How to wear short homecoming dresses and look elegant from head to toe

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It is a reality that almost every girl loves to wear homecoming dresses. This garment makes you look delicate and flirty but also gives you presence. For a broader look at the types of homecoming dresses available, check out Your Ultimate Guide To Homecoming Dresses. Within the category of homecoming dresses, the short models of our latest collection are a fantastic option; there are many models to choose from, and you will look just as elegant as with a long one, only much more comfortable and sexy.

But before you choose your dress, take into account the following advice: They are items that should be selected very carefully because depending on your silhouette (and the dress code at your school) can be considered very sexy. Understand more about selecting the right style for your body type with Plus-Size Homecoming Dresses: Flattering Styles for Every Body Type. So today we give you some tips on how to use short homecoming dresses and show it off with sensuality – but mostly, sophistication.

What kind of models suit the homecoming occasion?

If you are ready to return to school and shock everyone with your styling, stop suffering thinking about what to wear since the spectacular cocktail dress is just what you need for homecoming. Between the maximum sophistication of the long gala dresses and the freshness of the extra-short bat mitzvah dresses, we have the cocktail dresses. They are very elegant and stylish garments that enhance the figure. If you still haven’t found yours or don’t know what a cocktail dress looks like, don’t worry. Discover the differences and find which suits you with What is the difference between a homecoming dress and a prom dress? We will guide you, and afterward, you can check our catalog.

First, think about the ideal measures for you and the climate in your area

The cocktail dress is characterized by its cut at the height of the knee or a few inches above or below it. There are all kinds of models and designs of cocktail dresses so you must find the one that best suits your figure and makes you look great. A strapless dress and “A” will reduce your waist, accentuate your curves and give you the body you need for that particular day. Explore the trendiest colors this season with What are the latest trends in white homecoming dresses this season? And if you want an extra of sensuality, use it in red.


On the other hand, the fabric of the dress is a factor that you should think about depending on the time date in which you are going to wear it. For events that take place in hot areas, we advise you to use satin, linen or cotton dresses. Meanwhile, in cold ones, you can opt for wool or brocade fabrics. You can also dare to use metallic colors much more striking and vivid as green, an excellent contrast for every skin color.


Which style do you want to reflect this year?

Never leave aside your inner style when choosing a cocktail dress. There are strapless dresses, sleeveless, the hyper-sophisticated, long sleeve or French. In summon, there are many options among which you should look for pieces that reflect your personality. However, one thing’s for sure: if you are not very tall and you want to wear boots with the homecoming dress, it is not advisable because they take away your height. That’s why we recommend you use other types of footwear.

Even so, some of the schools for which you will wear these garments (in case you go as a guest) require specific protocol rules, so it is best to avoid very pronounced necklines in front and back, alongside over-the-top dresses. For additional guidelines on appropriate attire, take a look at What is a Homecoming Court? You can choose a beautiful Jovani dress with a tulle body embroidered with flowers and a bath neckline. The model “Emerald Plunging Neck Spaghetti Straps Short Dress 61628” comes with a cute fantasy skirt and high-waist.

What complement do we recommend for any situation?

Wearing some stockings is always useful. If you happen to find yourself in an awkward position, you will have an extra layer of protection. Remember you shouldn’t feel embarrassed just to follow a trend that makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you are a girl of grunge and rebel style, you can complement your outfit with a pair of boots. This is an exciting idea if what you want is to refresh your image. Sometimes you have to wear something daring. Still, this would be more for a post-homecoming party.

Additionally, if you want to be a bit more eye-catching with some other complements, try to make the accessories or the ornaments concentrate on the top of the dress. This way you’ll make them look formal but not overloaded. Remember that short dresses are not designed for you to suffer with them. If it takes a considerable effort to walk without feeling exposed, then you are not wearing the proper length/size. For the final touch to your homecoming look, see our tips on Completing Your Homecoming Look.

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