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Wedding Dresses

It's almost a cliché, but choosing the wedding dress you'll wear on the most important day of your life is no small task. Every little girl dreams of having the perfect wedding someday, and the wedding gown is the focus of that dream. All of these years you've been daydreaming about wedding dresses, what did you picture in your mind's eye? Whether you were the Cinderella dreamer waiting for a stagecoach complete with footmen or more of a Tiana girl with a frilly, party atmosphere in mind, we've got exactly what you're looking for.So much of your choice of wedding dress has to do with the right mix of tradition and personal style for you. Are you hoping to emulate the classic style of the old-fashioned bride when you walk down the aisle in church? Or are you more interested in being barefoot on a beach somewhere, taking your vows in a more bohemian style?Jovani wedding dresses are carefully created by our designers for every kind of wedding. Hand-crafted with care and loving hands, your wedding dress by Jovani will be perfect, whether you are standing up in front of hundreds of people in your life or just holding hands in a meadow with your immediate family in attendance.

Designer Wedding Dresses & Gowns Collection

Designer wedding dresses by Jovani are a world apart from what you might find on the rack somewhere for so many reasons. Our designers are truly fashion artists, who understand the emotions that their designs inspire in both wearers and viewers of their wedding gowns. They are intimately familiar with the ways that different styles work on different bodies, and that's why Jovani wedding dresses are made to flatter every woman.At Jovani we understand what you're going through as you search for that ideal wedding dress. We are a family business, so we have gone through the same struggles with our daughters, sisters, and cousins. What have our years of expertise creating perfect wedding dresses taught us?First, don't settle for anything less than exactly what you want. You will be striving to find a look that makes sense for your ceremony. You probably won't want a long train on your dress if you're getting married on the bank of a lovely stream by a rustic farmhouse—but if you do, don't let anyone talk you out of it! Your personal style matters more to your decision than anything else.Next, don't be afraid to choose details that matter to you. If you want to wear cowboy boots under your floor-length wedding dress, do it. If you're compromising between Hollywood glamour and a modern fashion sense, opt for a traditional updo and a wedding gown with a train, but accessorize with more modern jewelry with colored stones instead of mom's pearls. You can also make a statement with the breathtaking details of Jovani wedding dresses, each carefully embellished in ways that set our designs apart from the rest.Finally, don't miss this chance to choose that wedding dress you're dying to wear, no matter what. It doesn't matter that you'll only wear it once; you'll wear it at the most important event you'll ever attend. Throw practical concerns out the window and choose the wedding gown of your dreams!