The How-To Of Stylish Girls

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It’s time to say goodbye to the old unfashionable you. There’s no need to continue feeling envy towards them, even if it’s the good kind; After the release of the Jovani prom dresses collection, you can now be true to your glamorous inner self, like all those fabulous women you admire.

Yes, it is a big statement, especially when you may have tried before, but now that you have discovered that high fashion is available to you too, we have decided to create a list of the aspects to keep in mind that will help you become a fashionista. Especially if what you want is to choose a model for an event as big as graduation, prom party, business dinner or a date.

Stylish girls

  1. Quality. Never spend in poor quality garments that don’t fit your silhouette and spoil the first time you wash them. Investing in good clothes from a fashion house like Jovani will benefit your wardrobe, your pocket, and your long-term style. Don’t hesitate. Go for the beautiful garments that mix the trendy with the classic and, if you don’t know what these garments are, you will learn it here.
  2. Self-expression. Your clothes should harmonize with your lifestyle and your personality, and if it has evolved, your wardrobe should reflect those changes.
  3. Confidence. Forget about trying to please others with your clothes. To get a winning style, you must dress in a way that feels comfortable and reflects the girl you want to be. For example, if you’re going to create a balance between sophistication and sensuality for the prom party, prom dresses with sleeves, halter neck and slit on the skirt are one of your options.
  4. Comfort. Although it is true that comfort should not overshadow the style, style doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing that garment, it’s noticeable, and your style gets immediately affected.
  5. Dare. Keep taking risks with the clothes in your closet to keep it updated and renewed. Evolve your style experimenting with designs and accessories that you already have, try creating new outfit combinations.
  6. Blend. If you wear a very loose garment, the other should be adjusted, and if both are loose you should mark a point with the use of a belt. Or if an item of clothing is very striking, it must be complemented with other primary and classic garments and accessories, unless your style is creative and your body doesn’t look disharmonious with striking clothes.

Stylish Girls

Now, let’s talk about the three basic rules of a fashionista when choosing their wardrobe; read carefully because these secrets given by experts will serve you not only for casual occasions but also when you should select prom dresses or for formal celebrations:

Textures and details

T-shirts and other garments with small buttons, embroidery, beads, and transparencies are matters of taste; Try on garments with beautiful details that make you look more trim and cheerful the monochromatic prom dresses decorated with rhinestones are an excellent choice, it does not matter if you are a very curvy girl or if your beauty has statuesque style.


Using layer on top of layer is a simple way to dress and at the same time super flattering. The infallible rule to use this technique is to start from the thinnest garments, such as a shirt, then begin to add more loose clothing and go up to the heaviest garment. Or in its formal equivalent, dress, coat if necessary, and accessories.

Neutral and combinable colors

Neutral tones, such as black, gray, white and brown, are always helpful inside the wardrobe. You can combine them with any other color inside your closet. That is why it is so important to take them into account to have a good catalog of options. However, it is important to emphasize that you should not completely eliminate the vibrant colors of your inventory, because there will always be an occasion -as festivities- to unleash your imagination and take advantage of them.

We hope these tips have been useful. If you apply these rules, they will help you significantly on increasing your level of security and self-esteem. Also, we encourage you to take a look at the rest of the entries we have available to further develop your style by identifying which designs and combinations will allow you to look chic, sophisticated and modern.

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