What is the Homecoming Ceremony? What is a homecoming court? Homecoming is a once-a-year tradition that high schools and colleges come together to welcome back former community members. Homecoming is a lot of students’ most desired event, whether they are still in high school or are in college. A traditional and formal event varies from one school to another. Homecoming refers to when many schools’ alumni plan to visit the school they graduated from and see old friends, teachers, and new students. The homecoming ceremony begins with a parade or a soccer game followed by the homecoming court’s election. The homecoming ceremony brings back last year’s queen and king to crown a new group of winners. Who is a homecoming queen? Once the homecoming court announces the candidates, the final phase begins when students vote for the queen and king. The boy and girl who nominated must have an excellent disciplinary record with good grades and have contributed to the school. Homecoming is the first dance of the year in fall, while prom is the last in spring. How to dress for Homecoming? It is a dream of every senior student girl to be nominated as a homecoming queen. ...

2021 wedding Trends: Dresses, Decoration, Cake, and Flowers

Have you been planning your wedding during Corona? Do you know what the reasonable budget is for hosting a perfect wedding? In this article, we shared everything you need to know before planning your special day. Before doing anything, you need to work out your budget, determine how much you can afford to spend, and prepare your guest list accordingly. A significant portion of your budget will go toward renting the venue and hiring a catering company. The average wedding cost in the united states in 2019 was around $34000 for each couple, including the flowers, photographer, wedding dress, reception venue, and wedding planners compare to 2016, in which the wedding cost was above $40,000. These numbers might slightly change from year to year or from one state to another; however, Coronavirus changed the situation after February 2020, and real weddings gradually changed to zoom weddings. Everything looks a lot different than before since many indoor parties have been canceled right after Covid due to social distancing. Many venues shut down by the state. People were afraid to attend large gatherings; weddings got canceled one after the other, and overall covid 19 pandemics ruined the wedding industry; however, ...

Will There Be A Regular Graduations And Proms For Class Of 2021?

Attending prom at prom night is one of the most exciting parts of graduation. The statistic shows that 50 percent of students have attended prom in the United States in the last year of high school. Teens spend much time looking for a perfect prom dress, matching the dress with prom accessories and prom shoes, booking hair and makeup appointments, toning up the body a few weeks before prom, and taking care of their skin, which all process is part of prom preparation.

In 2020, the big date’s countdown started while every prom dress designer was almost done launching their new prom collection and girls were searching for their dream dress; the coronavirus pandemic issue affected prom 2020 significantly. Schools were closed; proms were postponed or canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Prom boutiques showed a considerable drop in sales due to prom cancellations. Many stores stopped taking special orders for prom dresses due to this unpredicted situation.

Venues canceled the event as group gatherings were banned in many states. High schools started shutting down one after the other. A group of students tested positive for covid19 after attending a private prom party;


The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

For the mother of the bride, the marriage of her daughter is obviously a major deal. Therefore, for most mothers, finding a perfect dress could be just as important as of the bride picking her own dress. Mothers spend a lot of time to pick their ideal dress and match it with the best shoes and accessories, while bridesmaids, flower girl, the guests are also looking to find something perfect for the event. Overall, the event can be very exciting for all women involved, however finding the right dress. That is a bit challenging, time-consuming, and stressful, but guess what! Jovani almost has many choices for all women of any age. From beautiful, short, and long guest dresses to stunning kids and flower girl dresses as well as sexy evening dresses or covered mother of the bride dresses. The most elegant evening dresses in an amazin range of styles, colors, patterns, and sizes. Pick your favorite dress. Every mother deserves to look stunning and beautiful.

What Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?

Elegant and classic are the best words to explain the mother of the bride or mother of the groom dresses with essential skirts that vary from the slightly flared to the completely flared ones.


Prom 2021 checklist

If you are trying to find a prom gown this season from the collection of 2021, you might think if designers have forgotten about different body shapes. You might have noticed department stores or very high-end prom boutiques provide dresses in a limited selection of sizes, with 2 being the most typical prom dress size. If you have seen (The Devil Wears Prada), you’re knowledgeable about the ever-changing dress sizes. Fortunately, Jovani is among the top designers who provide their dresses in all sizes, which vary from a size two to a size 32. So do not give up! There are various plus size prom dresses available in many beautiful designs.

Prior to going shopping in a shop or online, it can help have a concept of what size you are and figure out what type of dress will look perfect on you according to your body type. Meanwhile, find out if you need to Measure yourself to find your ideal Prom Dress? To find the right size, you need to measure the bust, the waist, as well as your hips.

How to measure your bust?

Measure the bust at the fullest part with the arms by your side.

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