How To Stylize Your Figure If You Have Thin Legs

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If your legs are skinny is not a reason for feeling embarrassed, quite the opposite actually, you should feel proud of them since they make you unique. Instead of hiding them, focus your attention productively by maintaining them looking beautiful, well worked and moisturized.

However, in addition to the routine of daily self-care, the answer usually lies in how you dress, which has an explicit impact on whether or not you feel pretty that day. The fashion experts of Jovani send-out a clear message with their latest collection of prom dresses: Put beauty on your side and make fashion play in your favor.

Create harmony

We believe that the key for choosing any outfit, from wearing some jeans, a skirt, to a graduation gown, is to select the pieces that go best with your figure. This is why today we will share some essential tips regarding the type of clothes you should wear when you have thin legs:

The length of the Dresses

Having thin legs, if you must choose a garment to attend the prom or an important dinner, we recommend opting for prom dresses above the knee (about 2 inches above) straight cut, avoiding cuts type A. If you are going to use long and fluid gowns, try that the length is not lower than your ankle so that your legs will shine through.

The cut of the skirt

For these garments, using pencil-style skirts at knee height is the best alternative since they will make your figure look way more stylized. On the other hand, you can also use short skirts that are semi-loose or tight as long as you carry them with the appropriate shoe type. That means avoiding skirts with a lot of flares or flared cut, as this will make your legs look much thinner than they are. And finally, try to use them in light colors, creating more volume visually.

The tonality of jeans or shorts

There is no better way for this garment than to opt for jeans in light colors; Avoid using washes or dark shades to any extent. The bright colors look great on boot cut jeans (wide from the knee down), as they will help you add more curves. As for the shorts we advise you not to be too short. Instead, you can use them at knee height or above, maximum 2 inches, and always choose those models that have some dimension.

Design of your pantyhose

If you live in the most beneficial climate or you are in the middle of springtime, wear opaque tights in light colors with texture, because these give thickness to your legs and will look perfect if you and your friends plan to steal the show with their prom dresses. If, on the other hand, you want to wear black stockings, do it as long as they have texture or pattern, never in a single tone and without texture.

Footwear style

Look for shoes that can be tied to your ankles, low heels, for example, are an excellent choice for achieving that, as these will make your legs look thicker and will add definition to the lower half of your leg; also, don’t forget not wearing big platform shoes, as the thin proportions of your legs will stand out.

Once the fashion aspect is reinforced, let’s talk about how to improve your self-care routine regarding your legs:

  • Knees: If you want to wear a pair of jaw-dropping legs, embellish your knees. Softens the skin by making a massage with a stone, and do it gently under the shower, that is the exact moment in which the skin is softer due to the action of water and heat. You will be able to see the change instantly!
  • Creams and lotions: If you like alchemy and want a natural recipe to make an excellent cream for your legs at home, take note: mix 2 tablespoons of glycerin, 2 olive oil, 2 almond oil, one yolk of egg and a teaspoon of honey.

And finally keep in mind that no matter what type of body you have, the most important thing is not to compare yourself with anyone since you are unique, beautiful and perfect in the way you are.

Figure If You Have Thin Legs

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