How To Match Accessories With Your Outfit

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Accessories are a super important part of your look. We often forget that we can accomplish many fantastic and original combinations with accessories. When it comes to trends, fashion, colors, and styles always change, but there are rules that you must take into account to learn how to combine accessories: try to avoid falling into a garment zone that is too simple or too extravagant.

The complements provide you with that “special touch”: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, scarves, scarves, pins, purses, and even some hair ornaments. It doesn’t matter if you are a student in the middle of a selection of prom dresses or you are a businesswoman with an extensive calendar of events, you are responsible for choosing each one of your outfits and completing them in a harmonious approach.

After choosing your accessories, ensure you know how to figure out your prom dress size.

In Jovani, we teach you to dare to combine accessories happily and differently, and once you have mastered them, these accessories you use and how you combine them will give you identity and many options to look different every day.

Let’s talk about the color palette.

A common mistake when it comes to wearing accessories is choosing elements of all colors. In the same way, you must select outfits that represent your essence, such as romantic prom dresses or minimalist cocktail dresses, you must embrace your features to flatter them with shades and tones. Here are the two primary color parameters:

The cold colors. These tones go well with silver accessories like blue, pink, and lilac.

The earthy colors. It is the case of the warm ones, olive green, orange, coffee, and yellow; These best combine with golden accessories.

The number of colors will depend on your personality; in Jovani, we recommend you mix up to three tones. Here, our expert partners made a list of 6 rules that will be useful to remember when exploring your wardrobe.

  1. If you want to wear a garment with a v-neck or round, necklaces or long earrings will be spectacular.
  2. Dresses and blouses can be combined with accessories that have stones or crystals. A minimalist dress can become exquisite with a necklace of stones or gems.
  3. You must remember that there are accessories for every occasion; for example, in the daytime, they must be simple, and at night you can pull off sophisticated accessories and more striking details.
  4. Accessories with pearls are a classic that goes well with everything you put on. They give that casual chic touch to any garment, like prom dresses in mermaid cut. A pearl necklace with a black dress or a pearl bracelet with a white blouse will always be iconic.
  5. The tone of your skin to choose gold and silver accessories. If you are dark skin, silver will be perfect; if, instead, you have white skin, then gold is your color.
  6. We recommend analyzing what image you want to project to make a good choice and use your selected accessories.

Comfort is always a priority.

This extra rule we give you is the most important of them all. It doesn’t matter if what you wear is the best combination of colors, textures, and materials if you don’t feel comfortable in it, look for clothes of your style. If what you like is not fashionable, adopt more basic garments with more special or specific ones for your style.

Each girl has her particular style of dress built over time; some girls are more classic, others more daring, but you know what you like and can’t stand. However, the other side of this advice is that we at Jovani think innovation is a good thing for a person’s style. Trying different things can bring a wide variety of possibilities regarding fashion.

We encourage you to try new things and combine them with accessories and clothes you already have. You can look at our varied collections, such as prom dresses, evening dresses, and the rest of our entries!

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