How To Figure Out The Size Of Your Prom Dress

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It could be very frustrating to go to a store and have to try on dress after dress to know what your size is, but do not worry. In Jovani, although dress sizes are different in most stores, as long as you know your measurements, you will not have problems calculating the dimensions that best fit you, and we are here to help.

  • Measure your bust: You have to measure the bulkiest part of your bust to get the correct measurement. Make sure you pass the tape measure (preferably a soft tape) under your arms. Keep the tape measure close to the skin, but not too tight. If you adjust it too much (if your bust comes off the tape), then you will get the incorrect measurements, and the dresses will not fit properly.
  • Measure your waist: Lean to one side (anyone) and look for the natural curvature of the waist. In that curvature, measure your waist and make sure the tape measure is a bit loose. You can also find the size of your waist by measuring 5 cm (2 inches) from your belly button.
  • Measure your hip: Stand with your feet together. Measure the bulkiest part of your hip and back. Usually, it will be between the crotch and the navel. We reiterate you should have the tape measure loose so that the size of the dress does not end up being too small.
  • Look at the size chart: Remember that the size charts are usually different depending on the stores and even with your measurements and the size chart, you might be surprised by the wide range of sizes that seem to be yours. Just use the following table as an essential guide. If your measurements appear in two sizes, always choose the largest one, especially if you are going to buy online.
  • Avoid using dress size generators: because they almost always give the wrong sizes. This type of generators ensures that they provide the correct dress size in each store (since women’s clothing sizes are different in many stores).
  • Convert the numbers of the sizes to letters: Some stores do not use the numerical sizes 6, 8, 10, 12; instead, they use letters such as XS, S, M, etc. Fortunately, these letter sizes usually correspond to specific numerical dimensions. So, you can calculate your size according to it. In American sizes: size 2 is equivalent to XS; size 4 to S; size 6 to M; size 8 to L; size 10 to XL and size 12 to XXL. Typically, this is the case, but sizes may vary depending on the store.

How to determine specific sizes

  • Always check the size guide when shopping online: Most clothing websites (perhaps all) provide a table that explains the measurements of their sizes. Sometimes, dresses will be larger or smaller than your usual size, so you should have your measurements on hand to compare them with the size guide on the website where you buy. We recommend you always buy in the same web pages because you will be more likely to know the size that fits you best and of course choose Jovani.

Ask for the sizes if you can´t find them: The best way to find out the sizes of dresses is to ask the salesperson or online, in Jovani we have all sizes available for you to check.

Choose the dress according to your type of body.

  • Choose the right dress for a straight body: If you have a straight body (narrow hip, without bust or back), there will be certain dresses that will enhance your body better than others. For this case, the fitted and classic-cut tube dresses look good. If you do not have many curves, skirts with an empire cut or type A cut will help you get more. You can also create a more dramatic effect with a strapless dress. The neckline of such a dress will direct attention to the clavicle and arms.
  • If you have a pear figure: choose dresses that enhance the upper part of your body. The figure of pear means that the body is wider at the height of the hip and rear and smaller at the height of the bust. Open-neck or strapless dresses are also great for directing attention to the upper body, which will highlight your gifts.
  • If you have an hourglass body: It means that your bust, hips are bulging and that you have a narrower and more defined waist. You should choose to wear dresses that are adjusted to the waist and make your figure shine. The crossed dresses or knits and of the tube that marks the waist are excellent to glitter the figure.
  • If your body is apple-shaped: direct attention to the top. It means that the narrowest part is at the level of the ribs, above the natural waist so choose an empire cut.

Once you know your size, explore the best summer prom dresses that suit your body type.


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