How To Choose The Best Silhouettes For Your Dresses

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Wedding, dinner or prom, any reason is valid to apply a fancy dress code and feel like in a dream. The occasions in which you will have the privilege of carrying a long dress are always extraordinary, as in the case of the selection of prom dresses; But of course, you still have to choose them with caution. Feel free to get inspired with us and the latest collection released by Jovani and plan your next events full of luxury, in which you will shine like an actual celeb. From the V-neck to the seductive transparencies, we reveal the top trends included in the lines of the fashion house for 2019 that will make you stand out and be part of every list of the best dressed.

Great for the dancefloor

The silhouette of the 50s returns in all its glory and girls of classic beauty and love for the eternal glamor cannot resist in the least to wear it. These dresses are characterized by being strapless in its majority, having a tight skirt and ending at the knees. Opt for one with rhinestones or embroidery, and if you prefer to go for an entirely new style, you can complement it with satin gloves as final accessories.

Flirty V neckline

The sexy neckline par excellence is positioned as our favorite bet to make you look elegant and daring at the same time. After catwalks around the world, the neck presented by Jovani became the favorite trend. What is the secret for using it as a pro? Keep everything in its place. Use sticky cups or stickers and make sure you don’t suffer from a wardrobe malfunction. This type of neckline is suitable for girls with a regular or scanty bust; if you are a size C or D, there are options for your figure throughout this article.

How to choose the right dress silhouette and shape

The exquisite lace

This fabric becomes a second skin when it comes to delivering a classy look. Some models range from the most conservative, such as the long sleeve for a minimalist style, to the most tempting, as the models with jaw-dropping transparencies. Of course, it’s not about using lace and embroidery without anything underneath. Instead, your perfect dress includes a nude background to give that unique effect.

A look at the legs

Thigh slits are a trendy item among prom dresses, but to refresh your memory or if you haven’t used that kind of pieces, we remind you that they are a perfect garment to attract glances. Of course, you must adhere to the dress code of your school or the person who held the party: the openings that barely reach the middle of the leg tend to look much more elegant for closed events than those that go to the hip, usual for galas outdoors, perfect for the flashing lights.

From long to short

The popular mullet trend continues its reign, but this time in full skirt dresses and with a lot of structure. Forget about the fluffy organza and muslin, what you need is the firm and 100% glamorous effect. It will be the right one for some extraordinary event like going to a classy date or even being invited to the opera (who knows?).

Fairytale princess

No matter if you feel inspired by epic shows or want to wear this style for the first time, some of the designs of gowns and prom dresses by Jovani have been inspired by the mythical figure of the medieval princess character mixed with cosmopolitan glamour.  This season 2019 the models come filled with rhinestones, layers with long tails and necklines straight or round neck become a must to make you look like a beautiful girl worthy of royalty.

Highlighting your best features

No, we are not referring to attending the event in a completely see-through dress; but rather, that you use these sheer applications in strategic points. You can choose the areas you want to highlight, both in the neck and in a subtle high slit; On the other hand, you can select them located on the torso and legs or only on the sleeves.

Since now you have selected the dream dress, all you have to do is get prepared for the special night (or day.

Pick the right dress silhouette for you

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