How To Know What Cut Of Prom Dresses You Feel Better In?

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Before buying a dress, you must define the details about the event. The prom dresses are not the same as gowns for a wedding or gala. The biggest fashion houses like Jovani consider that each girl should think about the length of the sleeves, how short it will be or how low-cut the garment should be. We have summarized everything and created a series of steps that are going to help you out; Among the main things to think about, there are the following:


  • Identify what style you have or want to project. Romantic, modern, vintage, minimalist, anyway.
  • Think about the cut that enhances the body better. For example, if you are thin and have small hips, Jovani suggests a mermaid cut dress, but if you are a plus size girl, a princess cut suits you, with no draping and avoiding cuts to the hip. On the other hand, an empire cut works very well for the hourglass shape girls.
  • Investigate on your own. Finding out what the trends are is very easy: i.e., you can check out the latest prom dresses 2019 collections or cocktail models.
  • Find comfort. It is useless to wear a beautiful and captivating piece and not be able to move an inch. The idea is that it is comfortable and functional for the event you will attend. That’s why Jovani gives beautiful options with light fabrics that will give you a lot of movement.
  • Invest in a good quality dress. When it comes to style and quality, you have to follow your instincts. If you have decided to use Jovani, it is an excellent opportunity since they have a large number of models that fit your personality and budget.


Now, it’s time to be specific with the types of dresses that are in trend for the next 2019 spring . What is the most appropriate attire for you? What is the proper length? These are some of the most common questions that end up tormenting the vast majority of students.


The trends and the enormous variety of styles and models available in the market today are the ones responsible for generating a large part of these doubts. For that reason, to know better each one of the options and the possibilities of combinations of each one, a good starting point is to consider a full line.


Flowered dress with long sleeves

For those who have a more romantic style, they like flowers and flight. We also recommend accompanying this style with a hairstyle that fits perfectly; Many are encouraged by only waves or only straight hair.


Print dress

You can choose an elegant piece with a print that is entirely tight to the body like the mermaid cut; Thus, you will bring a sexy touch to the party. If that is not an option that you feel comfortable with, we recommend that you look for something fit on the upper part to mark the waist and stylize your body, a skirt in cut A can be ideal for the occasion.



If you’re looking for minimalist prom dresses, we recommend something sober like a black empire-cut dress that has a white touch that gives it a different twist. If you want to add your personal touch, you can bet on low heels of bright color and a unique necklace.


Cutout dress

This type of dress is more refreshing and summery, perfect for attending as a guest at a graduation in the first weeks of December. It allows you to be a little more daring, although you can correctly choose a two-piece model that mixes the conventional with the trendy. Fitted prom dresses look very sexy and daring, especially with a cutout element.


Jumpsuits or models with trousers


This option is the most elegant/formal, and we would recommend it if it were for your graduation. A palazzo piece has spectacular elegance and will definitely attract more than one look. If your thing is not a skirt or a dress (which is the standard rule for this type of event), this option is for you.


And finally, we have also created 2 rules of which dresses not to choose.


  • The one that makes you look older: This is very important, some cuts and colors add up years, when you try it, ask for opinions so that you don’t look like the mother of the bride instead of the graduate.
  • The one that is not your size: We know it can look beautiful on the mannequin or model, but if it’s not our say it’s a NO. Don’t force the dress because even if you can put it on (at best), you might feel uncomfortable and cause an accident,

the best prom dress cut for your shape



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