The Best Stain Removal Methods for Jovani Designer Dresses

Stains always happen when you’re the least prepared and can even ruin a special occasion. Our stain removal guide infographic can be saved to your phone. It runs through all the most effective ways to deal with problematic stains, and how to (hopefully!) get rid of them completely with the right stain removal and launder technique. From oil to red wine, these tricks and tips cover all the possible stains you might encounter. It details how to deal with them, so you can rescue your dress and enjoy wearing it again. Below are some few helpful tips to get you started on your way to stain-free clothing.

Assess the stain type. If it’s very fluid and still wet, first use a white cloth or napkin to blot up and absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Next, use salt or any absorbing powder (you can even use baby powder) on the stain, gently sprinkling it on top. Leave for a few minutes and gently brush or rub it off. Be careful not to spread the stain further. Use a stain remover pen if available and allow to air dry.

Using a blunt knife, scrap off any solid parts of the stain, working towards the center. Use a clean cloth to soak up any remaining liquid from the stain. Soak your stained garment for 30 minutes in cold water. Use a pre-wash spray on the affected area, following any bottle directions. Check fabric wash temperature and launder on the highest the fabric will allow with a liquid laundry detergent.

Infographic on how to remove stains from Jovani Dresses

Our helpful stain infographic will help you figure out when to use warm water, cold water or hot water. You can also look at the right chemicals to use on your stain. This could be hydrogen peroxide, dry-cleaning solvent or all-fabric bleach. If you don’t like strong chemicals, you can also use lemon juice or bake soda, rinse and launder your garment. Make your clothing shine after you remove the stain by taking it to the dry cleaner.

We’ve all had a difficult grease stain, red wine or stubborn coffee stain that just won’t move. Our stain removal guide will help you figure out the best removal method.