Your Ultimate Guide To Homecoming Dresses

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Do you want to stand out at this year’s homecoming? It can be hard to know which homecoming dresses best suit your body type and the occasion. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated A-line or no-holds-barred fun sequins and tulle statement homecoming dresses, you’ve come to the right place. Learn everything you need to find the best homecoming dresses with our ultimate guide to the big event. For additional insights, see Choosing the Right Homecoming Dress.

Homecoming Dresses: Find Your Perfect Style

When choosing homecoming dresses, you want to feel comfortable and confident. Pick a style that suits your personality, whether you’re a boho girl, classic beauty or born to stand out with statement pieces. Your hoco dress should be a reflection of you and your style, so you can feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the night. Discover styles for every body type in Plus-Size Homecoming Dresses.

To explore the exquisite range of homecoming dresses, check out our Homecoming Dresses Collection. Discover the perfect dress to make your special day unforgettable!

The Classic A-Line

Do you enjoy the sleek sophistication of a long A-Line? The A-Line forms a classic ‘A’ shape, fitted at the shoulders and flaring out gently from the waist. If you have a small waist and wide hips, the A-line’s flattering triangle format is for you. The A-Line is streamlined and classic, ideal if you’re not someone that loves lots of little flashy detail in homecoming dresses. If you’d like some adornments on your dress, go for an A-Line with some beading or detail at the hem. For A-Line inspirations, check Homecoming Dress Trends.

A Mermaid Gown

If you want to show off your curves, a mermaid gown is for you. Mermaid gowns are fitted from chest to thighs and flare into a mermaid-style tail at the bottom. If you like classic dresses but also love a statement piece, mermaid homecoming dresses might be for you. You can also go for dresses with a larger flare or a more subtle one and opt for different hemlines and beading details depending on your style.

Cocktail Homecoming Dress

If you prefer shorter stylish dresses, the cocktail dress is the perfect one to wear to homecoming. Cocktail dresses are usually above the knee and come in various styles, from classic shift dresses to skater chic. Cocktail homecoming dresses are ideal if you have a less formal event in the day, as cocktail dresses help transition from day to night.

Bohemian Maxi Dresses

If you are a bohemian spirit, consider a maxi dress to showcase your personality. Maxi homecoming dresses are often fitted at the bust and flow freely to the ground. If you want a slightly shorter dress, consider a midi homecoming dress, a similar style that flows to the knees. Perfect for hot spring or summer nights, a maxi dress is great if you want to unleash your inner hippie for your homecoming dress.

The Ballgown

Ballgown dresses are ideal for those that like to stand out at a more formal homecoming. If you do wear a ballgown, however, it’s worth noting that homecoming is less formal than prom, so more simple designs are important. Ballgown homecoming dresses can fit into a number of styles, from short-cropped ballgowns with puffy sleeves to full-on fun ruffles and tulle. 

They traditionally have a fitted bodice and a full skirt, with sequins and beading on the hemlines and the bodice. If you love the idea of wearing a princess dress and feeling special, a classic ballgown might be the ideal dress for your homecoming. Just remember to keep it simple.

What Color Should You Choose For Homecoming Dresses?

Homecoming dresses come in various colors to suit the occasion and your skin tone. Although we’re sharing our thoughts on complementary colors, we recommend choosing colors you enjoy to make you feel confident on the day.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are suitable for all skin tones and both formal and casual occasions. If you have cooler skin, avoid pale yellow or pastel orange tones, as these could wash you out.

Metallic Or Jewel Tones

Metallic or jewel tones are perfect for formal occasions and less so for casual ones. If you have warmer skin tones, copper, bronze, and gold can be flattering for homecoming dresses, as can incorporating these in matching accessories like your jewelry.

Deeper Colors

Deep purple or ruby can complement warmer skin but can wash out those with pale skin tones. If you have paler skin, try dark emerald or sapphire blue to complement your natural hue.

How Do I Choose The Right Accessories For Homecoming Dresses?

