How to Store Prom Dress: Tips for Cleaning, Caring and Decluttering

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Prom night is an unforgettable milestone in one’s life, and the memories created that evening are cherished forever. The same goes for the elegant prom dress that played a significant role in making that night special. But what happens to the dress after the magical evening? Properly storing your prom dress ensures it remains pristine, ready for future use, or simply as a keepsake. This comprehensive guide on how to store prom dresses will teach you the best practices for cleaning, caring for, and decluttering your cherished prom dress and evening wear.

Key Takeaways

  • Clean and repair prom dresses before storage for optimal preservation.
  • Choose between hanger or box storage according to the available closet space and the needs of the dress.
  • Regularly inspect, update materials, declutter, and donate/sell unwanted formal wear when assessing collection.

Preparing Your Prom Dress for Storage

Before storing your prom dress, proper preparation is necessary to prevent permanent stains or damage. Clean the dress thoroughly, as any lingering dirt, food, grass, sweat, or spray tan residue can cause long-lasting damage.

Whether you choose professional dry cleaning or a gentle DIY method, your dress should be spotless before you proceed to the repair process.

Dry Cleaning vs. DIY Cleaning

While dry cleaning is the recommended method for optimal cleaning of evening dresses, as it caters to delicate components, DIY cleaning can also be effective if the label permits it for your evening wear.

If you clean the dress yourself, use a gentle detergent and hang the dress in full sunlight to dry. Remove all stains before storing your dress, as lingering marks can attract pests and harm the storage area.

Repairing Damages

Once your prom dress is clean, inspect it for any damage, such as tears, loose embellishments, or malfunctioning zippers. To repair a torn prom dress, use an invisible thread to hand stitch the edges together or take the dress to a professional seamstress for a more complex fix.

Rectifying any damage before storage is vital for maintaining the lifespan and look of your beloved gown.

Choosing the Right Storage Method

Once your prom dress is prepared, select the most appropriate storage method. Two popular methods are hanger storage and box storage.

Hanger storage allows your dress to breathe and maintain quality, while box storage provides extra protection and prevents fiber breakage. Consider your available closet space and the specific requirements of your dress when selecting the right method.

Hanger Storage

When opting for hanger storage, follow these tips to store your dress properly:

  • Select hangers that support the shape of the shoulders to prevent creases.
  • Avoid using plastic hangers and choose cloth garment bags or covers so that the dress can continue breathing.
  • To protect delicate embellishments or beading, wrap them with acid-free tissue paper.
  • Keep the dress suspended correctly to avoid contact with the floor.
  • Insert acid-free paper into dresses in unique forms to prevent flattening over time.

To maintain freshness, follow these steps:

  1. Add a sachet to the hanger.
  2. For added protection, use tissue paper between layers of the dress.
  3. Store accessories separately to avoid snags and friction.

Hanger storage is an excellent option for preserving fancier garments free from wrinkles and maintaining their shape, similar to the purpose of a garment bag.

Box Storage

Box storage requires acid-free boxes, tissue paper, and meticulous folding. When folding your evening dress for box storage, fold it like an accordion and place it atop itself. Make sure to fold a piece of tissue paper between each garment. This will help keep their original shape and also prevent any fiber breakage.

Ensure your storage box is acid-free to prevent potential harm to delicate fabrics. Replace the tissue paper every couple of years to guarantee optimal preservation of the evening dress.

Box storage, especially using a sturdy cardboard storage box, is ideal for those with limited closet space or a large formal wear collection.

Storing Accessories and Shoes

Storing accessories and shoes separately from your prom dress is key to preserving their quality. Store your accessories in small jewelry boxes or pouches to protect them from dust and damage. Similarly, use shoe boxes or bags to store dress shoes in a dry, dust-free environment.

This separation will ensure that everything remains in excellent condition for future use.

Accessory Storage

Having your accessories well organized is crucial for their protection and maintenance. Use small jewelry boxes or pouches to store delicate items such as earrings, rings, and bracelets, keeping them safe from damage and organized.

