How To Pick The Best Colors For Your Outfit

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Last updated 3 months ago.

In Jovani, we brought a trend with a lot of potential to make you fall in love with, and it is the short dresses, beautiful designs full of colors that will surely take your breath away. This trend is occupying the main exhibitions since spring is approaching and with it, the choice of prom dresses for the ultimate party.

In this blog you can find and enjoy the best tips regarding dresses that Jovani brings to you in 2019, you can find out about the best colors and details that will mark the pattern of graduation events. To wear a short dress confidently, you should know that each model and color must be used according to the contexture and skin color of each person since not all colors shine to a specific girl; likewise not all cut. That’s why the magic short prom dresses is revolutionizing students all over the world.

What to wear?

The new slogan of fashion is not to follow any specific trend. When it comes to shopping, the experts agree, the dictation is to respect your style and your personality. The idea is that the body is the protagonist and that each woman learns to exploit their best attributes. Among the essential elements on this matter is learning to take advantage of tonalities – these days the whole range of greens, red, gold and pale pink prevails.

In a good dress, every kind of color always create an impact, but for 2019 the shades that are going to be used the most are the following:

Fuchsia dresses: It is a very bold color and, especially in short dresses, looks spectacular. This color goes with all skin tones like dark skin and pale skin. In the same way, it combines with all kinds of occasions, from a prom party right by the beach to a classy themed event.

Dresses with rhinestones: They are one of the major trends for spring 2019. Geometric figures arrive on top of different fabrics, you can wear a great design with rhinestones, and they will be able to suit every type of personality and silhouette, especially flattering the curvy girls as the lines help to lighten those extra pounds. Despite their party target and how sensual they can be, this style of prom dresses can be very stylish when having to arrive with glamour and standout amongst the rest of the attendants.

Dresses in pastel colors: As always, the gowns in pastel colors follow the letter and without hesitation have a highlighted position among the favorites this season 2019. Pastel tonalities look gorgeous on dark-skinned girls as they enhance the different tonalities and gives them a unique style and elegance. They are mostly used for formal parties since a short dress in this palette takes our breath away.

Short dresses with belt: They are a beautiful option for fashionistas, as it is the most spectacular collection worn by the fans of elegance and minimalism; they are created to stand out both in formal parties and prom parties outdoors. The touch of the belt gives a lovely style enhancing the waist, so it is best to use it if you are slender. The combinations are essential so that you always look radiant and beautiful.

Bright dresses: Neon colors are imposed as well as tight cuts, geometric dresses, color blocks and appliques in metallic colors.

Extra Tips

  • Prints can become your biggest allies, but they can also make some people look wider, if you have delicate features, wearing a gown with lots of prints is not very favorable because it ‘absorbs’ you. Instead, those girls with sharp features get flattered. In contrast, the dots also tend to make people wider, they are favorable for thin girls, and the stripes can make you look more stylized as they re ideal for people of short stature.
  • If you’re looking not to look too thin, then you should avoid completely black looks and baggy clothes. Contrary to what you may think, a garment that is too wide will not create the effect you are looking for, but it will accentuate how thin you are because of how big it is. Also, avoid those clothes that are very inflexible.

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