How To Choose The Length In Prom Dresses?

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The date for your prom party has arrived, and surely you have been thinking for weeks what kind of prom dresses you can attend the event with. “Will I dress appropriately for the occasion?”, “Will I be over-the-top or not reach the necessary level”? These are just a couple of the most common questions that may have gone through your head, and it should be remembered that by choosing the right model, it is you the one rocking-out the dress and not the other way around.

It’s not up to others to tell you that your dress is not appropriate, even if it is true. For this reason, it’s best to know and abide by the rules of the female dress code regarding prom, which although they are much less rigid than those applied to men’s clothing, they exist and must be put into practice.

For your decision, the prom dresses 2020 collection by the Jovani fashion house brings different pieces and each one is created with a specific type of girl in mind.

The short dress.

A suggested model for prom parties outdoors, considered of “half formal”, it is the feminine equivalent to the suit jacket. Its length is that of the knee or a little above, but it doesn’t become a mini-dress. The design and fabrics are defined by trends and the taste of each attendant. If you want to take a safe option, we recommend a classic and elegant cut.

For the short dress, the accessories play a fundamental role, without overloading the look. Of course, the shoes of half height, (also the high heel and the flat shoe are admitted) and the clutch always on a match.

For further advice on selecting the right cut for your prom dress, read our guide.

The cocktail dress

The elegance of this garment is closely linked to the quality of its fabrics and the chosen design considered high couture. It can be used both for a graduation ceremony during the day and for the main party at night, knowing that the colors and designs can be much more daring during the night than for the ceremony.

Black or dark tones are the protagonists of this collection, and the colors will be a mix between striking and sober. Jovani bets for them in cocktail dresses and this is a perfect example of style and discretion. We recommend the prom dresses with fine crochet and lace; they are romantic and exquisite fabrics for this type of celebrations.

The long dress.

It is the most formal garment of the prom outfits for women. Their elegance characterizes these dresses; the fabrics used will be of high quality and so must be the accessories you will accompany them with.

The designs are very influenced by the emotion of starting a new cycle, and you must choose them according to your style and personality: daring necklines, rhinestones, open backs, intense colors, prints, whatever the option you want! Following these lines, we recommend you use plain dresses. On the other hand, if you want a puffy dress, it is ideal for the top part to be cinched; this prevents the bodice from taking a different form than your actual figure.

Concerning the colors, black is still the favorite tone, but as we see in the flagship line of the brand, the trend is to use colors such as greens, dark blues, reds, mints, pastel colors, white and metallic. We have also seen floral prints, feathers, and rhinestones.

The classic sequin dress

Sequin dresses are traditionally used as gala dresses, but you can create an appropriate outfit if you combine it with minimal accessories. Opt for colors like black, gold, white and silver, as they are classics for dresses of this type, especially if you want to avoid looking very ornate.

Keep your eye and lips makeup to a minimum, so as not to divert attention from your dress. You can combine your outfit with a single necklace and bracelets of silver or metal in one hand, or complete your look with small earrings and an elegant box clutch. Whether you wear a dress to the ground, one tip to keep in mind is to use sequins tone on stone, that is, black on a black base, white on a white base, etc.

If it’s a sequined dress, an elegant and non-voluminous silhouette will make a big difference to soften it.

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