What To Wear If You Are Part Of The Prom Committee

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The prom party! What a beautiful occasion to look beautiful and have fun selecting among so many beautiful prom dresses that Jovani brings for the 2019 collection. But, hold on a second, you are part of the prom committee! What will you wear? The first thing you have to take into account is that a prom party is a formal-casual event, in which the important thing is that you look pretty and feminine, but without revealing too much; to stick to the dress code of your high school.

Maybe you want to have a reputation useful for a college interview, and your look must always represent that goal, without leaving aside the glamor. So, don’t worry, by following our advice, you’ll look make a fabulous impact on everyone! But first, let’s talk about your place in fashion.

The personal style

It’s a fact that each girl identifies with a particular style. Be it romantic, classic or creative, to mention a few. Depending on the time of year, some essential items are needed to help your outfits be spectacular. If you are always looking to project that you are a responsible, professional, conservative and educated girl, the classic or traditional style is your thing.

However, using the colors of the traditional style correctly, you will be able to reflect your personality even at this party. As we talk about prom dresses and the prom party, these are the looks for you:

When the party is being held in a closed space

Since the prom party will be held in the spring, then it is time to wear a sexy dress. The main thing is that the fabric will be thin and soft to avoid the heat; additionally, take care of the length. Although the ideal is up to the knees and it’s a formal occasion, you’re still young. Complete it with open wide-heeled shoes, summer platforms or nude stilettos, which never fail.

If you haven’t reached senior year yet, it’s a formal but relaxed occasion. You can wear your hair loose with waves or a coquettish braid. ¬†As for the color of your garment, you can pick a pastel color.

What To Wear If You Are Part Of The Prom Committee

If your party will be held outdoors

During a spring night, outdoors, you can wear a short dress although in discrete tones. Neutral colors or earth tones such as brown, burgundy red, and beige are the protagonists during this collection of Jovani prom dresses; however, you can also choose gowns in dark tones combined with metallic areas, sequins, and rhinestones.

Complement your look with a shawl to shelter you from the cold. And if you’re not sure, dresses in soft gray are a bet that doesn’t fail and will look good on you for any other occasion. During this time of the year, closed shoes are ideal.

Transparent, sexy dresses par excellence

If you decided your look for this prom party must be sexy, the transparent garments could become your biggest allies. As the name implies, they are gowns made with super thin fabrics but with an extra layer in the color of your skin. The best thing is that there are also short models that you can undoubtedly to feel like daring thanks to the optical illusion.

Dress with midi-skirt

The dresses with a midi skirt are ideal to be comfortable at all times during the party. Thanks to its design, it gives you freshness. It doesn’t matter if you’re arriving at prom with your friends, or you will be picked up in a limousine. The creation of your outfit will depend on what you choose to complement your garment with. Don’t forget that the makeup should be eye-catching for the night.

For more styling tips for the prom day, explore our guide on looking appropriately sexy.

If you are not a fan of dresses

When you don’t feel like wearing a dress, don’t worry. It is the ideal time to wear a jumpsuit that leaves everyone with a square eye; the options available can come with high-waisted pants and a very flirty top. Or you can always wear a romper, with low-heeled stilettos. Just keep it in neutral or pastel tones so you can continue to look sexy and sophisticated. Being part of the prom committee forces you, in some way, to reflect your style more creatively.

What To Wear If You Are Part Of The Prom Committee

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