9 Fashion Tips For Small Girls

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Choosing the ideal outfit is essential always to look spectacular. It’s no secret that learning to combine and select the perfect pieces of clothing for the shape of your body is not so simple, especially when it is common to get carried away by the attractiveness of the clothes in the display, but afterward you may notice with some disappointment as that specific outfit doesn’t work for you.

If this has happened to you, that’s ok; you can always find multiple great ways to dress up. For this time, the Jovani repertoire and prom dresses collections are a great inspiration to find a wide variety of models and styles that allow you to apply the following nine tips to get dressed when you are short. Let’s go!

  1. Baggy and voluminous is not the same as fashion

We recommend you avoid using garments that create too much volume around your figure, as this shortens your figure by widening the shape of your body, also avoid loose clothing, as the folds and excess size will create the illusion that you are even shorter.

  1. Maxi Gowns

Although it may sound contradictory to the previous point, you will be surprised to find out that it is not. While this is a type of dress is very elegant and full body, many girls think they shouldn’t be wearing them; on the contrary, it is highly recommended because it lengthens the silhouette and stylizes the silhouette exquisitely. Dare to use more dark colors and soft.

If you want to wear this look for your prom party, the perfect maxi prom dresses are those in cut A, snug on the top and that expose your calves; showing a proportioned and glamorous figure.

  1. Always high-waisted

Being short you should know how to play with the visuals. The high-waisted type of attire will be excellent for you since it will lengthen your legs and allow you to look fantastic. You can use this type of gowns and dresses since they carve and stylize your legs, the waist will look taller and the legs slender.

  1. Accompanied by a short skirt

If you are a girl who is not afraid of empowering your innate sensuality and you like to use this type of wardrobe, short prom dresses or short skirts are a great bet, you have to be more careful in the shoes, and that fits your height so that it is not too revealing. If you take a look at the collection of prom dresses by Jovani, you will see that among the available sizes there is always the ideal option for you.

  1. The secret of the monochromatic

One of the first and most exciting ideas is to use sets of a single tone, that is, to use the tonal range that offers a specific color; for example, select a piece that has blue as a base and combine it with different shades of blue, such as ultramarine, turkey blue, indigo among others; this harmonizes the pieces and makes it a high fashion look, giving a feeling of uniformity.

For this, the bet on precious stones and sequins ensures a beautiful and minimalist image.

  1. Vertical lines

The vertical lines will create the illusion of elongation in your body; it is not necessary that you fill with strings, you can choose outfits that contain patterns with these characteristics. To elevate this concept regarding a prom party, you can select prom dresses adorned with rhinestones or sequins that include areas in vertical patterns.

  1. The top always inside

When we talk about your daily clothes, wearing a blouse, a polo, a cardigan (anything), you should always put it inside what you wear below. If you don’t want to put it all, you can leave the side tips loose. Again, the idea is to create longer legs that fabricate a higher waist cut.

  1. Head over heels

This is not a huge fashion secret; it is the first great option that every girl should take account of to look taller, however, this fact is accompanied by choice of color. The color of your shoes should be, as far as possible, the same tone as your dress, skirt or pants, this will create the feeling of infinity and won’t shorten your legs.

  1. Love yourself

Besides anything else, love yourself; Your body is beautiful because it is yours. Much more than pounds and sizes, dress that body with love. Love for you can be denim, leather, tulle or silk. Love can come in the form of tight clothes or light fabrics. In pastels or neon tones. What matters is to feel that it comes from the heart.

Tips for dressing petite girls

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