The Most Successful Styles For The Hourglass Silhouette

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All girls have different body types. If you have a silhouette with sharp curves and the waist is proportionally smaller, then you have an hourglass body. Your figure is privileged as many, and any garment can fit you well. However, if you are about to start your senior year and you want to start considering prom dresses, you have come to the right place.

Jovani Fashion has just added its latest collection to its signature line, so the tips below are adapted for this occasion, although it is not restricted. Soon, you are going to look splendid since the right models will accentuate your figure and everyone will notice how much of a self-confident young woman you are.

Flared or wrap dress

This style is characterized by having a fold or several folds of fabric at waist height. This makes your waistline more accentuated and becomes the center of attention in your outfit. The prom dresses design also help to balance the hips and accentuate the bust; it is perfect for girls who want to look glamorous and feel empowered.

Neck type U or  V

Dresses with a U or V neckline allow you to show-off your attributes, and usually, they adjust to the figure. If you are a determined girl who is not afraid of provocative outfits, this is what you may be looking for. Remember that the main rule is that the garments you use must adhere to your silhouette, don’t wear very loose clothes or your figure will not shine. If you have to attend a party with a strict dress code, you can go for a piece with a not-so-deep neckline.

The Hourglass Silhouette

Fit to the waist

The dresses that are cinched to the waist can be found both for using at night and day in the collection of Jovani prom dresses. The gowns adjusted to the waist playing with the curves of your silhouette and can also belong to the category of prom dresses empire style giving it a fairytale touch. It is a must to have one of these dresses in your wardrobe, especially in a neutral color that allows you to combine it with different clothes or accessories for separate occasions.

Mermaid cut

This cut is very used in graduation dresses. Many girls prefer them because when there are some extra pounds involved, the bodice takes care of startling a curvilinear and harmonious figure. If you have an hourglass body, we recommend you opt for dresses with this cut. You can use them for an evening event or as we mentioned before, for your graduation.

Since you have already identified which models will give you a spectacular look, it is time to talk about the situations in which you must be careful with your outfits, as there is always a thin line that divides the best dressed from the worst.

Do not show too much

Despite being young and having a sculptural body, it is best not to go to extremes. Choose clothes that suit your personality type; Those that create an illusion and let the imagination do the rest rather than revealing an excess of skin and coming-off as inappropriate or vulgar. Similarly, shorter cocktail-style models are allowed for formal events.

Choose what’s right for you

It doesn’t matter if your hourglass shape comes with a slim or plus size, always use the right one, no matter what. If the garment doesn’t look good on you, the advice from every fashionista is: keep looking for the ideal design, until you find it.

Believe in fantasies

If you feel sexy, others will notice. Learn to be happy with what you are and have, since many would like to be in your place. Another advice brought from the experts behind Jovai is that education never goes out of style and is the best accessories to shine in every event. If you are gentle, everyone will act the same way towards you

Transparent illusions

If you plan to leave with your significant other with their jaw dropped, there are illusions of transparencies. You can find dresses with backgrounds similar to your skin tone and which are also decorated with flower embroidery or some other design. To be comfortable, you can complement with a top or bralette. You can also find skirts or dresses with transparencies, give a chic and sensual touch to your outfit.

The Hourglass Silhouette

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