jovani Style 08586
  • Jovani 08586 One Shoulder Sheath Embellished Prom Dress
jovani Style 07771
  • Jovani 07771 White Beaded Bodice Strapless Prom Ballgown
jovani Style 23838
  • Jovani 23838 Purple Sequin Embellished Cut Outs Prom Dress
jovani Style 23323
  • Jovani 23323 Print Long Sleeves Pleated Maxi Prom Dress
jovani Style 63170
  • Jovani 63170 Lilac Floral Embroidered V Neck Prom Ballgown
jovani Style 08605
  • Jovani 08605 Lilac Strapless Sweetheart Neck Prom Gown
jovani Style 08400
  • Jovani 08400 Lilac Beaded V Neck Prom Dress
jovani Style 23260
  • Jovani 23260 Light Purple Embellished High Slit Prom Dress
jovani Style 24078
  • Jovani 24078 Lilac Embellished Corset Bodice Prom Gown
jovani Style 08060
  • Jovani 08060 Beaded Bodice Feather Skirt Prom Dress
Jovani style 08060 is a stunning floor-length prom dress that will turn heads. This sheath dress fea
jovani Style 23204
  • Jovani 23204 Lavender Embellished Criss Cross Back Prom Dress
jovani Style 22822
  • Jovani 22822 Purple Plunging Neck Sheath Prom Dress
jovani Style 22843
  • Jovani 22843 Purple Sequin Long Sleeve Backless Prom Dress
jovani Style 09945
  • Jovani 09945 Light Purple Feather Neckline Prom Gown
jovani Style 06367
  • Jovani 06367 Iris One Shoulder Fitted Prom Dress
jovani Style K2029
  • Purple Sleeveless Fit and Flare Short Girls Dress K2029
jovani Style 65379
  • Crystal Embellished Bodice Prom Ballgown 65379
jovani Style 06502
  • Jovani 06502 Lilac Ruched Bust Embellished Prom Dress
jovani Style 06394
  • Jovani 06394 Pink Strapless High Slit Prom Gown
jovani Style 08283
  • Jovani 08283 Lilac Embellished Low Back Prom Dress
jovani Style 06517
  • Jovani 06517 Lilac Sequin Embellished Prom Gown
jovani Style 07423
  • Jovani 07423 Purple Corset Bodice A Line Prom Gown
jovani Style 07231
  • Jovani 07231 Lilac High Low Embellished Bodice Prom Gown
jovani Style 08422
  • Jovani 08422 Purple Floral Embroidered A Line Prom Gown
jovani Style 06017
  • Jovani 06017 One Shoulder Sequin Fitted Prom Dress
Jovani 06017 is a breathtaking prom dress that will leave a lasting impression. This fitted gown fea
jovani Style 07591
  • Jovani 07591 Lilac Sheer Embellished Bodice Prom Gown
jovani Style 08527
  • Jovani 08527 Lilac sexy One Shoulder Pleated Hem Evening Dress
jovani Style 06663
  • Jovani 06663 Lilac One Shoulder Feather Neckline Evening Dress
jovani Style 04965
  • Jovani 04965 Plum Plunging Neck Sheath Evening Gown
jovani Style 04341
  • Jovani 04341 Plum Off the Shoulder Sheath Evening Dress
jovani Style 08141
  • Jovani 08141 Lilac Corset Bodice V Neck Prom Gown
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The word purple is associated with excellence and royalty. Like most colored dresses, you can wear purple prom dresses to work and to your after work elegant event. The range of purple shades can be worn year-round. Still, we recommend wearing a light purple dress like a lavender dress to your daily events, choosing light purple bridesmaid dresses from our bridesmaid sections, and a darker purple dress like a plum dress to your evening events. If you’re wondering how to accessorize your outfit, you can play it safe and match purple with nude, gold, or silver heels. But if you want to go big and bold, color-blocking your dress and shoes will help you make a statement at your next function. Lastly, like blue, you will never go wrong with wearing silver shoes or gold shoes to complete your lilac dress.