has a dress for everyone. Choosing a dress feels like a monumental task. However, that does not mean it should not be fun and exciting. Our collection of gowns has styles to suit any wedding and any taste.

When you make an appointment at one of our Jovani retailers, it is a great idea to come prepared with ideas about the sort of dress you are looking for. This includes the shape, the color, the fit, the neckline, and so much more. The details are what truly make the dress special and unique to your special day, and Jovani bridal gowns have it all, along with the ability to customize.

Overwhelmed with fear that you'll settle for the wrong choice? Start by keeping these things in mind when searching for your dream dress. 

Where to Buy Wedding Dresses

Even before you have examples of dresses (though many women have dreamed of nothing else and have countless examples ready), an important part of dress shopping is knowing where to find the best options. Jovani has retailers across the country, and visiting an in store retailer is a great way to get a true feeling for how a dress looks and feels. You can visit our website to locate a Jovani retailer near you.

When you make an appointment at one of these stores, you will be able to experience the dress in real time, but you can still make the purchase online. If the retailer does not have your size or the precise details you would like, you can talk to their alterations department. You can also create a custom order online. Whatever you decide, Jovani hosts a beautiful collection of wedding dresses for 2019. 

The other great thing about bridal stores or our online Jovani site is that your friends and family can also often find dresses to wear to the wedding as well. Jovani offers plenty of dresses for your family and bridal party, but also wedding guest dresses as well. 

Though your visit should be all about you and your perfect dress, it doesn't hurt to tell your loved ones about the beautiful wedding guest dresses available.

The Secret to the Perfect Dress

The main thing to consider when it comes to your dream dress is its figure or shape. Do you want something form fitting or loose and flowing? A princess ball gown or a sleek mermaid? 

Dresses come in so many designs, even in two pieces in some case. Knowing what sort of silhouette you want will do wonders for narrowing your choices to a viable field that will give you the bride feeling you deserve.

 What goes into a dress exactly? Many detailed components. A dress’s silhouette includes the waistline, the skirt length and shape, the sleeves, and the neckline. All of these change the way a dress will fit you. From simple wedding dresses to elaborate ball gowns, Jovani's has many popular options to choose between. It doesn't hurt to test out a few styles to see which fits you best!

Form Shape

These are the most popular dress forms, all of which are flattering for anyone. Designed to fit around the natural shape of the body, these dresses will show off a woman's beautiful shape. 


A mermaid silhouette is a classic, sensual shape that has a timeless appeal. If you prefer a form fitting dress, a mermaid shape might be exactly what you need. 

Our collection has a wide variety of mermaid wedding dresses, each different from the last, but all sharing the beautiful, sleek shape of the mermaid form. This is perfect for the bride looking for elaborate detailing like jewels and sequins, but also can be a stunning simple wedding dress too. 

A Line

An A line is a great choice for women looking for more modest wedding dresses. With a typically fitted bodice, the dress slowly gains volume in a gentle slope. It is basically a toned down ballgown, with a beautiful full skirt that does not stray too far into the “poof” that ballgowns are known for. 

The simple and elegant shape of the A line dress invites potential for design elements like sequins, gems, lace, and so much more. There are A line dresses in all sorts of fabric types, as well, so you are sure to find the dress you need to fulfill your dreams. 


The ballgown is the pinnacle of wedding dresses for many women and many designers. If you truly want to feel like a princess or a queen, this is the shape you are looking for. With a fitted bodice that tapers into a dramatic waist and a flared skirt, this dress has all of the elegance and drama you could ever hope to find. 

Another amazing thing about ballgowns is that, though the general shape is always present, there are so many different types of ballgowns meant to fit all body types. 

Short Dress

Have you ever considered a short wedding dress? Most women do not, but these beautiful and fun mini or tea length dresses are perfect beach wedding dresses. Longer trains can be gorgeous and of course anything will work as long as it makes you happy, but with a short dress, there is no risk of your train running through sand or dust. 

You can find above the knee, knee length, or tea length (past the knee) short dresses from Jovani. Each one is gorgeous, often with detailing on the bodice and a simpler skirt. The length is perfect for more modern weddings, too.


For curvier women who are searching for a form fitting dress, this might be the perfect shape. The bodice is typically fitted down until mid thigh, where a gentle volume begins as the skirt flares out. The flare is less dramatic than a mermaid or ballgown, and the shape tends to be ideal for women with fuller hips. 

Many trumpet dresses are lace, but you can find the shape in many fabrics and sizes. Many plus size wedding dresses are trumpet silhouettes.

