Top 6 Natural Wedding Makeup Looks for Brides

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Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect makeup to complement your natural beauty on your wedding day! We’ve rounded up our top six favorite natural makeup looks for brides. From a bronzed glow to a rosy lip, these looks make you feel like the best version of yourself. So go ahead and let your inner glow shine through! The most requested beauty look by brides is simple natural makeup. However, a natural look doesn’t mean wearing any makeup at all.

There are ways to add flattering color to your bridal makeup while appearing almost makeup-free. The key is to subtly contour and highlight while adding a glossy finish that looks effortlessly beautiful. Adding products that add shadow and light is the best way to create a natural look that makes the best of your features.

We’re looking at six natural wedding makeup looks for brides that are all different but have one common factor: they’re very natural and pared back. Ditching heavy colors and products, these makeup looks are about making the bride glow for her big day.

Step away from heavy ‘baked on’ makeup trends that are so popular now. Look to ideas that make skin look dewy and fresh, contour cheekbones, and add just a hint of color in a neutral tone. Even if you plan to use a professional makeup artist, you can gain inspiration from our top six favorite looks.

You can also do these yourself with a little practice and the right products, so you can even steal one of these ideas for your rehearsal if not for the big day itself. They’re really simple and still so elegant.

You’ll want to choose a makeup look that flatters your skin tone and wedding dress. These six looks will all coordinate with traditional white and are quite neutral. If you’re wearing a different color dress for your wedding, double-check that it all flows together as a final look.

Bridal Makeup #1: Smoky Chocolate

This glossy and gorgeous makeup look includes fresh-looking skin, a light chocolate tone, smoky eyes,s, and glossy pink lips. Fresh-faced but with a glam twist, this bridal makeup look is the red carpet out of our six options and is also the most dramatic due to the darker eye. Here’s how to get the look:

Using a light brown and darker brown eyeshadow, create a simple smoky eye that runs halfway up your lid and smolders at the edges. Run a thin line of black eyeliner along your lash lines and add plenty of mascara. Use a metallic-look gold highlighter to add just a hint of gold on the inner corner of your eyes – and smudge. Use the same gold product below your brows, blending, so it leaves a glow.

Pencil in your eyebrows and comb through with a brow brush. Create structure but keep your brow looking natural. Use a non-matte foundation so your skin looks fresh and natural. Apply a bronzer under your cheekbones to contour and top off the look with a glossy pink lip product of your choice in a natural shade.

Bridal Makeup #2: Peachy Hues

This ultra natural look is all about looking peachy and pretty! With just a few striking additions to the eye, this stunning makeup look will go with any wedding dress and is just about creating a gorgeous glow. Here’s how to try it out:

Line your upper eyelid with black liquid eyeliner (cat-eye flick optional) and add layers of mascara/faux eyelashes to your upper lashes. Apply a glossy peach eyeshadow on your lid, leaving under the eye completely bare. Pencil in your brows to create shape and structure.

Add a highlighter below the brow and across your upper cheekbone. Contour your cheeks with a peach contour product/blush, adding depth to your cheekbones. A peach lipstick or gloss and a powder foundation complete this look. Use a damp (squeezed-out) beauty blender to achieve a dewy finish.

Keep this look fresh throughout the day with blotting sheets and translucent powder – it requires minimal maintenance, so you can fully enjoy your day without worrying about makeup top-ups.

Bridal Makeup #3: Natural Rose

Much like the peach makeup look, this blush-hued makeup look is so close to nature but adds just a hint of color – in this case, shades of light pink. Delicate and ultra-feminine, this makeup idea is so fresh looking and barely there. Here’s how to get the look:

Layer up some mascara (use brown to look even more natural). Apply a light pink shadow – you can create a light smoky effect with two pink shades or use just one matte color on your lid. Line your waterline with white eyeliner and dab with just a hint of gold highlighter on the inner edges of your eye.

Apply foundation and create a flushed look on your cheeks with a rose blusher. Add highlights with a liquid highlighter on the top of your cheekbones and your nose. A rose lipstick adds a natural but beautiful finish to this refined makeup look.

