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Fab Five: The Best Holiday Dresses & Styling Tips

Posted: 21st October 2019

The holiday season is now fast approaching and we’re getting excited to glam-up and hit the town. No matter what type of event the holiday season brings you, Jovani has you covered. That includes cute holiday party dresses that are sexy and fierce, as well as elegant evening gowns for more formal affairs.

Today’s Fab Five will cover five of our favorite holiday dresses. These dresses seriously have it all. They dazzle, flatter and will make you the life of the holiday party.

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We just adore our lipstick and lipgloss duo we are giving away. It’s seriously the perfect shade for just about any skin tone and lip. It takes a girl from a day at the office to a night out on the town.

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Evening Dresses

How to Find the Perfect Evening Dress for Your Special Occasion

Posted: 9th October 2019


Looking for the perfect evening dress? Look no further. Our customers and fans recognize Jovani as a brand at the forefront of trending fashion. Our collections offer you a diverse range of choices to fit any type of formal event. From black-tie galas to red carpet appearances, you can always look your best. This includes a wide range of dress types to flatter your figure, show off the latest trends and flaunt your good taste!

We are all about incorporating top fashion trends. We mix them into our flowing lines and diverse range of silhouettes. It is a skill that sets us apart and that you love!

How do we know? The wonderful reception you’ve given our latest collection has resonated all the way to Jovani towers. But it would be wrong to concentrate only on ‘the now’ or to become complacent.

Fashion inspiration like this transforms into innovation on the sketch pads of our forward-thinking designers. The chic, elegant lines of the evening dress, for which Jovani has become renowned, take on contemporary twists. We are looking to the future and paving the way.

Formal Evening Wear: What to Shop For? .....


Evening Dresses

How to Choose the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

Posted: 13th September 2019

Preparing for your son or daughter’s big wedding day can be stressful! As a mother, you want to be there to offer your help during the lead-up to the special event. You also need to consider what you will wear. Finding the right dress can be so difficult and a long process. Many mature women can struggle with this task and find it puts pressure on the happy event.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can make finding a mother of the bride dress a little easier. It’s important you find a great place to shop that offers a full range of age-appropriate dresses. This is key to getting the right look.

You need to keep several factors in mind while shopping at your nearest store. The first step is to simply ask your son or daughter for more information regarding the wedding. Get a good idea of the colors they’ve picked out for bridesmaids, etc. This will help you pick a dress that doesn’t clash with the theme or color palette of the big day.

Another good place to begin is to check out the venue.



Evening Dresses

The Best Fall/Winter 2019 Evening Dresses

Posted: 11th September 2019

Fall is finally here, and the festive season is fast approaching. At this time of year, there are often many events, such as awards ceremonies, end-of-year parties and holiday occasions to attend. If your social calendar is looking busy, it’s a great time to begin planning what you’ll wear.

For any type of formal event, you’ll want an evening dress that matches the dress code and captures the glamour and elegance of the night itself. This means picking a dress that is not only perfect for you, but also for the occasion in question. Make sure you check your invitation, consider how formal the event is, the venue, etc. This will make it easier to focus on picking the right gown.

For Fall/Winter 2019, rich colors such as deep red, royal blue, and emerald are popular. Also a big trend, metallic tones such as silver and gold are big fashion news and are likely to be all over the upcoming red carpets. These shades all feel fitting for this time of year, and look very sophisticated when paired with the right dress style.

To help you as you shop, we’re here to count down our top 5 favorite evening dresses for the Fall/Winter 2019 season ahead.



Evening Dresses

Top 5 Unique Jumpsuits to Wear This Fall 2019

Posted: 16th August 2019

Fall is just around the corner, and there’s one item you need to try out for the new season – a jumpsuit! These pretty one-piece designs are becoming increasingly popular and look so powerful. Make a bold and original fashion statement by trying out one of our top 5.

Many women feel that jumpsuits might not suit them, but just like dresses, they can actually vary in silhouette very widely. The style of the leg and bodice can change the fit, making it possible to find the right style for any body type.

As well as being flattering and on-trend, jumpsuits are a comfortable option! They’re the perfect length, easy to dance, sit and move in. Another big pro is that they are super diverse to style.

A jumpsuit can be appropriate for a date night, red carpet event, birthday party or night-club. It’s all down to your finishing touches. Without further ado, here are 5 must-have designs you need to try out this Fall.

Red Sweetheart neckline Sleeveless Jovani Jumpsuit 68997

Making a bright color statement, this red jumpsuit instantly pops against the crowd at any event.



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