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Wedding Dresses With Long Sleeves to Suit Every Bride’s Style

Posted: 7th August 2019

Long sleeve wedding dresses are a great choice for many reasons. Some brides may feel more comfortable with their arms covered, or simply like the extra stylish detail a sleeve can provide. Wedding dresses with long sleeves are also a must-have option for weddings taking place in colder months such as Fall or Winter.

No matter what reason you want to find a dress with long sleeves for your big day, rest assured that there is the perfect one for you. From sheer sleeves to beaded and flared or batwing options, sleeves simply add extra personality and design to your final bridal look.

To help you choose, we’ve selected 5 diverse long sleeve wedding dresses with something to match every bride’s style and her personal taste. Get browsing and importantly, go try on your favorite to see how it fits!

Off White Embellished Bodice Long Sleeve Wedding Dress 60325

Elegant yet fashion-forward, this off-white gown mixes a classic bridal look with a few daring twists. The entire bodice and sleeves are sheer, with nude bra cups to make it easy to wear. The bodice also features beautiful beaded and embroidered detailing that sparkles and adds depth to the dress.



The Most Unique Celebrity Alternative Wedding Dresses

Posted: 27th March 2018

When it comes to weddings, we all have an immediate image in our head of that classic, traditional white dress with a long train and veil. However, not everyone dreams about celebrating their big day in conventional fashion. More and more frequently, women are choosing to set their day apart by option for unconventional fashion choices.

This could mean selecting a tailored jumpsuit in place of a dress, a two-piece or a unique color instead of white or ivory. Blush dresses are particularly a rising trend, as this soft color has a delicate feel that is still very feminine and soft for a wedding day.

Celebrities are leading the way with new bridal trends that are actually so chic and unique. This includes everything from minimal, understated bridal choices to fantastical bold colors and wedding themes. To inspire all the brides-to-be out there, we’re looking at some of the best celebrity alternative wedding dresses to date. Get inspired to do something different and make your special day a sartorial moment to remember.


Solange Knowles – Bridal Jumpsuit


Solange Knowles is nothing short of iconic when it comes to style.



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Meghan Markle’s Best Outfits & Wedding Dress Prediction

Posted: 13th March 2018

Meghan Markle has become world famous following her engagement to British royal, Prince Harry. The Californian born actress was previously best known for her role in the hit Netflix show ‘Suits’. She played Rachel Zane on-screen, slipping into the role of a powerful and strong female character with ease.

Her engagement to Prince Harry immediately catapulted Meghan into a bigger spotlight when the exciting news was announced in November 2017. The couple is now set to marry in May this year.

The actress has always had very graceful and classic style, which has been amplified by her new role as a soon-to-be member of the royal family.

She often opts for clean lines and very smart attire when making public appearances. Her refined sense of style has been grabbing plenty of attention and she is quickly becoming a budding style icon.

For some of her most recent events, Meghan has created flawless and timeless outfits. She often selects muted shades such as white, black, grey and brown. She wore a simple cream coat paired with a matching beret and black dress for to a recent church service with her fiance.

This stunning look is all about clean lines and a beautifully tailored fit.



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The Best Minimalist Wedding Dresses for 2019

Posted: 26th June 2017

Get swept away into a bridal dream! These minimalist bridal gowns are all about pure simplicity and elegance. They display the best in modern fashion design for brides.

When choosing a wedding dress, you should reflect both your own style and the theme of your wedding. Many brides like to be covered in lace and embellishments. However, this traditional look is certainly not for everyone.

Many modern brides are now steering towards clean lines and sharp silhouettes. That means minimal detailing and crisp white fabrics. Today, we’re looking at our favorite minimalist wedding gowns that exhibit this fresh take on design.

Brides have more choices than ever before. If you want to buck tradition but still wear a gorgeous white dress, these gowns are a great option. You’ll also find a mixture of styles, meaning you can flattering your own shape, too.

The key to picking any dress is to suit your body type and personal taste. These fashion-forward wedding dresses are for the sartorially savvy among us! They will also evolve to become modern classics in the years to come.

Ready to imagine walking down the aisle?



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5 Ways to Add Boho Inspired Styling to Your Bridal Look

Posted: 17th May 2017

Alternative weddings are becoming increasingly popular. No longer do you have to keep the traditional format. That may mean opting for a unique location or destination. It could also be that you create a personalized experience that reflects your own taste and needs.

There are so many unique ways to tie the knot. You could choose to throw a low key backyard wedding, or take your big day to the beach. You might opt for a countryside location or throw a festival inspired event. You have the freedom to choose and make this a very personalized event.

We’re looking at how to add a boho twist to your wedding day. This best suits a more relaxed wedding, possibly one held outdoors and with a rustic feel. This effortless style is so flattering and a pretty option for any bride looking to try something more original.

These 5 styling tips will help you effortlessly get that boho look that is so sought-after.


#1 – A Beautiful Boho Wedding Dress

Yes, this one is obvious. If you want to transform into a boho beauty for your wedding day,



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