All About Jovani

What makes Jovani dresses so special? Does cost dictate quality?

An exploration of Jovani’s dress prices and quality: While cost is certainly a factor when choosing a formal prom dress or a gorgeous high-end evening dress, it’s essential to consider the value of the price. Jovani dresses are made with top-of-the-line materials and stitching techniques, ensuring each dress is of the highest quality. Furthermore, every […]

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How to Avoid Counterfeit & Verify Authenticity

No one wants a knock-off product, especially when you’re paying the price for an authentic garment! Some ‘epic prom dress fails’ have recently graced the internet, showing how low quality and laughably bad these fakes can be. The fit and shape is nowhere near the original, the size is usually bizarrely tiny or oversized, and […]

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Interview with Abraham Maslavi, Co-Owner of JOVANI Fashions

Happy Friday, dear readers! You’re in for a real treat today with a sneak peek behind the scenes of JOVANI. We’ve had the chance to interview one of our owners, Vice President, Director, and CFO Abraham Maslavi, for this week’s article for an insider look at what goes on at JOVANI. Thank you so much […]

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