Bridal Makeup #4: Bronze Glow with Rose Lips

A bronzed glow with a rosy lip – For this look, you’ll need bronzer, blush, and pink or nude lipstick. Start by applying the bronzer all over your face to create a sun-kissed look. Then add some blush to the apples of your cheeks for a pop of color. Finish off the look with pink or nude lipstick.

To achieve a bronzed glow with rosy lips, your beauty routine will include the perfect combination of products. Start with a bronzer that will give your face a sun-kissed warmth and radiance. To add life and dimension to your complexion, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks for subtle color and dimension. And finally, cap off this beautiful look with pink or nude lipstick. This combination creates an effortless yet radiant look, so get your bronzer, blush, and lipstick ready to create this gorgeous look!

Bridal Makeup #5: Sheer Face

A sheer face bridal make-up look is the perfect choice for brides who want to accentuate their natural beauty on their wedding day. This type of makeup look is characterized by its soft, subtle touches and emphasis on enhancing the bride’s features rather than covering them up. The foundation used in this style is usually a light foundation or tinted moisturizer to give the skin an even and sheer look. The eye makeup should be minimal, such as a light dusting of neutral eyeshadow and mascara, while the cheeks should be lightly contoured and bronzed. For the lips, brides can complete their sheer face bridal makeup look with a natural or sheer lipstick shade. This look is great for outdoor weddings and casual bridal events as it creates a fresh, radiant look that the elements won’t overshadow. For brides who want to look beautiful and timeless on their wedding day, sheer face bridal makeup is a perfect choice.

Bridal Makeup #6: Shimmer Eyes with Light Pink Lips

This Shimmer Eyes with Light Pink Lips makeup look is a beautiful and romantic style that is perfect for weddings, formal events, or special occasions. It includes shimmery eyeshadows such as gold, silver, and champagne to create a subtle yet beautiful effect on the eyes. These shades help to brighten and open up the eyes, making them look more awake and alluring. The light pink lip color helps to soften the overall look while adding a touch of femininity and romance. This makeup style is great for indoor weddings and formal bridal events, as it gracefully complements any wedding dress or special occasion attire. With Shimmer Eyes with Light Pink Lips makeup, you’ll be sure to look sophisticated and elegant at your wedding or special event.

Should I wear eyelashes for my wedding?

Wearing false eyelashes can be a great way to enhance your look on your wedding day. Wearing false lashes may give you a dramatic look you want for your special day. However, if it is your first time wearing them, consider how comfortable you feel wearing them and whether or not they fit with the overall theme of your wedding. If wearing them is too risky, you can opt for more natural-looking lashes that give you extra volume and boost your overall look. Additionally, do a trial run with the false eyelashes before the big day to see if they will stay in place throughout the ceremony and reception. Lastly, make sure to use an adhesive specifically designed for wearing false eyelashes so that it does not cause irritation or damage your natural lashes. With the right preparation, wearing false eyelashes on your wedding day can be a great way to enhance your look!

Wedding Makeup Tips

  • Not sure about what colors suit your skin tone best? Hit up your local beauty counter and get a consultation – they’ll be able to source shades that add just a hint of color to your skin and provide you with all the right hues for perfecting any natural look.
  • Starting with beautiful skin is a must. Boost your skin’s health in the lead-up to your big day with healthy juices or smoothies packed with vitamins, and do a weekly face mask. Exfoliate regularly to revamp your skin cells.
  • If you’re booking a professional makeup artist, ensure they’re in tune with the makeup look you want. Provide a photo and guidance to ensure you’re happy with the results. Ask them for small/sample products that they’ve used so you can top up the look during the day.
  • Less is more! If in doubt, understate your makeup look/use less.
  • Coordinate with your flowers. If you are holding a pink bouquet – go for our rose makeup look – subtle coordination can pull together your whole bridal look in a unique way.
  • Don’t forget the essentials: blotting paper, translucent powder, mascara, and any other products you may need.

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