Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Jumpsuit For Your Homecoming

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Among the most versatile pieces you can get for homecoming, we mention jumpsuits or the overall. The reason is simple, in a single setting you have a perfect outfit, it’s easy to pack (in case you have a previous event with your friends) and optimal to carry, plus only by removing or adding accessories you’ll be ready to walk from afternoon to an after-party look.

For those who prefer the classic elegance of short homecoming dresses, our comprehensive guide provides all the tips you need to look sophisticated from head to toe.

Of course, it is a common thing to believe that when it comes to jumpsuits, choosing the right one is difficult; after all, if you are very short, you could visually reduce inches in height. As for another widespread fear is the one of using a jumpsuit while having wide hips; because specific cuts could make you look more voluminous.

However, luckily within our Jovani Homecoming collection, we have reserved a creative space for jumpsuits of all styles, materials, and prints. To complement your jumpsuit selection with the latest fashion insights, explore a research-backed analysis of this season’s homecoming dress trends.

This season, as always, the jumpsuits are incredibly chic. To assist you, we have created the following tips which can also help find your ideal Sweet Sixteen outfit. For a broader perspective on homecoming attire, including dresses that can double as Sweet Sixteen outfits, delve into our ultimate guide to homecoming dresses.

Traditional styling with a twist

As if it were homecoming dresses, the jumpsuit you choose to wear for your homecoming party is usually more formal – in terms of its fabric and “cut” – than those that would be taken to an activity by the morning or daily, outside the school’s dress code. Our designers knew that and left out fabrics that don’t exude glamor, alongside casual styles in the following reasons (or suggestions) to wear jumpsuits.

Jumpsuit with thin straps

If you’re curious about incorporating the latest color trends into your homecoming wardrobe, discover what’s new this season in white homecoming dresses.

This jumpsuit design has a very fresh look and is perfect for a warm occasion. Within this section, we want to highlight the wrap designs, which are now the absolute trend among our clients. While you’ve seen it in dresses and also in mini, midi and maxi skirts, as part of a jumpsuit brings a unique celebrity-type of beauty; such is the case of the Black Sleeveless High Neck Ready to Wear Jumpsuit by Jovani M51730.


Short jumpsuit

This jumpsuit design looks cute, and patterns complement it very well. If you are looking for a beautiful design without showing too much, maybe you can choose a long sleeve model. For example, the Grey Sheer Two Piece Lace Jumpsuit by Jovani M48623 has a halter neckline decorated on pleated frill trim that is concealed with lace.

Deciding between a classic white or a vibrant colored jumpsuit? Weigh your options and the impact of each choice in our comparative guide.


Jumpsuit with transparencies

This kind of jumpsuit can be complemented with gold accessories, and it can be perfect to go out at night. Our suggestion for you within the Jovani 2019 homecoming dress collection is the Black Fitted Backless Ready to Wear Jumpsuit M49917, which has a chiffon floral lace upper framed with stitch embellishments and ruffled sleeves, before ending cast in a thin elastic waistband.

Jumpsuit with belt

Belts are able to make jumpsuits accentuate the waist providing a more stylized shape to the body. The Light Blue Lace Halter Neck Prom Jumpsuit 60124 model has panels of tulle at the neckline, but what gives it a different touch is the metal detail with V-slit that also replicates in the neck.


How to pick accessories for a jumpsuit?

In the accessories section, you have the option to play a little with the colors and patterns of the garments and shoes, to obtain a more classic or avant-garde result. For example, if  you wore a jumpsuit in a striking color like purple, there are also several further possibilities:

  1. Add gold or nude sandals for a very sophisticated result.
  2. Go for the most classic and safest option of black shoes.
  3. Go by a much more modern alternative to wear it with sandals in the same hue of the jumpsuit and thus achieve a very modern monochromatic look. Everything depends on what they want to transmit

As for the handbag, the most appropriate are small metal, leather or rigid fabrics. And once again, the color and style are up to your personal opinion; which is excellent when it comes to wanting to put together looks that have a very personal touch. So whether you like the looks with a rock vibe, more classic or romantic -or any others, the bag can help you take it to the next level.

Also, if you go wearing black, a good style practice to stand out from all the others that go the same way – since it is always the preferred one – is to add a touch of color in the bag and the shoes. Here, printed or decorated bags are ideal.

After mastering the art of the jumpsuit for your homecoming, why not explore other fashion-forward options? Discover ‘Homecoming Dress Trends: A Research-Backed Analysis‘ to stay on top of this year’s homecoming fashion essentials.

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