What Color Of Eyeshadow Matches Your Outfit?

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The eyeshadow is a fundamental piece for any girl. To combine it properly with an outfit or prom dresses can make the real difference between a moment of glamor and elegance, a total disaster. Do not worry, in Jovani we don’t want this to happen to you, so today we have brought you the key to achieve a perfect eye makeup that suits your outfit.

If you following the following tips for your eye makeup, we are sure that you will be able to catch all the eyes in the room and you will become the center of attention of the event.

Listen to the professionals

One of the biggest mistakes a woman can make is to exaggerate with makeup. That ages the person a lot; it is no coincidence that most adolescents end up looking twice their age.

The way to get a successful combination is that the tone prom dresses or outfit, and the makeup get grouped. This can be done if you divide warm tones that are equivalent to solar colors, such as yellow, orange or brown; and the cold, where are found the blues, roses, and leads.

If what you are going for is the same tone that the colors of the eyeshadow and the clothes be the same, it is better for your lips not to be a distraction. Because in addition to interfering the combination that was already thought-out, another color on the lips could leave the makeup looking very heavy.

Let’s talk about the dresses

For a black dress: If you and your friends decided to wear black prom dresses, or if you only decide to go for the classic long elegant black dress for another type of event, use an eyeshadow that highlights your features. You can choose a strong makeup to create a unique and sophisticated look. 

  • For a golden dress: When you are going to wear a gold dress the most appropriate eyeshadow is one that has earthy colors, make a smokey eye type of makeup and use a brown or nude brown lipstick.
  • For a red dress: If you are going to wear a red dress try to use soft and very natural eye makeup, don’t exaggerate using red lips or loud colors, because you will look too overloaded.
  • For a silver dress: Don’t use very pale colors and don’t wear totally bold makeup, in opposed to that, try to make your eyes have an energetic style. But if you prefer to use a tone in your mouth that stands out, keep in mind that you must choose to highlight one of the two, and we recommend it to be the eyes.
  • For a navy dress: When you are going to wear a dark blue suit, our recommendation is to use an eyeshadow that contrasts with this color. You can use black to make your eyes look bigger or use natural colors to be more balanced.
  • Fuchsia pink dress: You should forget the makeup in its pink hue. Instead, opt for blue or green eyes enhanced with gray, gold, shades in gold or light brown.
  • For warm weather or day dresses: When you are going to wear a colorful outfit or prom dresses alongside your friends, try to wear a minimalist makeup so that your fashion decision can become the real protagonist, and your look in general looks subtle and sophisticated.

For tips on matching accessories with your outfit, especially for prom dresses, see our guide.

Extra tip: If you already have the correct eye makeup for your prom dresses or outfits for another event, you can do what you want on your lips. From wearing them with a bare tone or only with chapstick, to dress them in red, pink or even orange if you like. Of course, if you get a formula that also nourishes your skin, even better.

Now, it’s time for you to feel ready to enjoy and be the prettiest of the party. At Jovani we hope that our tips have been of great help, and we recommend you take a look at the rest of the available entries to learn everything you need to know about fashion and find the perfect prom dresses and other gowns to enliven your wardrobe.

How to match your eyeshadow to your outfit

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