Bridesmaid Dresses

Get your bridal party together and get ready to choose a fabulous bridesmaid dress! When making your bridesmaid dress choice, take a look at the wedding dress, you'll want the bridesmaid dresses to flatter and coordinate with it, so take note of the color, tone and style. When selecting a designer bridesmaid dress, you may opt for all of your bridesmaids to wear the same dress, so search for styles that flatter most body types such as a one shoulder jersey dress is a gorgeous color, a sweetheart mermaid gown or an off-the-shoulder design. 

You could also have your bridesmaids each wearing different dresses that match or tie together in style, they can even be different colors but similar tones, choose a variety of lace bridesmaid dresses, coral bridesmaid dresses or navy blue designs to make a big impact. This will allow your bridesmaids more freedom and they can select a style that suits them individually. Finding the perfect formal dress is one of the highlights when preparing for the big day, as well as the bachelorette party, it will be a moment you won't forget. This special occasion is one all brides and bridesmaids dream about so make it memorable with the right bridesmaid dress!

A bride's wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of her life. There are so many elements that go into a wedding day and the girls who are going to be standing by her side on that special day is a very important decision. Along with this important decision, she also needs to make sure to choose the right bridesmaid dresses for her bridal party to wear. There are many different and unique dresses to choose from in the bridesmaid dress collection. When choosing a bridesmaid dress she wants to make sure to choose a dress that will compliment many different body types, a dress that will flatter the entire bridal party and most importantly choose a dress that coordinates with the bride's wedding dress. 
In Jovani's bridesmaid dress collection we have creates a wide variety of choice this season. There is everything from sequins to velvet and different silhouettes ranging from fitted to flowy dresses. The bridesmaid dresses in our collection are all very unique. These dresses have different necklines, a range of colors and lots of texture. You will see a large selection of necklines including v-neck, off the shoulder, strapless, jewel necks, one-shoulder, crew necks, and halters. The different necklines offer so much flexibility in the different body types they will compliment. In the bridesmaid collection there is also a wide variety of fabrics including jersey, scuba, velvet, lace, mikado, ponte and chiffon. Our bridesmaid dresses have so much texture too. Some silhouettes are more simple, with a solid design and fabric, while others have rich detailing. The collection includes ruching, lace, embroidery, appliques, sequins and beaded embellishments. You'll also find short bridesmaid options and a wide selection of styles.

The collection ranges from simple to very formal which is great depending on the type of wedding the couple intends to have. No dress is too formal and no dress is not dressy enough. It is all about selecting the right dress that is perfect for that specific wedding. Every wedding day is different and no matter what happens, it is important for the bride to remember that her best friends will be standing by her side on her special day supporting her, so why not make sure they look fabulous while doing so?!