Hair & Makeup Q & A with Jane Kim, The Glamourist

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To bring top-notch content to our readers, we’ve reached out to some of our favorite experts, influencers, and leaders in beauty and fashion to bring you exclusive interviews. We are thrilled to launch this Expert Series with one of our favorite hair and makeup artists, Jane Kim of The Glamourist.

Jane is a world traveler, award-winning hair and makeup artist extraordinaire, new mom, fur baby mom, wife, and all-around awesome person. Her personal mission is to empower women through beauty, and she lives her mission every day. Known for her jaw-dropping before and after hair and makeup transformations, Jane has quickly risen in the ranks to become one of the most in-demand hair and makeup artists in California. As she says on her website, to know her is to love her – so let’s get to know Jane and some Glamourist tips for looking your best regarding hair, makeup, and prom.

JOVANI: Tell us a little about your story about how you got into hair and makeup.

JANE: When I was 22, I worked at a makeup counter in Nordstroms. I never really thought I had a knack for it, but I enjoyed myself and learned by watching. I would pull people to get makeovers or have my friends sit in the chair when they stopped in. After some time, I had some regulars frequenting my counter to be made over. I’d often get in trouble for “playing around” rather than selling. Fast forward many years, and dabbling in a few different industries, I wanted to do something that made me happy instead of a day job I dreaded going into by 8 or 9. I took a leap of faith, started The Glamourist, and the rest is history.

JOVANI: What are some of the hair and makeup trends you are seeing for this coming year?

JANE: I think natural is always hot. I love flawless skin, flushed cheeks,s, and stained lips. I wouldn’t say it’s a “trend” since it will always remain timeless. For hair, effortless updos like a textured ponytail or messy bun have been popular on the runways, which I’m a big fan of. Instead of trying to be made up, it’s more like, ‘hey – I’m a cool, effortless gal.’

JOVANI: What are the most requested hairstyles?

JANE: For my clients, hair down in loose waves has been extremely popular since it’s youthful and always flattering. Old Hollywood glam is often requested, and updos are loose and textured. Not too much volume or too sleek.

JOVANI: What are the most requested makeup looks?

JANE: “Natural’’ is the most requested look, but everyone has their definition of natural. Natural either means they want to look like themselves but are ever so slightly made up, and others think smokey eyes with flawless skin are natural. The bottom line, everyone wants their skin to look flawless and their eyes to look bigger and brighter.

JOVANI: We’re trying to create a great resource for girls planning their prom hair and makeup looks right now. What are three of the best looks you suggest for prom?

JANE: Well, it always starts with the dress. Knowing what kind of neckline you’re working with is always important. For a high neckline, a simple pulled-pack textured pony is always flattering, preventing the look from looking heavy with the hair on the face and too much fabric from the high neckline. I love a textured bun for capped sleeves to ensure the hair is not covering the details of the sleeve. For a plunging neckline, a half-up style gives the illusion of a down do but keeps it out of the front where the V is the focal point. And for strapless dresses, I love when the hair is down. I love juxtaposing a dressy style with casual hair, so it doesn’t look too overdone. Enhancing one’s natural features is key for makeup instead of going for trending looks. If you have great skin, show it off. Keep the look minimal with a pop of color on the lips and fake eyelashes. Those with big beautiful doe or almond eyes don’t go too heavy on the shadow. Add a great liner to enhance and elongate the shape, and pop in a few lashes for added definition. Always pick a focal point on your face and then enhance it.

JOVANI: What are some looks to stay away from on prom?

JANE: There is every day, high fashion, and Instagram makeup. If you don’t know what Instagram makeup is, it’s the heavily contoured, highlighted, cakey foundation, too many lashes, and overly winged eyeliner. It’s great for an Instagram post and under bright light, but it’s very drag queen in person. So please stay away from Instagram-inspired looks because they can appear heavy and fake in person. There is a delicate balance in applying makeup.

hair-makeup-q-a-with-jane-kim-the-glamourist-1JOVANI: What are some of the biggest hair and makeup mistakes someone can make?

JANE: Applying too much makeup or overdoing a hairstyle. More is not necessarily better. Everything in moderation is key.

JOVANI: What are the benefits of working with a professional hair and makeup artist?

JANE: The ease and being stress-free. Isn’t it always nice getting pampered? It’ll also help you get out of the same hair and makeup rut if you’ve been doing the same look for years. A pro hair and makeup artist can see you from a different light and update your look – and the extra skill set is always nice.

JOVANI: What’s the best way for someone to find a great hair and makeup artist in their budget?

JANE: Asking around friends who’ve gotten their makeup done is a great first step. Otherwise, Instagram has been a great resource for artists like us. I’ve had people find me through that channel, and I’m sure other people are also searching for their vendors there.

hair-makeup-q-a-with-jane-kim-the-glamourist-3JOVANI: If a girl can’t afford professional makeup, what should she do to ensure she can create a beautiful look without having a pro?

JANE: Youtube is a great resource these days for the hair and makeup novice. Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad, and Kim Kardashian have great glam and thousands of Youtube tutorials on getting their exact look. You may not get the same look on the first go, but practicing the look over and over will eventually get you there. If it’s still daunting, the local makeup counters should be helpful as long you’re ok buying a few products.

JOVANI: Thank you so much, Jane! We’re thrilled to have you be part of our Expert team and can’t wait to have you back with more sage hair and makeup advice for us.
If you loved reading about The Glamourist’s hair and makeup tips, follow her on Instagram and check out her super-informative blog. Jane’s Instagram is chock-full of beautiful photos of hair, makeup, fashion, travel, and her family. Her blog has many info-packed posts and tutorials on achieving dewy skin and flawless eye makeup.


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