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Knee Length Dresses

Knee Length Dresses are appropriate for many formal and semi-formal occasions. Having one of these in your wardrobe is always a good idea. A classic black knee length dress can be styled in so many ways to suit parties and events. For a classic look, opt for a design with sleeves, a highlighted waist with flared skirt, or some embellishment. The knee-length dress can still have a flowy and floaty look if you're trying to achieve a romantic look for a wedding. It can also be figure-hugging and show off your beautiful curves, depending on the style option you choose. Jovani offer many neckline and bodice options, so you can dress for your body type and event.

Junior Party Dresses

Junior Party Dresses are often knee length because it's an appropriate and cute length for younger girls and teens. If you're choosing a dress for a Sweet Sixteen party, Bar Mitzvah or Quinceanera, you'll find many dreamy dresses that suit your party. From pretty pink princess dresses with lots of layers to adorable floral print designs, a junior party dress is essential for any teen birthday or memorable special occasion.