Jovani It Girl Hall Of Fame

Summer 2018 Winner

Summer 2018 Winner, Kara West

Summer 2018 Ambassador

Summer 2018 Ambassador, Kaliegh Garris

Spring 2018 Winner

Spring 2018 Winner, Katarina Richterova

Spring 2018 Ambassador

Spring 2018 Ambassador, Brianna Wilhere

Spring 2018 Ambassador Olivia Santelli

Spring 2018 Ambassador, Olivia Santelli

Spring 2018 Ambassador Shayla Jackson

Spring 2018 Ambassador, Shayla Jackson

Summer 2017 Winner,Sara Brooks Adams

Summer 2017 Winner, Sara Brooks Adams

Summer 2017 Ambassador,Mia Jones

Summer 2017 Ambassador, Mia Jones

Summer 2017 Ambassador,Delanie Dischert

Summer 2017 Ambassador, Delanie Dischert

Summer 2017 Ambassador,Morgan Deplitch

Summer 2017 Ambassador, Morgan Deplitch

Spring 2017 Ambassador,Catherine Kirkland

Spring 2017 Winner, Catherine Kirkland

Spring 2017 Ambassador,Maddy MacLachlan

Spring 2017 Ambassador, Maddy MacLachlan

Spring 2017 Ambassador,Courtney Little

Spring 2017 Ambassador, Courtney Little

Summer 2016 Winner,Alexandra Lakhman

Summer 2016 Winner, Alexandra Lakhman

Summer 2016 Ambassador,Ryleigh Magee

Summer 2016 Ambassador, Ryleigh Magee

Summer 2016 Ambassador,Kassandra Montandon

Summer 2016 Ambassador, Kassandra Montandon

Summer 2016 Ambassador,Laura Little

Summer 2016 Ambassador, Laura Little

Spring 2016 Winner,Nicolette Jennings

Spring 2016 Winner, Nicolette Jennings

Spring 2016 Winner,Kaylyn Slevin

Spring 2016 Winner, Kaylyn Slevin

Spring 2016 Ambassador,Britain Bennett

Spring 2016 Ambassador, Britain Bennett

Spring 2016 Ambassador,Olivia Mogan

Spring 2016 Ambassador, Olivia Mogan

Summer 2015 Winner,Taylor Clark

Summer 2015 Winner, Taylor Clark

Summer 2015 Ambassador,Megan Gordon

Summer 2015 Ambassador, Megan Gordon

Summer 2015 Ambassador,Thalia Lara

Summer 2015 Ambassador, Thalia Lara

Summer 2015 Ambassador,Erika Etzelmiller

Summer 2015 Ambassador, Erika Etzelmiller


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