Sleeve Lengths

Sleeves are often not considered in the decision making process, but a sleeve (or lack thereof) can completely alter the appearance of a dress, for better or for worse.


Most wedding dresses, especially modern, are sleeveless. With so many graceful necklines to choose from, many brides choose a sleeveless look to show off their shoulders and arms or emphasize their hair and accessories. Most sleeveless dresses feature sweetheart necklines, and they are perfect for warm season weddings or certain indoor venues. Sleeveless dresses also put the focus on the bodice of the dress and emphasize the details or elegant simplicity.

Other sleeveless looks include spaghettis traps and halter tops, both of which leave the shoulders mostly bare but provide a little extra support that the strapless/sleeveless does not have. These dresses tend to be sweeter, more modern looks and work great for modernized themes and updated venues. 

Cap Sleeves

Most cap sleeve dresses are lace, and the classic, sophisticated fabric lends itself well to a more modest but still modern look. Cap sleeves typically fall just below the shoulder at the tops of the arms, and the delicate lace is a nice top to a beautiful dress. 

Since cap sleeve dresses are lace, you can find some very gorgeous, delicate looking lace in a few different shades, and often sequins and sparkles are woven into the lace. Cap sleeves are perfect for church venues or more classical themes. 

¾ Sleeves

If you enjoy the elegance of long sleeves but maybe do not feel that the full length works with your dress or theme, ¾ sleeves are a great compromise. These usually land somewhere between the elbow and wrist, and are often sheer fabric or lace. 

They provide a modest timelessness to a dress, and women love the classy vibe that these sleeves give off. They hide the upper arms, and emphasize the bodice and skirt of the dress so that the focus is on the elegance of the gown and the bride instead of the upper body, which many women appreciate.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeve wedding dresses have been a favorite of royal families since monarchies began. Princess Diana’s wedding gown featured long, voluminous sleeves trimmed with lace, a popular look in her time. Princess Kate’s dress had beautiful, delicate lace long sleeves to offset her simple, timeless white silhouette. 

For women who want to feel like graceful royalty, like the princesses, a long sleeve gown is perfect. These sleeves are good for winter themes and winter weddings, churches and cathedrals, and grand historical venues. The timelessness of the long sleeve wedding gown will always be beloved.


The neckline allows for a woman to choose a more sexy or modest look without compromising the shape of the dress. There are necklines of any height or width, and the shapes are flattering for any body type. Some necklines are more popular than others, but they all evoke their own version of beauty. 


Sweetheart necklines are highly popular and easily recognizable. Like the name implies, the sweetheart create a shape reminiscent of the top of a heart to rest over the chest. Sweethearts can be quite low or relatively high, depending on the desired cleavage or support. 

Most sweetheart neckline dresses are sleeveless, but there are plenty of other options available. Even though sweethearts tend to show more skin, they can still be quite a modest look, depending on the choice of a covered or open back.

High Neck

On the opposite end of the spectrum, high necklines cover most of the chest and often lead into long or ¾ sleeves. Some dresses feature true high necks, where the fabric of the dress continues up into the neckline, and some have sheer high necks, where the dress might “stop” but a lacy or some sheer fabric overlay continues up into a high neckline. 

Both options are great for church weddings, both classic and modern, and provide a much more modest neckline for women who wish to show less skin. Most high necklines are for A line and less voluminous dresses, leaving a sleek and simple shape.


The illusion neckline is perfect for women who want the support and comfort of extra fabric, but still want to show skin. Most illusion necklines reveal a sweetheart shape, so this options really is a combination of necklines. 

From the sweetheart, a sheer, essentially invisible fabric continues up to cover the chest area. Often some small appliques are attached to these illusion necklines, so they look like free floating designs.

Off the Shoulder

As the name implies once again, off the shoulder dresses feature “straps” that sit off the shoulder. They are usually higher than sweetheart necklines, but still reveal a good bit of skin. This shape is a great compromise between sensual and modest.

V Neck

V neck dresses are timeless, not just in wedding dresses. The V dip can be deep or shallow, allowing for modesty or sexuality at the woman’s choosing. These necklines are very versatile and super supportive when it comes to dresses, even heavier gowns.

Which Jovani Wedding Dress Speaks to You?

When you search through Jovani’s dress collection, you will see that we have all of these silhouettes, necklines, and so much more to offer for your big day. Jovani is here to help you enjoy your wedding day in the most beautiful gown your heart can conjure up. 

Check out our collection today and see for yourself – your perfect dress is here!