How To Refresh Your Style For 2020

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There’s no need to wait anymore. During 2020 these themes of fashion or beauty should change once and for all. Start the year with the best disposition and change your fashion and beauty habits to look more stylish and elegant. Follow these tips and let 2020 be the best of all, especially if the prom party is approaching, as you can apply to choose among many beautiful Jovani prom dresses.

A good facial routine. Since like, forever, it’s recommended that women use a special facial product like moisturizer or sunscreen. It depends on this that your skin looks healthy under any circumstance, such as the homecoming party or the graduation ceremony.

If you already have a routine but want more mesmerizing results, adopt a new method that includes washing your face in the morning and evening, apply a moisturizer according to your skin type and a daily sunscreen; make sure that you don’t go to sleep with any makeup residuals.

Never give up a fabulous garment just for being curvy. Fashion is for everyone, so don’t close the door to prints, different colors or materials. Who said curvy women could not wear tight garments or prom dresses?

The key element is knowing what kind of materials that most favor your silhouette are; you must choose -mainly- smooth fabrics: neither too big nor very small. You can take a look at the latest Jovani collection and choose several options within the extensive catalog.

The “never mix prints” rule has its exceptions. Before carrying it out for special occasions, you can start by applying the reverse of this rule in your daily attire. Mixing prints is not a simple task, but if you don’t take a risk, how will you learn to do it? Start by including a piece of stamped in your outfit and combine it with other solid colors.

You deserve more than a formal dress. You don’t have to wait until graduation to buy your first dress or to have one that takes advantage of your beauty. Enough of that model of past seasons that no longer reflects who you are, as well as those stilettos inside your closet.

In Jovani you will find pieces for every occasion, we recommend opting for slim models and take care that the buttons or the zipper close without any effort; or on the contrary that only be tight on the top and copper volume with free fall from the waist. If you select several models, they will take you out of any hurry, and you will train your fashion sense before buying your prom dresses.

Say no to smaller sizes. In the wrong way, it is thought that when buying a garment of a size smaller than usual, you will wear a more stylized silhouette or, worse, that in a few months you will lose the “extra” weight and everything will be perfect.

Did you know that the clothes that are slightly looser avoid rolls marked in the waist or that the abdomen looks less pronounced? You will be able to see this pattern in many of your favorite celebrities, and it is a tip that you can carry throughout your life, your option should always be relaxed but elegant.

Choose your type of trend. How many times have you wanted something just because you saw it put on some Instagram model, but maybe it does not go with your style or with your body? Shopping is an art form, and you must learn to create a taste entirely yours. This new year is an excellent excuse to stop buying clothes that don’t favor your silhouette or complexion. Jovani has different types of cuts, fabrics, designs, and trendy colors so you can take home only those that speak to your soul.

Expand your color catalog. Yes, the black color makes you look slimmer, that you will always look elegant wearing it, that works for different times and occasions. We agree, but it is true that it will be more difficult to reflect your style if you always wear clothes of the same color.

If you are not into bright colors, remember that there is gray, navy, camel, burgundy and rosewood, which are very flattering and can be combined to look elegant. If you plan to choose between the beautiful prom dresses of the season try using one of these colors or give a touch of color with some accessories

Feel free to play with the tones. Wear black by day, white by night. Do everything to the contrary or everything to the right. No matter. But do it with a will, with intention: that is the best fashion advice that we can give you.

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