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As teens reach memorable milestones during their transition to young adults, there is always a good reason to celebrate. That includes events such as their Sweet Sixteen birthday party, Bat Mitzvah or Quinceanera. These moments mark a move towards adulthood and should be cherished forever.

Whatever occasion you’re celebrating, every girl wants a dress that ticks all of their own personal boxes. It should represent their personal style, reflect the tone of the event, and be age-appropriate too.

There are many beautiful short cocktail styles by Jovani that make for cute Sweet Sixteen dresses. These are ideal for teens who want to dress up and mark their birthday in style. These designs also vary widely, giving every girl the chance to pick out the right dress for her.

With that in mind, we’re here to run through our 5 favorite party dresses for teens to suit a range of events and tastes.


Pink Collar Neckline Floral Cocktail Dress 1812

This cute pink dress is a great option for even pre-teen girls. The high collar neckline and short sleeves make it appropriate for all ages.


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For any event or special occasion, you can make a big impact by wearing a design that stands out as original. That doesn’t mean going against the dress code! Evening jumpsuits are just as chic and formal as long gowns or dresses. They also have the advantage of being powerful looking and making a daring fashion statement.

If you’re not afraid to go against a more traditional look, a jumpsuit is ideal for you. The best part is that you can dress these designs up or down to fit in at a formal occasion, or a more relaxed party.

Fall 2019 is just around the corner and the new arrivals by Jovani give you a plethora of glamorous and original jumpsuits to experiment with. Make a style statement by channeling your favorite star in any of our top picks for the season ahead. They range from bodycon to flowy, giving you a wide range in silhouette to best flatter your own shape. You’ll also find everything from strapless options to long sleeve jumpsuits with a more modest design.

Royal One Shoulder Long Sleeve Prom Jumpsuit 1430

This royal blue jumpsuit is first and foremost about that deep blue color.


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With Fall just around the corner, and another school year set to begin soon, it’s a great time to prepare for your Homecoming.

Homecoming is a fun-filled week that includes plenty of different activities – from football games to dances. Usually, the dance is the pinnacle of the whole occasion and many girls love to dress up in a fashionable new homecoming dress.

Homecoming dresses are most often short with a semi-formal look. The rest of the details and style are up to your own preferences. There are many different fashion trends and silhouettes you can select from.

Top styles include cute fit and flare dresses with many chiffon layers. For the fashionista, a bodycon hoco dress can really help you stand out. This can feature trendy elements such as velvet, sequins, applique and much more.

To get an idea of the best looks for you, we’re taking a peek at Jovani’s Top 5 homecoming dresses for 2019.


#1 –  Black Multi One Shoulder Sequin Cocktail Dress 1898

This sparkling stunner has everything you could possibly want in a party dress.


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The best nights out always seem to take place over those crisp Fall nights. From Halloween bashes to Homecoming events, there are many reasons why you might be planning what to wear for the season ahead.

While minimalism had previously dominated fashion for many seasons, full-on glam has launched a counter-attack. Sequins, beads and all things glitter are once again some of the biggest upcoming trends for Fall/Winter dressing.

This textured and dazzling style choice is bound to make your outfit a focus at any upcoming party. Take things to another level by opting for a dress with a sexy, empowering and all-out daring cut. Flaunt your figure proudly in plunging necklines, short hems, and unique cut-outs.

This fashion trend is not about being subtle or reserved – the goal is to be sparkly, sexy and the life of the party – with a generous dose of sophistication for the perfect balance.

Enter the new Fall 2018 collection by Jovani. Couture level bead-work, intricate sequins and the most jaw-dropping silhouettes that will shape up your curves and flatter them to perfection. These are the cocktail dresses that are made for the dance-floor,


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Homecoming is one of the school year’s biggest events and is a tradition in many high schools. It’s a warm way to welcome back students and kick off the year with some fun activities. It usually includes a week of special events such as a big celebratory football game, a dance, pep rallies and often other fun stuff such as a parade with your school’s marching band, a dress-up theme for the day and even crowning a Homecoming king or queen.

This a very memorable and fun-filled occasion, that is worth attending for many reasons. You can join in on the special events with your friends and make long-lasting memories. You can show off your talents, creativity – or your fashion sense.

One of the best parts of Homecoming is the organized dance. You can go with a date or a group of close friends. You get to dress up, dance the night away and relax before the school year properly kicks off.

If you’re in your final year of high school, it’s particularly important to enjoy this school event while you can. You may even be selected as Homecoming Queen as part of the Homecoming court!

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