Feather Dress

Browse Jovani's Feather Dress Collection for 2024! Find the perfect dress for any occasion, whether it's a romantic wedding, a dazzling prom, or a fun cocktail party. Imagine yourself in a flowy white feather wedding dress or a sparkly prom gown adorned with feathers. Feeling bold? Try a sleek black miniskirt with delicate feather accents. Our dresses come in a variety of colors, from pure white for brides to vibrant reds and pinks for homecoming. You can find dresses for bridesmaids, parties, and everything in between. Jovani's Feather Dresses are both comfortable and stylish, so you can dance the night away feeling confident and beautiful.

  • Jovani 23884 Navy Off the Shoulder embellished Evening Gown

  • Jovani 23059 Red and Black Embellished Fitted Short Dress

  • Black Sequin Fitted Dress 22544

  • Jovani 09818 Multi Embellished Long Sleeve Short Contemporary Dress

  • Jovani 09817 Multi Spaghetti Strap Feather Trim Cocktail Dress

  • Jovani 23058 Orange Plunging Neck Sequin Short Dress

  • Jovani 08306 Nude Off White Feather Sleeves Cocktail Dress

  • Jovani 08253 Lilac Short Sleeve High Neck Cocktail Dress

  • Jovani 07916 Black Long Sleeve Plunging Neck Cocktail Dress

  • Jovani 24056 Grey Multi Beaded Off the Shoulder Dress

  • Jovani 24104 Print Strapless Feather Hem Dress

  • Blush Ruched Long Sleeve Gown 04501

  • Black Off the Shoulder Sequin Dress

  • Jovani 09878 Beaded V Neckline Short Dress

  • Jovani 220600 Off White Embellished V Neck Dress

  • Jovani 36713 Orange Sequin One Shoulder Homecoming Dress

  • Jovani 26048 Blush Beaded Long Sleeve Homecoming Dress

  • Jovani 25861 Nude Silver Sheer Embellished Dress

  • Jovani 25662 Blush Satin Backless Cocktail Dress

  • Jovani 22232 White Long Sleeve Fit and Flare Short Dress

  • Jovani 65889 White Strapless Feather Neckline Cocktail Dress

  • Jovani 09154 Emerald Short Feather Sleeve Dress

  • Jovani 07432 Navy Feather Sleeves Sheath Evening Dress

  • Jovani 25690 Off White Embellished One Shoulder Dress

  • Jovani 08525 Off White Feather Skirt Long Formalwear

The Elegance of Feather Wedding Dresses

Unveiling the Beauty

Feather wedding dresses are the ultimate expression of bridal splendor. Their luxurious texture evokes a sense of romance and fantasy. The softness of white feathers against a gown's classic silhouette creates an allure that is modern and timeless.

The White Feather Accent

For those who desire a touch of uniqueness, white feather accents on gowns provide a delicate contrast that is both chic and traditional. Whether a full-feathered skirt or a bodice adorned with feather details, this element adds sophistication to any wedding dress.

Prom & Homecoming: A Feathered Fantasy

The Glamour of Sequins and Feathers

Regarding prom and homecoming dresses, sequins and feathers are a match made in heaven. These dresses are crafted to dazzle, combining the shimmer of sequins with the softness of feathers, ensuring a stunning entrance at any event.

Homecoming Highlights

Homecoming is an event that calls for a perfect blend of comfort and style. Feathered skirts in hues of red and pink offer a playful yet elegant option that stands out in a crowd, perfect for dancing the night away.

Black Feather Cocktail Dresses: Defining Elegance

The Classic Cocktail

Cocktail dresses take on a new dimension with the addition of feathers. A black feathered cocktail dress epitomizes sophistication, offering a timeless appeal with a touch of contemporary edginess.

Party Perfect

Every party dress is designed to make a statement. With feathered sleeves or a feather-trimmed miniskirt, these dresses will turn heads and elevate any evening event.

The Versatility of Feathered Formal Wear

Skirting Elegance

Feathers aren't just for the flamboyant; they add a subtle charm to formal skirts and gowns. A feathered skirt, whether in full length for a gala or a miniskirt for a semi-formal event, provides a unique texture that is both tactile and visually stunning.

The Sleeve Statement

Sleeves in formal wear often go unnoticed, but not when embellished with feathers. From cap sleeves to long, flowing designs, feathered sleeves add a dramatic flair to any formal attire.

From Day to Night: Feather Dresses for Every Occasion

Bridesmaid and Beyond

Bridesmaid dresses with feather details are an excellent way to add cohesion to a wedding theme while allowing individuality to shine through. These dresses can be bold or subtle, with white feather accents complementing the bridal gown.

The Allure of Pink and Red Feathers

Feather dresses in pink and red offer a fresh perspective on party wear. Whether it's a hot pink sleeve detail or a deep red skirt, these colors breathe life into the feathers, making each dress a work of art.

Conclusion: The Feather Dress, A Timeless Choice

Feather dresses are more than just a trend; they are a statement of personal style and elegance. With their versatility and inherent beauty, they seamlessly fit into any wardrobe, ready to make any occasion unforgettable. Embrace the feather dress, and let your fashion take flight.