You look fancy!

Do not be surprised when you are approached by a startling amount of both girls and guys when wearing one of our formal gown prom dresses. They will attract attention! If you’ve been longing to catch the eye of the captain of the football team, or the class vice president, then this is the purchase for you! He will see you saunter in wearing the sexiest dress of the night and will not leave until he gets a dance with you.

Words cannot describe how stunning you will look in a Jovani formal gown. Not even “Bam,” “Wow,” “Homerun,” or “Knockout,” come close. Other designer prom dresses simple do not have the same effect. Maybe it’s because we are one step ahead when it comes to cutting-edge fashion, or because we know how to make you look and feel beautiful from the inside out. We take pride in perfecting our dresses so they stand out among the rest.

You will stand out if you wear us. We're Jovani Designer Dresses.

Formal Gowns

Top designer Jovani is here to ensure that you look fabulous for your Prom. From beautiful signature prints, and unique cuts, Jovani’s prom collection is filled with a wide variety of unique and formal gowns that span over many different styles. Whether you prefer a simpler look or something that draws a lot of attention, you will find just what you are looking for with Jovani.

Why not choose a bold red dress to look one of a kind at your prom. A floor length jersey red gown with beading embellishment, a high slit and deep v-neckline is a gorgeous and sexy dress that will make heads turn! Another unique and formal gown that can be found on a Jovani dress is to embrace their beautiful signature beading and beaded accessories. There are several gorgeous prom gowns with small details such as brooches, clusters or small pins that hold gathered material together or are just there to add a little more glam to a gown. If for prom, wearing a glitzy dress is for you, then don’t hold back on the sparkle. Jovani’s signature beaded gowns are gorgeous choices. A floor length dress with a beaded top bodice and tulle skirt is a very elegant choice. A drop waist tulle dress with a beaded print will make your gown and you stand out! Choosing a prom dress with beautiful beaded and jeweled embellishments is a great way to really make your dress and your look stand out and to look formal and very chic.

For a more show stopping look go bold and bright to prom. Jovani has beautiful and unique prints and patterns on their prom dresses that are recognizable by many. An animal print gown is always a beautiful option and a print that is trendy, why not find a print in bright colors? A pink and orange gown is a great way to really turn heads! Floral print is also a beautiful print that makes a dress more elegant and feminine. A silk two toned pink gown with floral appliqué and a sheer overlay is a feminine, yet noticeable gown that you will look stunning in. Prom is the biggest event in a new school year. End the year with a bang in a special and unique Jovani prom unique dress.