How To Show The Best Of Your Curves In An Evening Dress

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To choose the best evening dress for a curvy figure, the color and cut are decisive. These are the main characteristics that you should take into account when selecting evening dresses. Choose yours applying the below tips that match your tastes; we assure you will rock out the most beautiful outfit everywhere you go; and the list will help you for other occasions as well, such as to choose prom dresses.

Take a risk with a slit or deep cleavage

This first great secret is for girls who dare to take fashion to the next level. Maybe you’ve thought that, if you use the style of dresses with slit similar to the one that the models or Hollywood stars wear, you will not look just as good. However, in its latest collection for 2020, Jovani Fashion offers a wide variety of models that will take that thought out of your mind. If you want to anticipate the end of the year party and you found a super trendy design with a side slit that you love, take it home. Remember the attitude is essential and you should always feel like a star.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who doesn’t actually show much skin or doesn’t feel comfortable with too risky clothes, avoid deep cleavage. Instead, you can choose a neckline on the back side that still looks very chic. If on the contrary, you love being the sexiest of them all and splurge confidence in yourself, the V-necklines will look great on you. Everything will depend on your style and the dress code of the event.

Dresses with short skirts

The dresses that show legs, like the prom dresses cocktail style, are the clothes that everyone considers sexy. With them, you can wear your legs while you look sophisticated, plus they are a must for the moments when it is very hot outside. You can use them with all types of heels, sometimes formal or for a casual outing. If you want your date to go crazy after taking a look at you, this should be your go-to alternative.

Curves In An Evening Dress

Dresses off shoulders

One of the most sensual parts of women are the shoulders, although you may not believe it, this shows a flirtatious figure that combines perfectly with great curves. If you must go to a party held outdoors during the day, they are perfect as they will keep you fresh, plus many models included in the latest collection of Jovani prom dresses also come in light fabrics.

Dresses fitted to the figure

These are garments that you can use at any time. There are short or long, with flare, of all colors and styles. They are also known as bodycon and fit your figure, which makes your curves stand out. Keep in mind that following the body positivity trend makes you inspire others also to embrace fashion.

Now, it’s time to talk about the tonalities, and in this article, we will talk about the great classics:


For the curvy girls, black is always the first option, and it is not for less. This color can help you look much more sophisticated and stylized. Use this color in a long night prom dresses with details in metallic tones. Remember that the features are essential to style any dress, especially evening dresses.

The magnificent blue

If you want to avoid black, it is better to choose the navy blue. It is a color that favors all and looks spectacular during graduation or as a guest at a wedding. You will see how with this color your skin look radiant since it is one of those colors that helps to hide spots and imperfections.

Sparkly or metallic

The evening dresses in metallic or sparkly tones are also part of the trends and this collection. They are the new neutrals, and you will surely look gorgeous. Finally, you can use them in combination with contrasting colors in your accessories, which will create a full glam look.


A lace garment is an excellent opportunity to dress beautifully in any event. If it is an evening dress, choose one with lace; There is no way to make mistakes. Day or night, we recommend pastel colors, such as pink, turquoise for the day and lace in combination with neutrals for the night. These textures are the best for girls with a large bust; they help to hide the volume if they are worn with a plain skirt.


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