jovani Style 07887
  • Jovani 07887 Neon Orange Sequin Prom Romper
jovani Style 08000
  • Jovani 08000 Navy Low V Neck Wide Leg Evening Jumpsuit
jovani Style 24155
  • Jovani 24155 Gunmetal Sequin Backless Evening Jumpsuit
jovani Style 23736
  • Jovani 23736 Gunmetal Beaded V Neck Prom Jumpsuit
jovani Style 08247
  • Jovani 08247 White One Shoulder Long Overskirt Prom Romper
jovani Style 08461
  • Jovani 08461 Light Blue Embellished V Neck Prom Jumpsuit
jovani Style 09790
  • Jovani 09790 White Off the Shoulder Prom Jumpsuit
jovani Style 1867
  • Fuchsia Three Quarter Sleeve Bell Pant Jovani Jumpsuit 1867
jovani Style 04427
  • Jovani 04427 Orange Strapless Wide Leg Jumpsuit
jovani Style 04184
  • Jovani 04148 Red Fuchsia Two Piece V Neck Pant Suit
jovani Style 03840
  • Jovani 03840 Animal Print Two Piece Pant Suit
jovani Style 03828
  • Jovani 03828 Ivory Strapless Wide Leg Evening Jumpsuit
jovani Style 60010
  • Nude White Embellished Bridal Jumpsuit with Overskirt 60010
jovani Style 65397
  • Black White Sequin Strapless Prom Jumpsuit 65397
jovani Style 60124
  • Light Blue Lace Halter Neck Prom Jumpsuit 60124
jovani Style 3816
  • Jovani 3816 Nude Silver One Shoulder Beaded Jumpsuit
jovani Style 60010
  • Nude White Plunging Neckline Beaded Prom Jumpsuit 60010
jovani Style 00756
  • Black 00756 Ivor Crew Neck Cape Sleeve Evening Jumpsuit
jovani Style 04355
  • Jovani 04355 Black Ivory Strapless Evening jumpsuit
jovani Style 00778
  • Jovani 00778 Navy Strapless Ruffle Evening Jumpsuit
jovani Style 04369
  • Jovani 04369 Light Blue Off the Shoulder Scuba Jumspuit
jovani Style 02637
  • Jovani 02637 Turquoise Two Piece Evening Pant Suit
jovani Style 03529
  • Jovani 03529 Red Strapless Wide Leg Jumpsuit
jovani Style M02807
  • Off White Black Sleeveless Contemporary Jumpsuit M02807
jovani Style 1227
  • Jovani 1227 Dark Green Boat Neckline Scuba Evening Jumpsuit
jovani Style 00762
  • Black Short Sleeve Jovani Jumpsuit 00762
jovani Style 1542
  • Jovani 1542 Blush Feather Bodice Wide Leg Jumpsuit
jovani Style 06479
  • Jovani 06479 Turquoise Two Piece Evening Pant Suit
jovani Style 07218
  • Jovani 07218 Perriwinkle Feather Embellished Evening Pant Suit
jovani Style 07227
  • Jovani 07227 Black Illusion Waist Two Piece Pant Suit
jovani Style 07209
  • Jovani 07209 Red Two Piece Couture Pant Suit
jovani Style 04378
  • Jovani 04378 Peacock Multi Beaded Couture Jumpsuit

Dressy Jumpsuits for women: Cute, Comfy, and Chic

A solid color jumpsuit will be ideal for a casual outfit or if you are going out to dinner or an event. For example, style the jumpsuit with wedges and a belt to complete the look. If you need an outfit for a wedding, choose a white jumpsuit. For a bridal shower, date night, or birthday party, black jumpsuits will be simply charming! To bring out your inner fashionista, show off the jumpsuit's feature by wearing it with heels.


The price point of this item varies depending on the size you are purchasing. There are two different sizes offered, small and medium/large.

Rompers & Jumpsuits

What are Jumpsuits?

A jumpsuit is an outfit that is made out of 1 piece of clothing. It consists of the top and bottom. The top has sleeves, or it can be sleeveless. Jumpsuits are often called "dresses" because it's the same thing. Jumpsuits have many different necklines. They can come strapless, with long sleeves, off the shoulder; you name it, the options are limitless. Undoubtedly flattering, jumpsuits are traditionally fitted throughout the waist and bodice, while the pant leg can be slim or wide. Overall, jumpsuits look so flattering because they create long clean lines that accent your best features.

What are Rompers?

Rompers are a piece of clothing for women that consist of the bottom and top. They are just as fabulous as jumpsuits and are flattering in the same way. The only difference is that a romper has a short instead of the full pant leg. They are often made out of cotton, polyester, or other comfortable material because they usually show a lot of skin. A romper or playsuit is a cute look for Spring or Summer parties. Both jumpsuits and rompers are effortless and chic looks for a wedding guest outfit for a rehearsal dinner or party. Pair them with shoes, accessories, and jewelry you love to complete your look. A figure-hugging bodysuit can look fabulous for a night out. Pick from our vast selection featuring top materials like jerseys, chiffon, and scuba. Pick the proper cut and color for any event, such as muted nude, beige, or champagne. Sparkle bright in sequins, glitter, stripes, and embellishments. Team with heels to turn your nights into a stylish moment you'll never forget.
Jumpsuits are unique because they are so effortless, Comfortable, and incredibly figure-flattering; they are the best way to look chic without having to pair anything together. They are a one-stop-shop! A fabulous look at one complete outfit.

Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party. Be the star of your event in one of our sexy jumpsuits.

Now that you know about jumpsuits and their beautiful options, one important thing to remember when shopping for them. They must be figure flattering! I would always recommend going up in size to get length and room through the torso area. If you order yours online, make sure to go through an authenticated retailer with good customer service. I also recommend having the proper undergarments. In conclusion, jumpsuits and rompers are amazing! They come in so many different shapes and styles that there is one out there for every woman. You have to find it!

Helpful tips for purchasing jumpsuits:

• Wearing the proper undergarments is important when wearing a jumpsuit

• Read reviews before purchasing so you know if it's worth the risk

• Be sure to focus on versatility when buying, not just flattering.

• Make sure to try it on.

Now that you know about jumpsuits and all of their beautiful options. I would always recommend going up in size to get length and room through the torso area. Pick from bold prints, playsuits with any neckline such as halter or v-neck. Sparkle bright in sequins, glitter, stripes, and embellishments. Have the best shopping experience when you buy through our official sellers. You can shop online with next day shipping, speedy delivery, and easy customer checkout. Jovani Jumpsuits and rompers are the best choices for juniors attending homecoming or prom.