How To Wear Prom Dresses When You Are Curvy?

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When your prom party is nearby, the first thing that comes to the mind of curvy girls is to use extremely loose models that hide every aspect of their figure. But beware! It is not the best option for styling, and resorting to this type of clothes can lead to committing the worst fashion crimes. Besides consulting the dress code of your high school and identifying the necessary parameters, you should know that prom dresses have a million possibilities to make you look and feel fabulous.

We’ve used the latest collection of prom dresses by Jovani fashion house to create a list of tips that will be useful when you decide on a model. Are you ready?

Embrace Yourself

The most important thing is to accept yourself the way you are; there is no need to regret not having done a diet or being addicted to the gym; The prom party is a unique moment in life that you cannot miss.

Many tips can visually help you to give the best of the looks and even more, if you are a curvy girl or plus size. The key is to know what you want to accentuate and what you want to divert attention from.

When you are petite

Long dresses are not recommended for short girls; the only thing they get is to create an unattractive figure. According to the opinion of the experts in Jovani, the best option for girls of short stature is to bet on a more uneven dress that exposes the ankles.

In this case, you could opt for a white dress with details of minimalist rhinestones at the knee level; this way, you guarantee an elegant and sexy look to arrive with.

While being thick

A gorgeous neckline will always be the perfect frame for your face and neck; go for prom dresses with a V-neckline, square, and U shape. In contrast, you must move away from the horizontal strapless and choose those that are heart-shaped or with thin straps.

The neckline is an ally when it comes to styling your silhouette. A perfect option for you can be a dress with vertical patterns in sequins. The Jovani collection offers an excellent variety with a dark base to the best cosmopolitan style.

If you have wide hips

It is normal to have defined curves, thin arms, and long legs but protruding hips and abdomen, part of the characteristics of the broad spectrum of femininity, which comes in all sizes. Happily, you can find the most trendy option y in two-tone gowns, like a classic “black and white.”

You can use dresses with dark inside and sides of another color or prints to divert attention from the hips or pick a dress with a light color girded on the chest while a dark one creates an illusion from the waist to the freefall.

The length is important.

It is important to note that long prom dresses should not be dragged; finding the perfect measure is essential; You have to ensure that yours don’t sweep the floor or fall short. If you love your curves and want to accentuate them in a long dress or on the contrary you don’t have them, for both cases, the draped dresses crossed models with some details in the chosen parts of your figure will have the effect of delineating your body like a mermaid.

To divert the attention

Do you have a big bust, wide hips, prominent abdomen, and that’s why you are thinking of wearing a dull dress? The answer is a definitive NO. With the collection of 2019, there are sober designs at the front, but the reverse plays a vital role because, with the right details, you can show off a sexy (back) side.

Learn more about choosing the right dress length for your prom dress in our detailed article.

According to the fabrics

It’s imperative to choose the fabric well according to the climate in your area. The linen and most delicate fabrics are ideal for a prom party in the late-spring outdoors, while those that are organza, and silk are reserved for when the event begins at night.

Accessories and complements

Always accompany your prom party outfit with makeup and appropriate hairstyle to your face; for jewelry, remember that you can wear long earrings or a large necklace but not both at the same time.

For those curious about styling prom dresses for curvy figures, it’s equally exciting to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Dive into ‘2024’s Latest Prom Styles‘ to discover the trends that are shaping the future of prom fashion, offering chic and flattering choices for everyone.

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