Hang statement necklaces on a jewelry organizer or hooks to prevent tangling. Storing your accessories separately and neatly will make finding what you need for your next special event easier.

Shoe Storage

Storing your shoes correctly is as important as storing your prom dress. Utilize shoe racks or acid-free boxes with tissue paper to keep your dress shoes in top condition. Arrange your shoes by type, season, or color to make it easier to find the perfect pair for your next event, dress shoes ideally being the focus.

Regularly inspect your shoe storage for any signs of damage or deterioration and replace any damaged items.

Maintaining Your Stored Prom Dress

Regular inspections and updates to storage materials are needed to keep your prom dress in top condition. By checking your stored prom dress for any damage or signs of wear, we cannot address any issues before they become irreversible.

Regular Inspections

Inspect your stored prom dress annually to identify any damage or stains that may have occurred during storage. Examine your dress for signs of wear, discoloration, and other damage. If you find any damage, consider taking your dress to a professional dry cleaner to clean, repair, or attempt to repair minor damage yourself.

Regular inspections will ensure your prom, cocktail, wedding, or wedding dress stays in great condition and ready for its next outing.

Updating Storage Materials

Consider replacing storage materials such as acid-free tissue paper biannually for optimal preservation of your prom dress. Regularly updating storage materials will help maintain the dress’s condition and appearance.

Remember to avoid using plastic bags or containers for storage as they can trap moisture and cause damage.

Decluttering and Donating Unwanted Formal Wear

Accumulation of more formal wear can lead to a cluttered and disorganized closet. Creating space for new additions and maintaining an organized wardrobe can be achieved by decluttering, donating, or selling unwanted items.

Assess your collection and decide which items to keep, donate, or sell based on their condition, sentimental value, and practicality.

Assessing Your Collection

Inspect your formal wear collection for signs of wear and tear, discoloration, and other forms of damage as part of the evaluation process. Consider the emotional significance of each item and whether you’ll wear it again or if it remains in fashion.

If you decide to keep an item, ensure it’s stored properly to maintain its condition. Consider donating or selling unwanted items to make room for new pieces.

Donation and Selling Options

Donating or selling unwanted formal dresses frees up space in your closet and allows others to create special memories in those garments, making it easier for them to find and store evening wear.

Explore options for donating or selling pre-owned formal wear, such as high-end consignment stores, buy-sell groups, or online platforms like eBay. Ensure the items are in excellent condition and fashionable before selling them.

Maintaining an organized wardrobe and making room for new, fashionable pieces can be achieved by decluttering your formal wear.


Properly storing and maintaining your prom dress is essential to preserving its beauty and ensuring it’s ready for future use or as a sentimental keepsake. Follow the tips outlined in this guide to clean, care, and declutter your cherished prom dress and evening wear collection. So give your prom dress the attention it deserves, and ensure it remains a lasting reminder of that magical night.

After the big night, store your dress properly and reminisce about your stunning look, including your hairstyle. For creative ideas, check out our ‘75 Creative Prom Hairstyle Tips‘.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store a prom dress?

For best results, store a prom dress in the closet on a hanger that supports the shape of the shoulders to avoid creasing.

What do I do with my prom dress after prom?

Sell it, alter it, donate it, hand it down, swap it with a friend, or keep it and preserve it – there are various options for what to do with your old prom dress after prom.

You can choose to sell it online or in a consignment shop. You could also alter it to make it more modern or donate it to a charity. You could even hand it to a younger family member or swap it with a friend. Finally, you could keep it and preserve it as a book.

How often should I inspect my stored prom dress?

We recommend inspecting your stored prom dress annually for optimal conditions.

What type of hanger should I use for hanging my prom dress?

A wide or rounded hanger of good quality is the recommended option for hanging your prom dress.

How should I store my prom dress accessories?

Store delicate accessories such as earrings, rings, and bracelets in small jewelry boxes or pouches to keep them secure.

This will help protect them from scratches, tangles, and other damage.

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