How To Wear A Pink Dress For Prom

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Pink is a pretty favorite color for prom dresses this season. And it is beautiful, feminine, fun, flashy and elegant. But if you do not use it correctly, you will not look like the prom queen you want to be; this is why Jovani offers you the best tips like wearing a pink prom dress. If you want your prom dress to have jewelry included, you will have to be quite careful and not abuse. The color itself is already striking, so too much jewelry will affect the way you look.

Choose smooth and straightforward fabrics so that you can give the touch with accessories. It is easier to look elegant in this color when you bet on the simple. You can even use two shades of pink if you apply this rule. Pink is a color very utilized in dresses for quinceañeras; if you are not careful, it will seem that you celebrate your sweet 15´s instead of your prom night. So if you opt for a short dress in this color, avoid being too big, because it will also make you see something childish.

If you are going to wear a long pink dress is the same, try to be smooth at the bottom. You do not want to look like a quinceañera or go uncomfortably when the prom party begins. Fitted prom dresses in pink have the benefit of looking both cute and sexy.

If you dream of wearing a mermaid dress for your graduation, it’s perfect. As long as it does not have frills like the Blush Short Sleeve Embellished Mermaid Dress 47928. No rose is forbidden in Prom. Everything depends on which one favors your skin the most. But if you want to look elegant, this pink prom dress will be your best choice Pink Short Fit and Flare Party Dress 41184.

For what you want most do not wear black or silver shoes, no matter what shade of pink your dress is. Wear shoes with a tone equal or very similar to your dress, or choose the nude. It’s not that black does not go well with pink, it’s just that at the bottom it looks pretty strange. But if you use it in this way, it will look more than perfect.

Makeup tips with a pink dress

Deciding which makeup to wear with a pink dress can be difficult – the colors you choose should complement the clothes, but neither should it be too combined. Wearing a pink dress represents a sweet female image. The makeup should improve the options of these characteristics to complete the look while harmonizing the color of the eyes.


Use neutral colors such as brown and ivory to complement the look of the eyes. The golden rule when it comes to combining makeup with the dress is to use a complementary color, never use the same tone. This includes anything from the rose family, such as purple, plum or burgundy shades. Instead, choose any neutral tone that is perfect in any eye color. Blue, gray and green eyes should be enhanced with gray, champagne, gold eyeshadow or light brown eyeshadow. Women with brown or black eyes can also use gold, champagne, ivory or brown cinnamon.

Eyeliner and mascara

Use the same tone of mascara and eyeliner. Once you have chosen the eyeshadow color, decide on a combination eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner should be used with a gray stripe and eyeshadow in blue or green colors. The brown eyeliner complements champagne, gold, ivory or brown in any eye color. The black eyeliner is the safest bet since it goes with each eye color as well as the eyeshadow. Follow with a mascara that matches the eyeliner.


Wearing a pink dress is a great way to show your cheeks in pink. Choose a light pink. Even if the dress is hot pink, everything you need on the cheeks is a touch of color. If you do not want to use pink blush, a light tan will do the trick. As an alternative, you can use a bright champagne-colored marker for a look full of dew and romantic.


If you keep the makeup of eyes and cheeks subtle, use a bold lip color and find a pink shadow that matches the dress. If you prefer to keep your eyes or cheeks as the main focus of attention, you should use a lip tone in a neutral color like a light pink. You can also use lip gloss.

While we’ve explored the charm and styling tips for a pink prom dress, you might be curious about other color options too. If you’re drawn to the bold and captivating allure of a red gown, we have just the guide for you. Check out our detailed article about, ‘Elegant Styling for a Red Prom Dress,’ where we dive into the best ways to make a statement with a red dress and the perfect accessories to match. It’s a must-read for anyone considering this vibrant color for their prom night!

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