Your homecoming dress accessories depend on the level of detail on your dress. If you have heavy beading or tulle on your dress, try opting for more toned-down accessories to avoid looking fussy or making your outfit look too complicated.


If you have multiple holes in your ears, coordinate the design to create a unified look. To draw attention to your face and hair, consider hoops or dangling earrings, like droplets, to make a statement. If you want a cleaner look as the attention is on your heavily-beaded dress, consider studs or cuffs for a more pared-down yet stylish look.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a great way to draw attention to your hair and glitz up an A-Line or classic cocktail dress. Consider feathers, headbands, clips, or a tiara for a hyper-formal event. Harmonize the color scheme – e.g. pair silver headpieces with silver jewelry and green or blue homecoming dresses, or pair gold with deeper red hues for a complementary look.


Homecoming is a special occasion, so buy a stunning purse to complete your outfit. If your dress is already making a statement, wear a classic clutch. If you are making a statement with your accessories, look for detail like florals or beading to make your clutch stand out. If you are looking for a statement piece, consider an oversize clutch.


As obvious as it sounds, you want to be comfortable on homecoming night. If you’re at home in heels, great, but there’s no shame in wearing flats or kitten heels. If you’re dancing all night in killer heels it can make you miserable and ruin your night. You can also get plenty of sandals or flats in bold colors or designs if you wear a simpler cocktail dress and want your accessories to stand out.

Where Should I Buy Homecoming Dresses?

You can buy homecoming dresses from various sources to sort your style and budget. Remember to factor in the accessories, hair, and makeup, so you’re not left scrabbling to coordinate the day before. For a comprehensive overview of where to shop, explore Homecoming Dress Code and Shopping.

Online Retailer

There are many online retailers where you can order various homecoming dresses and accessories. However, when buying online, give yourself enough time before homecoming to try on the dress and get it tailored or sent back if it’s not quite right.


There are many retail outlets where you can buy a huge range of homecoming dresses in person. This can be easier than an online retailer as you can try them on in store. Give yourself time before homecoming to avoid the stress of competing with many other people to find the dress you want.


Many boutique or specialized dressmakers have their own boutique homecoming dress stores. If you’re happy to spend on the higher end, you can enjoy a more tailor-made shopping experience with the additional option of tailoring your dress ahead of the event.

Homecoming Dress: 5 Golden Rules

Now you’ve got an idea of your style, accessories, and color scheme. Here are five golden homecoming dress rules to make your night a success.

1. Dress For Your Body Type

Dressing for your body type is the best way to ensure you feel comfortable at homecoming. If you have a particular style preference or something that makes you feel confident, wear it to enjoy yourself on the day.

2. Give Yourself Time

Make sure you give yourself enough time to buy homecoming dresses. You don’t want to feel rushed on the day. The longer you give yourself to purchase and prepare, the more time you’ll have to coordinate your hair and accessories.

3. Buy Undergarments

If you have a strapless dress, you must invest in a strapless bra or suitable undergarments. Invest in the right undergarments before the day to feel comfortable in your homecoming dress.

4. Don’t Go Over The Top

Homecoming is not prom. If you want a ballgown and killer heels go for it, but try and keep the designs simple and fun. You’re more likely to spend the night dancing, so wear something that makes you feel comfortable and not over-dressed.

5. Have Fun

This guide is focused on homecoming dresses, but the entire point of the dress is to make sure you feel your best on the night. Have fun, go with your friends and make some memories. Enjoy your homecoming, and have a great night.

Have The Best Homecoming

The key to the best homecoming dresses is to find a style that works for you and colors and accessories that complement your outfit. You should feel your best, but remember it’s not usually as formal as prom. Dress according to the occasion and shop according to your budget, but ensure you give yourself plenty of time ahead of the day to enjoy yourself. Buy the undergarments to support your dress, plan your hair and shoes ahead of time, but most importantly, have fun and enjoy the day.

Now that you’re equipped with the essentials for choosing the perfect homecoming dress, why not explore another exciting option? Discover the Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Jumpsuit For Your Homecoming, a trendy and chic alternative that could elevate your homecoming style to the next level.

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