Jovani Authentic Designer Dresses

Many of our authentic designer dresses may be available near you. Be sure your dress is authentic by checking out our Jovani Store Locator or the form below. Our dresses are made from high quality materials and in the hands of professional fashion designers. Unfortunately, fake versions of our dress designs do happen and their low quality is easy to see when compared against the authentic garment. Be sure to only shop from official Jovani retailers and boutiques to guarantee your design is not a cheap knock-off. If in doubt, you can check your authenticity code below, which should come with your dress. If you have problems verifying your dress or find a fake, please e-mail us with the details (including where purchased) so we can further investigate.  


Jovani Authenticity Code (JAC ID):


Many of our retailers are listed under the “ Where To Buy ” section of this website. You can also confirm a retailer above with their JAC ID. Each authorized retailer has been issued a unique JAC ID, which is printed on an authorization plaque that has been sent to each store.  This plaque should be displayed prominently in the store and it looks like the image above.

Enter theJAC ID above and hit submit. The store’s image and information should appear. If a store/website is unable to provide you with their JAC ID, then you are likely buying a fake dress!  If you have any question, please contact us at



Jovani prides itself on making the highest quality gowns for all occasions. As a result of our prestigious reputation, our dresses have become a target for counterfeiting. To ensure you are purchasing a real Jovani gown, only buy from authorized Jovani retailers. If not, you are likely buying a very poorly made fake!

Don’t buy from websites selling fakes! Innocent customers end up spending lots of money and get scammed into buying horrible fakes. See below an example of the poor quality, and cheap looking fakes that unauthorized retailers sell. Protect yourself from being ripped off and confirm a website or retailer by clicking below. Together, we can make sure fake does not happen to you.


Fake vs Authentic

Take a look at our fake vs authentic photos below to decide which you believe has the quality and which stinks.


FAKE Product

Purchased from an unauthorized website


Authentic Style #17438