How To Dress Up As A Powerful Woman

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Although sometimes it’s great to set the trend, the truth is that certain events require more sobriety in your look. This time we were inspired by Jovani’s latest collection to determine the fashion elements behind the most powerful women on the planet, to help you convey authority, without staying away from the glamour. But first, let’s talk about the power of fashion for empowered ladies.

What makes a woman powerful?

To respond favorably to this question, we believe that the essential ingredient to make a woman powerful is feeling confident. Why? Because a powerful and confident young woman knows how to avoid garments that don’t match the occasion, which ones can be over-the-top, what is elegant and the types of trends that fit their personality.

If you have confidence in yourself, you will be able to perceive in more detail everything that happens around you, and you will be able to accentuate your message through fashion. The basics and first – in this topic as in any other – is to know the essential elements of a good outfit, whether for an elegant dinner, an appointment or even to pick the ideal design among a sea of beautiful prom dresses.

Equaling the event

Both the weather and the type of event are fundamental parts of selecting a garment. On the one hand, it must be assessed that the attire is following the temperature (comfort is a big deal!); And on the other hand the type of attitude that is intended to be transmitted: a total standout or minimalist. For temperate climates, more sober colors such as black or blue are recommended and for warmer climates white, nude or cream.

If 2019 is the same of your senior year and must choose what kind of prom dresses to wear, research the dress code or the party’s theme, and aim for your real size, neither smaller nor much bigger.

The suit is a must

Dedicated to business girls or members of the debate club. Whether in pants or skirt, a suit is a crucial piece in the wardrobe of the most important women all over the world. In the case of the skirt, go for something fit that stylizes the legs; The standard measurement for the lengths is either 2 inches above the knee or 2 inches under the knee.

On top of the world

There is no better friend for the suit than a good shirt. For that fashionista touch, the best option is silk, not only because it is a significant trend of the season, but because its light fall reflects authority.

The length

It is also important to opt for long sleeves for an empowering look, although if you are in a hot climate, the 3/4 can be your best ally. If in a specific event you want to come off as a more open person, then choose much shorter sleeves. An example of this is Michelle Obama, who not only loves to show off her arms but also creates accessibility in her aura with her fashion.

Design and drop

The texture of the clothes and the cut are fundamental. The thicker and stiffer the fabric, the less stylization is reflected. If it’s a much lighter and well-cut material, it transmits elegance, sophistication, and authority.

Hairstyle and makeup

While it is suggested that the hair is collected so that the face is visible, in case it is loose, the ideal height is at the shoulders and the most natural tones possible. The makeup should go along this line: base, blush, shades in natural tones, eye-liner, and mascara.

Time for the accessories

For the jewelry, you have to keep it as classy as possible: no plastic in bright tones. Pearls, gold, silver or jewelry in small sizes are ideal to complement the look.

On the other hand, oversized bags are a big no. Instead, go for clutches or handbags with small handles, in natural textures; here also applies to stay away from all plasticized. However, the Jovani experts explain that this may be the most playful and colorful garment of the entire outfit. If you decide to accompany your prom dresses with one of these accessories, you will not want it to look like you’re going to a funeral!

When talking about shoes, the heel should be in the range of 1 to 2 inches. High heels are related to more casual occasions and can also make walking way more difficult. You want to reflect confidence! The peep toe is ideal to add the girly glam touch to your look.

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