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Jovani Prom 2019 Giveaway

Jovani is celebrating the start of the Prom 2019 season with amazing weekly giveaways. Our new prom dresses collection is now available in stores near you.

To get the prom party started early, we are giving three lucky winners the chance to have their own Jovani dress for free every single week!

We also have amazing goodies to share, including a Jovani highlighter and kabuki makeup set. This stylish prize includes everything you need to add a gorgeous glow to your prom night look. The high-quality kabuki brush and golden toned highlighter powder are perfect for beauty lovers and an essential for makeup addicts!

As well as that, you can flaunt your Jovani fandom with our cute 'I Love Jovani' bangle, the perfect accessory to add to any outfit.

To find out how to win, read on below and good luck! 

The Prizes

We have the following prizes available every week, for a total of 9 individual winners:

  • 3 Jovani dresses
  • 3 highlighter powder and kabuki brush makeup sets
  • 3 ‘I love Jovani’ bangles 

How to Enter Our Prom 2019 Giveaway

To make sure you've entered, you will need to:

  • STEP 1: Review two of your favorite Jovani prom dresses. Head over to our prom dress 2019 collection page, and choose two dresses you would love to wear! Click into their pages and leave your review at the end of the page. 
  • STEP 2: Subscribe to our email. Add your email and name to the form below.

Make sure you’ve completed both steps for your entry to be counted.

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A total of 9 winners will be selected at random each week and will be notified by email. Dress prize is subject to availability. One prize per winner. The giveaway is open to US residents only. 

Week 1 Winners –  Aeman Shahid, Torie Bosley, Zoe Farren, Haley Silverman, Maria Savino, Erica Flanders, Samantha Hostetter, Makenzie Hemish, Ashley Barrios.

Week 2 Winners – Shannon Braumann, Anoushka Y, Ashley Butler, Chloe Popkin, Victoria Long, Jasmine Karaba, Nyah Brown, Emily Lockhart, Seda Sepanian, Madison Zabel.

Week 3 Winners – Hollie Weiker, Cassandra Hartmann, Olivia Penwell, Charlotte Vick, Haley Silverman, Amanda Kutney, Kalina Przywozny, Riley Grove, Ruth Gonzalez.

Week 4 Winners – Lemo Mam, Kayla Leonard, Madison Winford, Annabel Coons, Cassidy Dinsmore, Katelynn Salcedo, Amber Williams, Isabella Van Boxtel, Staci O'Brien.

Week 5 Winners – Kodie Edmonds, Hannah Bolden, Aida De Los Santos, Sofia Lopez, Kimberly Gifford, Carolann Mullin, Cydney Sampson, Alexa Mastriano, Makayla Dawkins.

Week 6 Winners – Nazanin Hosseini, Payton Balogh, Taylor Holbrook, Kiley Grumbles, Moriah Sachs, Harley Gutierrez, Kendall Comer, Emily Larochelle, Bailey Lomastro.

Week 7 Winners – Ciana Phillips, Alyssa Esquitin, Hailey Warfield, Nena Spurgeon, Camille Talley, Jade Martin, Madeline Crandall, Ally Winstead, Hannah Bridgeman.

Week 8 Winners – Matin Zador, Ferrah Alvand, Jaden Bloodworth, Hawley Penfold, Makayla Summers, Cicely English, Alexandra Boyles, Kaija Hudson, Ella Clark.

Week 9 Winners – Ariel Thompson, Natalie White, Destiny Watson, Olivia Rains, Isabel Rubio, Emily Myers, Emalee Depa, Stephanie Boyd, Julia Harlan.

Week 10 Winners – Kimberly Barr, Allison Russell, Lauren Roberson, Gabby Sheena, Zoe Flores, Caitlin Vang, Samantha McCarthy, Emerson Rose, Olivia Hughes.

Week 11 Winners – Hailey Stone, Asia Cample, Madeline Riley, Sky Maresh, Josie Ricker, Jenna Dean, Allyson Rogers, Sierrah McFarland, Clea Alavi.

Week 12 Winners – Lauren Cerwinski, Hannah Lybrand, Melkayla Rayford, Cali McDuffie, Sydney Dennis, Aleah Hines, Allyson Rogers, Katrina Aikin, Nia Cade.

Week 13 Winners – Katie Randall, Ellie Cawthorne, Avery Tuman, Taylor Curcio, Shanda Wood, Grace Fitzgerald, Katie Parks, Jasmyne Trummel, Deanna Barney.

Week 14 Winners – Tammy Rogers, Dusty Cannon, Caitlyn Hall, Trina Lartey, Deja Robinson, Shanley Olson, Debra Czudek, Jessica Charles, Alara Boyd.

Week 15 Winners – Tayla Wooden, Stephanie Muniz, Raina Kingsley, Shania Wright, Brianna Hielscher, Joy Njenga, Autumn Olthoff, Cindy Paulino, LaCinda Brooks

Week 16 Winners – Samara Jones, Anastasia Brown, Catherine Melgar, Karla Francis, Lillea Talbott, Monet Hill, Wanning Wen, Maylinn Thompson, Katie Christenson.