Mermaid Dresses

Look at Jovani's 2024 Mermaid Dresses and find yourself surrounded by simple elegance and charm. If you're a bride searching for your dream wedding dress, getting ready for an unforgettable prom night, or picking out the perfect bridesmaid dress, our selection has something for every special day. Our mermaid-style dresses, known for their trumpet flares, are carefully made to show off your shape. We've got every detail covered, from pretty lace to shiny sequins. You can choose from many colors like classic black, sweet pink, bold red, and calm blue, ensuring every bride, bridesmaid, and prom-goer finds their perfect match. Our wedding dresses and evening gowns come in various necklines and sleeves, so you can find a style that's all you. Imagine yourself in a beautiful white lace mermaid gown, looking elegant from every angle, or being the star of the show in a formal wear piece just right for you. Jovani makes every moment unique with dresses that are more than just clothes – they're about celebrating your unique style and beauty.

  • Jovani 22921 Orange Strapless Mermaid Dress

  • Jovani 23898 Navy Strapless Mermaid Dress

  • Jovani 23361 Mint Embellished Plunging Neck Gown

  • Jovani 23624 Gold Strapless Mermaid Dress

  • Jovani 23398 Burgundy Off the Shoulder Mermaid Evening Dress

  • Jovani 23190 Plum Fitted Three Quarter Sleeve Evening Gown

  • Jovani 23742 Yellow One Shoulder Mermaid Gown

  • Jovani 23010 Light Blue Low Back Embellished Dress

  • Jovani 05176 Burgundy One Shoulder Mermaid Evening Gown

  • Jovani 08093 Blue Multi Ruffle Skirt Wrap Evening Gown

  • Jovani 08361 Taupe Off the Shoulder Straight Neck Gown

  • Jovani 09031 Orchid Off the Shoulder Sweetheart Neck Dress

  • Jovani 06707 Bronze Green Cap Sleeve Ruched Evening Dress

  • Jovani 05839 perri Plunging Neck Mermaid Prom Dress

  • Jovani 59762 Low V Neck Sequin Sheath Dress

  • Jovani 06614 Tomato Fitted long Sleeve Dress

  • Jovani 08699 Cranberry Off the Shoulder Dress

  • Jovani 09644 Royal V Neck Sheath Evening Dress

  • Jovani 24044 Green Off the Shoulder Sweetheart Neck Evening Gown

  • Jovani 22912 Grey Off the Shoulder Short Sleeve Gown

  • Jovani 09064 Navy Off the Shoulder Fitted Dress

  • Jovani 23010 Royal Embellished Fitted Party Dress

  • Jovani 09768 Fitted V Neck Evening Dress

  • Jovani 09766 Navy Lace Off the Shoulder Evening Dress

  • Jovani 09757 Navy Short Sleeve Sheath Evening Gown

Jovani's 2024 Mermaid Dress Collection: Simple and Stylish

Mermaid Dresses: Simple Yet Stunning

Jovani's 2024 line brings simple, beautiful Mermaid Dresses. These dresses, with their trumpet flare, are perfect for weddings, prom, and fancy events, combining elegance with a touch of charm.

Wedding Dresses: Dreamy and Perfect for Brides

Every bride wants her wedding dress to be just right. Jovani's wedding dresses are made to make this dream come true, with styles ranging from classic white to modern looks, each telling a unique love story.

Prom & Homecoming: Fun and Memorable

Prom and homecoming dresses are all about making great memories. Jovani's collection includes lively red, blue, and pink dresses, so every girl feels special. The mermaid style adds a bit of glam to these important nights.

Lace and Sequin: Lovely Details

The special touch in Jovani’s dresses is in the little details. Lace and sequins make the gowns not just dresses, but something really special.

Sleeves and Necklines: Your Style, Your Way

With different sleeves and necklines to choose from, Jovani’s dresses let you show off your style. Whether you like no straps or long sleeves, each dress is made to show off your best features.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Matching the Bride

Bridesmaid dresses are just as key as the bride’s dress. Jovani offers lots of colors and styles so that bridesmaids match the bride and the wedding’s theme perfectly.

Evening Gowns: Stylish for Any Event

Jovani’s evening gowns are all about style. Ideal for formal parties, these gowns come in black, white, and more, making sure you look your best.

Formal Wear: Unique and Eye-Catching

Jovani takes formal wear to a new level. Each gown and dress is a standout piece, meant to make you shine at any event.

Colors: Show Off Your Personality

Jovani’s 2024 colors offer something for everyone. From gentle white and pink to bold black and red, each color celebrates who you are.

Your Perfect Dress: Find It with Jovani

Finding the perfect dress is all about expressing yourself. Jovani’s Mermaid Dresses, with their different sleeves, necklines, and details, invite you to find a dress that’s not just the right size, but the right fit for your personality.

Your Special Moment with Jovani

Jovani’s 2024 Mermaid Dress collection is more than just formal wear. It's about celebrating your big moments. Whether you're a bride, going to prom, or a bridesmaid, Jovani dresses make sure you feel confident, stylish, and uniquely you.