From Casual To Formal: The Fashion Journey That Every Curvy Girl Should Take

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Looking beautiful is not exclusive to one size. In fact, any garment can be worn by any girl; we just have to take some little things into account regarding the silhouette of each one, especially a curvy girl.

Curvy girls are characterized by having their curves very pronounced; If it’s your case, to look amazing, you have to know how to choose the right clothes and combine them. This time we will take you on a trip that starts from your outfits on a day-to-day basis to the stunning black tie dresses¬†and Jovani prom dresses.

Make short shorts your best friends

Whoever said the shorts weren’t made for the curvy girls was in a big mistake. You can also use them and look gorgeous in them. The shorts that go above the knee are the best option for thick legs to look stylized. Whether you use them in a single garment or separately with an adorable blouse, the accessories are essential to give more life to the whole outfit, never forget it.

A million thousand skirts

There is no doubt that the skirt is a top garment to highlight the curves. Regardless of whether you are a curvy girl or not, you can always use them in your outfit. However, there are several elements that you should play with when you have a few extra pounds:

  • Check the size of your hip so that the top garment helps you to conceal it.
  • Use the colors that best suit you.
  • Consider the best footwear according to your look and the occasion.
  • The accessories are crucial in any outfit.

From Casual To Formal

What a casualty!

Certain dresses can be worn any day thanks to their designs, and that is the role of casual dresses. If you are a curvy girl, the cut of the dress must be very flattering. It’s better if you have a belt or is defined at the waist, as this helps to create an editorial silhouette. Baggy dresses may not be the best option, because they provide a rectilinear image and could even add volume. Finally, use the shoes that favor your figure the most; if your legs are very wide, avoid shoes that have ribbons on the ankle, they are not aesthetic.

Now that we have talked about the different versions which you can improve your wardrobe with, the time has come to touch the most formal aspect of the closet: what to wear at special events that will mark your life. For this section, as usual, the great reference is the latest collection of prom dresses by Jovani, and more specifically the maxi versions; and more specifically,  since they help to highlight the curves of every woman.

Maxi- prom dresses

This style of prom dresses is part of the trend for 2020 because they are practical and stunning. Whether they are for a prom party or to put the protocol into a dinner with your date or family, only go with the style you need. If you are a proud curvy girl, I’ll give you some tips to make this choice a complete fashion success.

Define your figure

To make your curves look stylized when using a maxi-dress, you need to pick:

  • Vibrant colors and good contrasts that give more of a hype vibe to your outfit.
  • Belts to help you accentuate your figure.
  • A long dress, you can use good heels to look more stylized. We recommend the imperial cut so that your chest always gets in place.

For once-in-a-lifetime occasions

Not all maxi-dresses suit special occasions, so adapt your outfit to the place and time:

  • Garden party: The floral prints look divine. You can also change your heels for some cute wedges.
  • Weddings: Bet on the long designs with pastel colors and very romantic details. With a nude makeup, you will look ravishing.
  • Beach or for a summer afternoon: Select vibrant colors and fun prints; You can use sandals whenever you remember to use the correct length of the dress. With a hairstyle picked up, you’ll have the best look on the entire beach.

Finally, add your personal touch to any gown with the accessories that you like the most. You can even find plus size mother of the bride dresses for mature women with curves. Remember that makeup is super important, so make sure you look natural and very fresh. Take advantage of spring 2020 to look stunning.

From Casual To Formal

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