The 3 Golden Rules To Become A Total Fashionista

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The outfits that you wear must be at your service and not the other way around. Although it seems like a simple principle, many girls lose this notion and instead they follow trends that are far away from flattering to their silhouette and features. The key for good style lies in giving yourself the time to rediscover the charms that make you feel beautiful and highlight them in the best way.

Whether you are invited to a family celebration, a romantic date, you have a job interview, or you are a young girl at your senior year of the high school choosing prom dresses, the following four golden rules will be useful for you to become a real fashionista.

  1. Highlight your features

For example, pronounced necklines or miniskirts are not necessarily showing-off the real woman wearing them but “parts” of her. The women are so much more than body parts! The concept is so beautiful, sophisticated and extraordinary that it is ridiculous to try to simplify it.

You have to feel beautiful in our own skin, but never pass the line that divides sensuality with showing too much – even if you are in a context that doesn’t make much difference to these terms, such as the prom party and the prom dresses. Given this, think about what you want to express and highlight alongside the message behind it. ¬†And according to the answers you can give to that question, you will be sure of what to pick.

  1. Take advantage of what’s around

You do have at your disposal a great variety of garments to enhance the nature of your personality. The latest collection of Jovani prom dresses brings a range of pieces suitable for all types of girls and characters. Because a lot of what is not being seen – joy, intelligence, some talent, etc.- is part of the main charms that we refer to and those that you should make visible through your outfit.

Considering the previous aspects, you will know how always to choose the best of what brands like Jovani have to offer, gowns, dresses, suits and jumpsuits that really express your uniqueness. A good design doesn’t distract you from the elements that make up your essence such as your smile, humor, and intelligence. Instead, it accentuates these attributes and take them to the very next level.

There are many pretty lovely accessories. Or if not, clothing with specific patterns or designs that give a small sample of your tastes, such as geometric shapes, floral print or rhinestones.

  1. Just be you

There isn’t a contract between you and the fashion dictations that you see scrolling down on social media or trends that won’t fit your style. Allow yourself to set your own patterns, picking what you like, what says something about your way of thinking and acting.

By doing that, at the same time, you will be able to present a look and outfit in a current, elegant, beautiful, confident way that you can positively drag the attention with.

  1. Know what to choose

This may seem confusing, but it is not complicated at all. Sometimes it’s hard to decide to say “no” to some things, but it’s worth it; we are not talking about living in denial, the complete opposite: positive affirmations. First, of the affirmation of yourself.

A person can have up to two or three styles; however, it is advisable not to mix all of them. This is so because the person is a whole being and the approach when it comes to dressing up must convey the same coherence. So, if you decide to display a certain look, it will be logical that you have to learn to discern what you can use for it and what not. Although everything is lawful, not everything suits you.

In the same way that we saw in the previous point, this will allow you consistency in what you transmit. Although it is true that what the appearance conveys doesn’t say everything about what you are, it reflects enough for others to make them want to know you better.

We hope the four golden rules were helpful; you can check out our other entries and find more awesome fashion tips.

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