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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Jovani dresses online?2024-06-28T02:27:22-04:00

You can visit our official online retailers who have been verified to carry our collections. If you have any questions about authenticity, please contact us.

How Can I Find My Dress in a Store?2024-06-28T02:27:39-04:00

We have thousands of retailers worldwide. You can use our ‘Find My Dress ‘ search tool to find a store near you. This is ideal when you are looking for a specific style. Choose the exact color and size you are interested in finding to get a list of stores that have previously ordered that dress.

What is Check Jovani Warehouse Availability?2024-06-28T02:27:54-04:00

‘Check Jovani Warehouse Availability’ is a quick and easy tool for both retailers and customers to check JOVANI’s stock for a dress. Authorized retailers can see exactly if a dress is in stock at our warehouse, or when it’s will be available to ship to stores. This is a great tool for customers to check when a dress will be available if they make an order.

How Do I know a Store is an Authorized Retailer?2024-06-28T02:28:07-04:00

The best and most secure way to know a store is authorized to sell JOVANI is to use our ‘Store Locator’ tool on JOVANI.COM. You can check for USA based retailers, online stores and International based retailers by scrolling through to a specific state or country.

Where can I buy Jovani dresses near me?2024-06-28T02:28:29-04:00

To find your nearest stockist, visit our store locator page. Enter your state to find the closest boutique to you.

Are Jovani designs available worldwide?2024-06-28T02:28:46-04:00

Yes! Authentic Jovani pieces are available in many stores all over the world. To find a verified retailer in your country, check our full worldwide list. Simply select your country to update the list with your nearest stores.

How to find the prices of Jovani dresses?2024-06-28T02:29:02-04:00

To find out the price of any Jovani dress, you will need to contact or visit your nearest retailer store.

How to order a Jovani dress?2024-06-28T02:29:19-04:00

If you are interested in ordering a Jovani dress, you can visit or call your nearest retailer store. If they do not have your desired dress/size/color in stock, they can order it for you. If you provide them with the style number found on our website (eg. 62517), they can order the dress for you from our warehouse. They can also provide you with prices and estimated shipping/arrival times.

How can I view previous Jovani collections?2024-06-28T02:29:34-04:00

You can browse through our past prom, homecoming and other collections from our Collections page.

What sizes do you offer?2024-06-28T02:29:48-04:00

Our sizes run from 00 – 24, this includes dresses to suit petite and plus sizes.

How can I check if a dress is in stock?2024-06-28T02:30:05-04:00

On any product page, you’ll find a drop-down menu in the description area, where you can check for stock availability. This includes color and size options. We also provide a list of stores in the USA and internationally where you can order your chosen design.

How do I take care of my Jovani dress?2024-06-28T02:30:19-04:00

To keep your dress in prime condition, store in a dry, dark space, lying flat if possible. See our storage tips for more information.

How do Jovani dresses fit?2024-06-28T02:30:34-04:00

On each product page, we’ve provided our model’s measurements to help facilitate your sizing choice and to give you a feel for the fit and length of the piece.

How can I find the right dress to suit my shape?2024-06-28T02:30:49-04:00

You can now shop our collections by dress type, color, and occasion. Click into any category page and select your choice from the left sidebar. You can find a full list of dress styles, event types, and colors under our ‘All Dresses’ menu.

When will prom dresses be in stores?2024-06-28T04:02:42-04:00

Wondering if prom dresses are out in stores yet? Our collections typically begin arriving in our retailer’s stores as soon as October/November for the next prom season ahead.

How can I stock Jovani in my own boutique or store?2024-06-28T04:02:57-04:00

If you’re interested in becoming an official Jovani retailer, fill out our appointment form.

Who owns Jovani?2024-06-28T04:03:50-04:00

Jovani was founded by Jacob Maslavi and his two sons, Abraham and Saul, in 1980. The fashion business started with just 10 people and 15 dress designs. It expanded rapidly over the years, and the family business now has over 2,000 retailers all over the world. In 2014, Saul Maslavi was announced as the new president and CEO of Jovani.

Who is Jovani’s designer?2024-06-28T04:04:06-04:00

Jovani’s design director is Julie DuRocher. The French Canadian designer has been designing original and inspiring evening-wear since 1984. She is a master of creating diverse and flattering silhouettes, inspired by old-school glamour and current fashion trends alike. Julie brings her unique vision to each of the Jovani collections, proving her desire to make every woman look beautiful by appealing to a broad selection of tastes.

Where is Jovani located?2024-06-28T04:04:23-04:00

Jovani’s headquarters are in the garment district of New York City. Our flagship Jovani store is located in Los Angeles and is a great place to meet our team in person!

What are Jovani dresses?2024-06-28T04:04:36-04:00

Jovani dresses and unique designer pieces for women. Each gown is crafted with great attention to detail and includes the latest fashion trends with an original twist. Jovani dresses are created to always look elegant and timeless, and to make women feel flattered. Each new season, Jovani releases a new full range of collections for prom, brides, formal occasions, homecoming and cocktail parties.

Do Jovani dresses run small?2024-06-28T04:04:54-04:00

In general, Jovani dresses run true to size. The fabric and style can influence how a dress fits on you. To pick the right size, it’s always a good idea to use your measurements or get fitted at your nearest Jovani retailer. You can use the guides provided on our product pages to better understand the fit and sizing of our dresses. Click into any dress page and find the ‘What is my size!’ or ‘Size chart’ buttons for more information.

Where are Jovani dresses made?2024-06-28T04:05:11-04:00

Jovani is a US-based fashion business with headquarters in NYC’s garment district. The HQ is for business purposes only and does not include a Jovani-brand store for customers. The Jovani flagship store is located in Los Angeles and welcomes the public to visit. Jovani dress orders are shipped from the New York warehouse. Orders can be placed through any official retailer store in the US or Worldwide.

Why are prom dresses long?2024-06-28T04:05:35-04:00

Prom is a Formal affair and long dresses are typically worn for such occasions. Wearing a long dress makes us feel special and makes us shine and standout, it is a different sensation to wearing the typical day to day clothing! It gives you the chance to become the celebrity that you are! This is a special moment take advantage of it and admire the memories which will last forever!. A long dress can be simple as #1120 which comes in off white, navy or fuchsia! This is a simple slip dress with attitude! Another possibility is #1226 elegant and versatile the removable ostrich sleeves make this strapless a knock out! #1226 comes in off white, blush and black! On the contrary a long dress can be beaded as this stunning #63405 nothing short of amazing and comes in emerald, gold/silver and platinum. Another example of long dress is the sexy red #60283 which is offered in many colors.

Which prom dress should I wear?2024-06-28T04:05:56-04:00

Prom is a wonderful party and choosing the right dress can be easy. Choose a flattering color and proper shape for your body type, while considering comfort. Decide between sexy, elegant and fun. Some choices can also be reworn for future events. This is a chance to be your Hollywood self!

What color should I wear for prom?2024-06-28T04:07:36-04:00

The choice of color for your dress is very important! Some people look great in all sorts of colors! Some people look best in certain colors. For instance if you have a tan or dark complexion you can wear blush, silver, charcoal and off-white and make quite an entrance! Here I have selected styles 1012 and 3675 for you! If your skin tone is pale and you don’t plan on adding self tanner, or go for a tan you might look best in black, navy, red, emerald, jade and royal blue. Color can be very exciting! I have included below two styles 02906 and 02136 as examples! I recommend going to your favorite boutique and trying dresses on!

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