A First-Timer’s Guide to the Perfect Gala Dress

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Everyone wants their Cinderella moment. Once an invitation to a gala event lands in your inbox, it’s time to start outfit planning. Finding the perfect gala dress is like stepping into a glass slipper. There are dress codes and etiquette to consider when choosing your evening dress. 

You want to dress to impress while putting your best fashion foot forward. A gala event is the perfect chance to embrace glamour with a backless dress or a metallic evening gown

At JOVANI, we bring glamour and sophistication together to create gala dresses that celebrate your individuality. We’re sharing our top tips for your first gala event to find a gown guaranteed to land you a spot on the best-dressed list. 

What is a Gala Event?

A gala is described as a “festive celebration marking a special occasion”. These events come in different shapes and sizes, from charity auctions to balls and private functions. A gala is usually held in recognition of an individual or to fundraise for an organization. The one thing that is always at a gala event is glamour. 

How to Choose Your Gala Dress

If your calendar is heating up with social invitations, you’ll want to invest in a gala dress. Black-tie functions are back in vogue, from extravagant weddings to milestone birthdays. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist at heart, we’re sharing four tips to find the perfect gala dress for your first event. 

When in doubt, go with black-tie.

Your gala invitation should state the dress code. If it doesn’t, it’s best to assume that the event will call for black-tie, a dress code dates that back to the end of the 19th century. It’s the second most formal dress code after ‘white tie’. 

While short dresses are usually not appropriate, you can choose a midi length or slightly more conservative cocktail dress for a black-tie gala event. 

Choose an Elegant Color Palette

It’s a common misconception that gala dresses must be classic or neutral colors. You can have fun with trendy shades like sage green and powder blue, but you want to choose an elegant color palette. 

Find a shade that compliments your natural complexion and fits the season of your event. Earth and jewel tones are ideal for the colder months, while warmer hues are perfect for a spring or summer gala.

Find a Dress for Your Body Type

Shop for a gala dress that suits your body type and accentuates your silhouette. If you’re on a budget, investing in tailoring can make your dress fit like a glove and elevate your look. 

PSA: We have an in-depth guide on finding the perfect formal dress for your body type at JOVANI here.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Consider accessories when choosing your gala dress, as you’ll want to complement your gown without overwhelming it. If you’re going to a gala in a colder climate, bring along a shawl or classic coat to layer up. 

A gala event is an excuse to get dressed up, including with your jewelry. If you want to channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor with a statement necklace, shop for a low V-neck dress. 

Explore the latest range of JOVANI evening gowns and find a JOVANI retailer near you to create your own red carpet moment. 

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